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Product Description

1986-1987 Turbo Regal -

This control arm bushing heat shield was designed to shield the area from heat and install easily.
This is made in 16-gauge metal and simply attaches to the bolt at the control arm bushing. It’s very similar in design to what GM uses to protect the solenoid on the starter from the exhaust heat.

This design protects the rubber bushing from the radiating heat from both the down pipe and the exhaust header.

Initially the company that developed the shield tested this design against the shield we used to market that attached to the down pipe. The test car was a GNX. The outside temperature was 52 degrees. The GNX was driven for two to three miles and brought up to operating temperature and then left to idle in parking gear. With the shield mounted on the down pipe, the temperature on the control arm bushing reached 185 degrees. With this new design that attaches to the control arm, the temperature was just 145 degrees.

These tests were conducted using Raytek Digital Thermometer, which is accurate to plus or minus 2 degrees! This new design heat shield will work on a Turbo Regal with the stock down pipe or any of the different 3″ down pipes. Remember, it attaches to the actual control arm bushing stud rather than to the down pipe.

Another advantage is, once installed, it is not visible under the hood. This product was developed by the same company that made the PCV check valve. It is very easy to install. The shield comes with easy-to-follow directions.

In this photo we have drawn an arrow to the heat shield, so you can see its placement.

Even if your car is stock, it makes good sense to install this heat shield on your 1986 or 1987 Turbo Regal. The few dollars spent now will save you a huge repair bill if the heat would ruin that control arm bushing. The metal shield is made from aluminized steel, then painted using a heat reflective high-temperature paint. The shield should never rust unless it was scraped or gouged.

6852 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - Control Arm Bushing Heat Shield

Part # Applications   Sale QTY
6852  Buick Regal T-Type 3.8 1986-1987   $28.95
6852  Buick Regal GNX 3.8 1987-1987   $28.95
6852  Buick Regal Grand National 3.8 1986-1987   $28.95