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1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - 304 STAINLESS STEEL ONE-PIECE 3″ DOWN PIPE & CUSTOM ALUMINIZED TEST PIPE KIT This one-piece 3″ down pipe will work with any factory-style exhaust Turbo housing. You have to remove the exhaust elbow so this will bolt up to the turbo exhaust housing. It has an internal wastegate and, unlike most of the other one-piece 3″ down pipes, the internal wastegate is serviceable if needed. You have to modify the side of the turbo shield if you plan to re-use the stock turbo shield. This 3″ down pipe does have a threaded port on it to accept an air sensor or O2 sensor if needed. A plug is included if you do not have to use this port. This 3" one piece 304 stainless steel down pipe is mandrel bent and will clear the stock inner fender and firewall. Because of the age of these cars it is recommended you have fairly new motor mounts and transmission mount so clearances stay consistent. This down pipe is slightly longer than the stock down pipe, so you have to use the custom 12″ aluminized test pipe that comes in this kit. The test pipe has the correct 4 bolt flange on it to bolt up to the factory style Y pipe. You will not be able to use a catalytic converter unless you find one that has a 3" diameter opening and is only 12″ long. Kit comes with hardware to secure the down pipe to the Turbo. No gaskets are required. Gains on a typical stock application in a quarter mile with no other changes are 2-3 mph and 2/10ths in a quarter mile. This basic design has been popular for many years. This is the latest version. Kit is drop shipped from our supplier. NOTE - We recommend this kit be installed by a qualified auto mechanic. A nice performance upgrade to compliment any other performance modifications you make. 7627 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - 304 Stainless Steel ONE-Piece 3″ Down Pipe and Custom Aluminized Test Pipe Kit

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