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"KIRBAN'S GUIDE TO 1986 and 1987 BUICK TURBO REGALS" Book A must for every Buick Turbo Regal owner! Our most popular 6" x 9" book has over 400 pages and 400 photos and illustrations (in its fifth printing - over 4,000 sold)! It has a handsome full-color cover featuring the original artwork of the GNX poster by James Ibusuki. In 1997, after many years of research, we compiled a book for every 1986-1987 Turbo enthusiast using information from the 65+ cars we had bought and sold (285 cars as of 2006), our many years experience producing GRAND NEWS newsletters along with original Buick records and promotional info. Some of the chapter titles are: Understanding VIN number, Various Turbo Regals, Emblems and Decals, Engine, Suspension, Interiors, Exteriors, GNX, T-Tops and Astroroofs, Turbo Regals in Government Agencies, Prototype Grand National and Specialty Cars, Promotional Items and Toys, Recalls and Service Bulletins, Ideas on our Test Cars, Cleaning Tips, Tips for Photographing Your Car, Reunion Events and Car Shows, Turbo Regal Values, and Tips for Buying a Turbo Regal. There is also a chapter with articles written by five owners of the major, well-respected companies in the Turbo field; "Details Win Races!" by John D'Agata of Bowling Green Customs, "The CPP Performance Recipe" by Lawrence and Janace Conley of Conley's Performance Plus, "The Path to Power" by Ken Duttweiler of Duttweiler Performance, "So You Wanna Go Fast" by Fred Vetter of Dynotech Performance, and "Synergy" by John Perri of Eastern Performance. Many of the chapters include our "HELPFUL HINTS" and ideas pertaining to that subject. There are also many rare, interesting photographs of specialty cars from Buick along with literature and promotional items. The first edition was sold out in just three months. Order now! Makes a great gift for any Buick enthusiast or for your mechanic. Here are some comments we've received... "Well worth the wait! Once I started reading it I could not put it down. With over 400 pages and full of pictures and illustrations this book is a wealth of knowledge and a must for any Turbo Regal owner or enthusiasts' library." "Great Book! Your knowledge and attention to detail is amazing. Being the owner of six Turbo Regals, I am sure this book will be very handy in me future I especially enjoyed the chapter written by the big boys in the Turbo field." "Wow! Most informative book on these cars." "Great book! I love it. I had planned to keep it unread until the cold winter nights with snow up to our butts, but I snuck into it and hours later I found myself half way through it!" "Wow, congrats on this terrific book. It will become the 'Bible' in the hands of any serious Turbo Buick owner." "A great reference guide!" "I didn't know much about these cars and this book really helped me." "Loved the cover design, very impressive!" NOTE - You may also be interested in this related book - #7945 "KIRBAN'S GUIDE TO BUYING A USED 1986 & 1987 BUICK TURBO REGAL" AUTOGRAPHED Book by Dennis Kirban, #7027 “DENNIS KIRBAN’s - VOLUME 1 - TIPS, TRIVIA and SOURCES for 1986-1987 BUICK TURBO REGALS” Book by Dennis Kirban, and #7088 “DENNIS KIRBAN’s - VOLUME 2 - TIPS, TRIVIA and SOURCES for 1986-1987 BUICK TURBO REGALS” Book by Dennis Kirban. 6757 - "KIRBAN'S GUIDE TO 1986 and 1987 BUICK TURBO REGALS" Book by Dennis Kirban

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