11-19-2014 Inner Circle

11-19-2014 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 11-19-2014


As most of our readers know, ASC was behind the GNX project with Buick. ASC stood for “American Sunroof Corporation” and also is known today as “American Specialty Cars.”

The company got its start back in 1963 and was originally called the “American Sunroof Corporation.” It was during these early days that Prechter Heinz put sunroofs in cars owned by Hollywood celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, James Garner, and Steve McQueen, He soon outgrew his two-car garage, which was located behind Barris Kustom City.

Heinz Prechter would later team up with George Barris and do more and more special projects for Ford, including a contract to install sunroofs on 200 of the new 1967 Mercury Cougars. I wonder how many of them are restored today?

To read more about the history of this amazing company see the link below:

They even made the hardtops and soft tops for all the Z3 BMWs from 1996 through 2002, producing over 250,000. My wife got one of the very first Z3s in our area and I was able to secure a used hardtop from ASC back then through a contact we had.

I recently purchased two ASC binders from a Turbo owner. These are extremely rare. I had never seen original ASC binders before.

PHOTO 1 - The top photo to the left shows one of the original ASC binders. Both binders are the same. The top photo to the right shows the page with six strips of film that was in one of the binders. All the photos on the film appear to be similar. It shows a GNX in motion similar to what was used on the ASC poster and prints. The lower photo shows the two pages of slides.

PHOTO 2 - The two photos show the scanned pages of the 32 slides that came in one of the binders. Some are actually imprinted “ASC INCORPORATED” on the slide frame. One slide, in particular, shows an ASC employee wearing one of the ASC T-shirts working on a GNX dash cluster on a table. Another slide shows another ASC employee holding up one of the GNX tires and wheels. Behind him are three rows of GNX tires and wheels. Another slide shows a GNX getting worked on on a lift. Most of the remaining slides show what appears to be one of the prototype GNXs from various angles. There is also another interesting slide that appears to be something that would be on a flyer promoting the GNX. For production it says 500, so I don’t think this flyer ever was printed. At the moment I am not selling any of these slides.

I am going to see about getting some prints made from the slides, so I can picture them in an upcoming Inner Circle.


Tailgate thefts are rising in some states.

Texas leads the country with tailgate thefts with California coming in second. There seems to be a black market demand for tailgates, probably because some of them can cost over $3,000 to replace if it has a backup camera and other electronics. They are also very easy to steal.


Back in my youth, most truck tailgates had the manufacturer’s name stamped in the metal tailgate, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Studebaker, etc.

In the mid-1980s when we were having various GTO items made, I needed to get tooling made for the reproduction factory AC Oil caps. The letters AC and OIL would have to be raised on the tooling and it would have to have two dimples that would be inward on the same tooling. After some research, I located a retired machinist who still had the necessary equipment to make my small tooling for my project. I told him what I needed. He later would tell me he did some tooling for one of the car companies. He actually did the tooling for the Studebaker truck tailgates. Of course that tooling was a lot larger than my small project! I still have the tooling in my collection from that project.

PHOTO 3 - The left photo shows the two-piece tooling he made for the reproduction AC oil cap. Notice how the wording is raised and the dimples are inward on the stamping. The photo to the right shows the shell in copper prior to the stamping and also after the stamping. We then had it chrome plated and attached to the oil cap. We did both versions the 1964 GTO and also the 1965-1967 GTO oil cap.

PHOTO 4 - These four photos show the 1999 Firebird hardtop we have for sale. Car has always been garaged. It has had three owners. Price is $5295. See write up under Vehicles For Sale in this email. For more photos and information, email me direct - [email protected]


Heinz Prechter (ASC) started in a two-bay garage. George Hurst started in a small garage in Abington, Pennsylvania. Steve Jobs started in a garage. The Beach Boys practiced in a garage. A friend of mine started his speed shop after school in his parent’s garage while he was in high school.


Now various brands of these mini jump starters are showing up at some of the chain stores. Most of the units we have seen all fall short of the cranking and peak amps of the unit we sell. Some units only have one USB port; the one we sell has two. Some do not include the 4-way harness that allows customers to charge various devices (you have to use your own.) Most fall in the $100 to $150 price range.

While 200 cranking and 400 peak amp is adequate to jump start most vehicles, if you can buy one that offers higher cranking and peak amps at the same price, most customers would prefer to buy the one with the higher amps.

Our supplier is sending samples of a new version they have that will not be as powerful as the current model we sell.

It will be rated at 200 cranking and 400 peak amps, which is what most of the competition is offering. But, unlike most that are now being sold for $100 or more, ours will be less than $100. We are working on the price structure.

It will also be smaller and weigh less than the 9-ounce unit we now offer. It will come with the same accessories, but will not have the flash light feature. I am not sure how it will be packaged. I plan to test it on our Turbo-T, which sits with a completely dead battery in our pole building.

The technology is amazing.

They sent me two nonworking units the other week to examine and decide which one we liked. This new one would be an excellent product to carry to recharge various cellphones and tablets without having to look for a wall outlet. I have already heard from several customers that are amazed at how fast the unit we now sell charges their phone. You will be able to jump various 12-volt gas powered fuel injected cars and trucks with it. However, it would not do as many on a full charge as the one we now market does. Nor would it handle diesel powered 12-volt vehicles. But at 200 cranking amps and 400 peak amps, it would equal what most of the other brands being sold can do, and our price will be cheaper than most.

Remember, many of our readers read about these mini jump starters in our Inner Circle weeks before any were showing up at various chain stores for sale!

We are also considering offering the 4-way charger harness by itself, since it would allow customers to charge various devices at the same time. It would eliminate the need to have a cord for each device you may have. Less things to lose! The harness that comes with our unit can virtually work with any cell phone, tablet, etc. from my flip phone to my wife’s Samsung smart phone to my granddaughter’s iPhone -all off the same 4-way harness.

As you read this current Inner Circle, we have the multi-function jumper starter models in stock. They also appear on our Christmas Specials if you buy 3 of them. See our Christmas Specials below.

If you only want to order a single unit, you can now order it on our website - #7629.

Here is a link to these Multi-Function Jump Starter parts on our website:

We are looking for distributors for this product. The product is very easy to sell and not limited to any specific car or truck owner. For pricing and more details, email me personally - [email protected]


The company we are working with manufacturers all kinds of batteries, including very small ones. They are not in the automotive market. They are seeking other ideas. Perhaps you have an idea that requires a battery, such as the batteries used in these mini and micro jump starter kits.

Currently we have them working on another product. We sent them a prototype of the idea for them to work from as a sample. We expect it to be a major hit in the targeted market we are going after. In all our research, we have not found any product that duplicates what we are working on.


We have a new Christmas Special on this special set of four DVDs. This special pricing runs from now until Friday December 19th, 2014 - 4 pm.

For more information on each of the DVDs in this set search the part number on our website.

SPECIAL PRICE $24.99 includes FREE SHIPPING Save $32.81 + shipping

Here is a list of the four DVDs in this special Christmas Package:
6990 - Kirban's Guide To Turbo Regals (Includes Bad to the Bone Decal) - $16.95
7048 - The 25th Buick GS Nationals DVD - $10.95
7183 - Molly Designs Art and the Machine DVD - $14.95
7184 - Kirban's 2007 Reunion and Birthday Bash - $14.95

Total Retail Value is $57.80 plus shipping. Christmas Special is $24.99, which includes shipping to any of the 50 States. You are saving $32.81 and getting free shipping too. Supplies of some of the DVDs in this package are limited.

You must call our office to get this special deal. Unfortunately you CANNOT order this Christmas Special through our website. To receive the discount, you MUST call our office with your order - 215-766-1611 x 0

These DVDs make an excellent Christmas gift to watch, especially when you are snowed in this winter!


We are sold out of the “Guide To Turbo Regal Parts, Hints, and Featured Cars” DVD, part #6742. The discontinued DVD is different from the Do not confuse this DVD with our other “Kirban’s Guide To Turbo Regals” part #6990, which is part of our new Christmas Special #8558.


2014 Christmas Specials

BUY THREE UNITS & GET FREE SHIPPING - TOTAL VALUE for 3 Units - SPECIAL PRICE $279.95 Save $19.90 + Free Shipping
#7629 - Multi-Function Jump Starter - Model T6 - Jump Starting / Digital Products / LED Lighting $99.95 each = $299.85 value

SPECIAL PRICE $42.95 Save $6
#7634 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Reproduction O-Rings (35) Kit $48.95 / kit for Fuel, Lubricants, Transmission, Powermaster Unit, Injectors & Fuel Pressure Regulator

SPECIAL PRICE $69.95 Save $5
#7506 - 1984-1987 Buick Regal (All Models) - ProElite™ Extreme Duty Tan Car Cover $74.95

SPECIAL PRICE $1,199.95  Includes FREE SHIPPING Save $295
#7219 - 1984-1987 Regal - GNX/Trans Am Style 16" x 8" WHEELS SET - 4 wheels, 20 Lug Nuts, 20 Lug Nut Black Caps, 4 chrome-plated valve stems, 4 Black Center Caps, and 4 reproduction "GNX" decals
NOTE - We only have 3 sets available at this price. THESE SETS ARE SOLD OUT

SPECIAL PRICE $189.95 Save $26.90
#6564 - 1978-1987 Regal - Front Frame Braces (2) Pair $49.95
#6756 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Connecting Front Brace (will only work with the stock Intercooler) $63.95
#6744 - 1986-1987 Regal - Under-the-hood Brace Kit $30
#1586 - 1978-1987 Regal - Rear Seat Frame Brace Kit® $72.95

SPECIAL PRICE $110 Save $16.80
#6842 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Repro Molded Lower Radiator Hose $26.95
#7269 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Aftermarket DAYCO Molded Upper Radiator Hose $24.95
#6595 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Replacement Black Rubber Heater Hoses (4) Kit $34.95
#7299 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Reproduction Rubber By-Pass “S” Hose $39.95

SPECIAL PRICE $129 Save $14.80
#7170 - TWO 1982-1987 Buick G-Body - Window Rattle Elimination Kit -
NOTE - Each kit does one door $36.95 each = $73.90
#6949 - TWO 1984-1987 Regal (all models including Turbo) - NEW Power Window Motor Kit -
NOTE - Each kit does one door $34.95 each = $69.90

SPECIAL PRICE $69.95 Save $29.55
#7177 - ZDDPlus™ - 10 bottles @$9.95 = $99.50

These CHRISTMAS SPECIALS are available November 3rd through Friday, December 5th, 2014, 4 pm. We will make every effort to fill orders in time for delivery for Christmas. However, depending on demand, some items may not be in stock as we receive orders closer to the deadline. ORDER EARLY to be sure to have items in time.

Unfortunately you CANNOT order these Christmas Specials through our website. To receive the discount, you MUST call our office with your order - 215-766-1611 x 0

NOTE - Shipping is additional (except for #8550 and #8553.) Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Discounts CANNOT be combined with other offers or Package Deals.

If you need additional information or would like to see photos on any items, check out the part numbers on our website - www.kirbanperformance.com


We had a special run made of the correct length 1984-1985 Turbo Regal grey spark plug wires.

We used to sell these years ago, but stopped due to lack of demand. We had 10 sets made. If you want a set, you must call our office to place your order. The price is $49.95 plus $8 shipping. We only have six sets available.

I don’t believe any other source has these available in the proper lengths. These are not on our website. You must call our office to order - 215-766-1611 x 0 - specify 1984-1985 Turbo Regal Custom-Cut High-Performance Plug Wires. We have about 6 sets left. If you own a 1984 or 1985 Turbo Regal don’t wait as we will not be running these again. NEW SPECIAL LOWER PRICE $39.95 plus $6 shipping.


From time to time, whenever we spot an unusual or an exceptional car or truck for sale, or one we have for sale, we will put a blurb in our weekly Inner Circle. Also any cars that our customers have for sale will be featured here and you can see their car with photos on our website as well. In this category we will run the descriptions for two to three weeks and, if there is no interest in that particular vehicle, it will be deleted the following week. Any new vehicles that we add will appear first, so the oldest listing would be at the end of this section. If any of these vehicles perk your interest, email me personally - [email protected] - for more information and photos.


This 1999 Firebird is a hardtop model, red with a grey cloth interior. It has the dependable 3.8 engine backed up with the factory 5-speed manual transmission, and is inspected through 2015. It has always been garaged. It’s a three-owner car with 95,000 original miles. I have receipts showing it has a complete new clutch assembly, valve cover gaskets rear main seal, and a tune up. The body and paint are absolutely perfect. I even have the original manuals and Window Sticker. The original spare has never been used. It does have aftermarket power windows. Everything works. Price is $5295. For more photos and information, email me direct - [email protected]


If you have a tip or a discovery that you found that works on your Turbo Regal, drop us an email giving us the details so we can pass the info on to our readers. Remember, even with my knowledge, I don’t know it all. Simply email me at - [email protected]


1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Reproduction O-RINGS KITS

Richard Clark has painstakingly put together 2 kits of reproduction O-rings.

O-rings are available in two kits:

#7633 has 14 O-rings for the injectors and fuel pressure regulator.

#7634 has 35 O-rings. These 35 O-rings will fit virtually every application related to the fuel, lubricants, transmission, and powermaster unit. This kit also includes the 14 O-rings in the #7633 kit for the injectors and fuel pressure regulator.

NOTE - The transmission and powermaster O-rings are for external leaks, and NOT for a complete overhaul.

In many cases, the same O-rings will work on the 1984-1985 Turbo Regal.

Since GM has discontinued many of the Buick O-rings, Richard has had to have some of the O-rings reproduced. In one particular case, the O-ring listed for over $20 from GM, making this kit a bargain.

Kit #7634 includes a real-size drawing to ensure that the correct O-rings can be easily identified. The O-rings should match the drawing exactly.

The O-rings are made of different materials based on the fluid they contact, so no O-rings from any group should ever be used for an application not specified.

In some cases, the original O-rings have been problematic on these cars. The O-rings in this kit has been improved to offer better than original performance.

Any time connections are disturbed, the O-rings should be replaced with new ones.

This kit is the first of its kind specifically for the 1986-1987 Turbo Regals.

A must have item for any 1986-1987 Turbo Regal owner. You should have this kit on hand.

NOTE - We recommend these O-rings be installed by a qualified mechanic.

NOTE - The 14 O-rings in Kit #7633 are INCLUDED in the 35 O-rings in Kit #7634.

Great engine restoration items.

7633 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Reproduction O-Rings (14) Kit - $14.95 / kit
for Injectors and Fuel Pressure Regulator

7634 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Reproduction O-Rings (35) Kit - $48.95 / kit
for Fuel, Lubricants, Transmission, Powermaster Unit, Injectors & Fuel Pressure Regulator

Here is a link to these kits on our website:


If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - [email protected]


Got any Turbo Buick parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - [email protected] Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


We have heard from a couple people that have had problems with the links in our Inner Circle.

When we check the links, they work fine. However, if you are not able to be directed to the exact website page or internet site, you can "copy" and "paste" the link into the URL in your browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) If it doesn't link in one browser, it may work in another.

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We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these have to be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo.

If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected]


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week.