Spoolfool Hand-laid Fiberglass Two-Piece FRONT Black Bumper Filler Panels #7566
Spoolfool Hand-laid Fiberglass Two-Piece FRONT Black Bumper Filler Panels #7566

Product Description

1984-1987 Buick Regal (2-Door Models)
Spoolfool Hand-laid Fiberglass
Two-Piece FRONT Black Bumper Filler Panels

NOTE - These fit all two-door Regal models from 1984 through the 1987 Regal models, including all the 1984-1987 Turbo Regals.

Over time, the front and rear bumper fillers may deteriorate.

The front body bumper fillers are the flexible parts located between the front bumper and the front portion of the car on either side of the grille opening. Over the years, original front body bumper filler extensions can crack and crumble due to heat and age. They can also lose their shape and droop.

The factory original GM front body bumper fillers are no longer available. The original GM version had 2 pieces; a left and a right.

The rear bumper filler is located between the back bumper and the rear body panel.

The factory original GM rear body bumper filler is no longer available.

We offer reproductions from Spoolfool Filler panels, made in the U.S.A.

Mike Bernard owner of Spoolfool crafted the unique one-piece rear bumper filler from scratch and did about 90% of the work himself. He has over 200 hours into making the prototype. Every square inch has been created from scratch or created from an original set of the two-piece design.

Spoolfool bumper fillers are made from hand-laid fiberglass in the U.S.A. Due to the nature of these materials, small imperfections; pits, scratches, air bubbles, etc. are to be expected and are normal for this type of product. These fillers come in a gloss black gelcoat. The gelcoat is meant to be painted over; however, many customers are happy with how they look right out of the box. While the color may not be a perfect match, it may get you by until you’re ready to paint the whole car. All products are pre-drilled and ready to install. The gelcoat finish is such a high quality that some owners simply install the fillers without having them painted. If you decide to paint these fillers, no flex agent is needed.

Some holes may need to be slightly elongated, as every car is unique from the factory.

Mike has had great success with his one-piece rear bumper filler design, which eliminates the overlap design that Buick had with the original two-piece design. The unique rear filler one-piece design gives the back end of your car a cleaner look. Mike had a real passion for this project, since he also owns a Grand National. He has been producing these filler since the summer of 2012.

All his fillers are pre-drilled from his templates. Since all the holes are pre-drilled, the fit is excellent. These reproductions attach exactly like the originals using all the same original attaching hardware. Once installed, these fillers look identical to the originals. The difference is the rear filler is one piece.

NOTE - For more info, search out the fillers on - www.turbobuick.com - website.

There are also 2 videos on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watchfiv=7b7GsO3ZVEY - http://www.youtube.com/watchfiv=7b7GsO3ZVEY. Or you can search SPOOLFOOL’S FIBERGLASS on YouTube.

Because of the size of the one-piece rear filler, shipping is based on the oversized box. Shipping can be adjusted if two rear one-piece filler panels can be shipped at the same time as two will fit in a single box. Filler panels are made in the U.S.A.

NOTE - We also offer other front and rear bumper panels. Check out these other part numbers: #7440 Reproduction GM-style FRONT & REAR Bumper Filler Panels (4) Set, 7438 Reproduction GM-style FRONT Bumper Filler Panels (2), and #7439 Reproduction GM-style REAR Bumper Filler Panels (2).

NOTE - We recommend these be installed by a qualified body shop.

NOTE - Keep in mind, if you are want a show-quality appearance, these will need to be sanded and painted.

Here are the two options for these filler panels.

7566 - 1984-1987 Buick Regal (2-Door Models)
Spoolfool Hand-laid Fiberglass Two-Piece FRONT Black Bumper Filler Panels - $339.95

7567 - 1981-1987 Buick Regal (2-Door Models)
Spoolfool Hand-laid Fiberglass One-Piece REAR Black Bumper Filler Panel - $399.95

ORDERING NOTE - We are a stocking warehouse for these filler panels. In order to compute the proper shipping costs on these 2 parts, email our office - christina@kirbanperformance.com or call 215-766-1611 x 0.

NOTE - When you are considering which fillers to order, we highly recommend you have the body shop review the options on our website. Then discuss their costs for prep work, paint, installation, etc. so you can make the best decision based on your application.