For Over 45 Years

We started in the mail-order business in the late 1970s, by first making parts beginning with what would later be known as the "Premier Muscle Car," the Pontiac GTO. It was from this beginning we eventually branched out into other GM models and other car lines. We published a monthly GTO newsletter for 20 years, and never missed an issue.

Our Story

It didn't take long before our company was expanding into other markets. By the time the 1987 Buick Grand National rolled off the assembly line, I had purchased the classic as a 40th birthday gift to myself. Like the GTO, we soon developed a business centered around this car.

This car was a milestone for Buick and that year it was the fastest U.S. production car. From its beginning, the car has garnered a loyal following. It's come full cycle... from a hot new street or race car, to a desirable used car, and now to a highly collectible car.

Not Just Buicks

In the early 1990s, because we had access to a variety of manufacturers, we expanded our product line and started making parts for the various Mustangs, then Corvettes (mostly for the C4 models, then the C5 and C6.) We also make parts for other car lines, such as the Mini Cooper, PT Cruiser, BMW and Porsche.

Buckle yourself in, control the power and enjoy the ride.

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