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1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - ALUMINUM DRIVESHAFT This aluminum driveshaft is a great upgrade for any Turbo Regal. NOTE - Your 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal must have the stock 200-4R transmission and the factory 8.5" rear for this driveshaft to fit. The entire driveshaft is brand new with a new yoke and universal joints. Each driveshaft is completely custom built by hand in the U.S.A. GM never painted any of the driveshafts, so unless you have refurbished the original steel driveshaft, it's probably rusty. This new driveshaft is approximately 1/2" wider (1/4" wider around) than the stock driveshaft. The stock GM driveshaft has a 3" diameter shaft. This new aluminum driveshaft has a 3-1/2" diameter shaft. This upgraded driveshaft is capable of handling a 700 to 750 hp car. This is based on the driveshaft position being as straight as possible between the transmission and rear end. The worse the angle between the rear and transmission the more stress is placed on the universal joints and binding can occur. It may not clear various aftermarket driveshaft loops and some of the larger aftermarket dual exhaust systems that may be routed near the center of the car. If your car has any of these modifications, check all the clearances prior to ordering to be sure a one-half wider diameter shaft will fit! Companies do not recommend building an aluminum driveshaft in that length with any diameter smaller than 3-1/2". Not only is it less rotating weight, but unlike the GM driveshaft, this one is balanced within the weight of a single postage stamp! GM welds their weights on. To counter their welded weight if too much was added, you may see another weight opposite it to get the weight down to GM specs. Which mean it has more weight and is not balanced as well as the new aluminum driveshaft. Since the new driveshaft is aluminum, you save rotating weight. Your stock steel driveshaft weighs just over 16 lbs. This new aluminum driveshaft weighs slightly over 13 lbs. You save 3 pounds of rotating weight. The actual driveshaft is made of Alcoa Aluminum #6061 driveshaft grade material. The yoke is made by Neapco. The universal joints are made by Spicer #1330 series non-greaseable, sealed joints with snap ring lock. Our supplier has been making driveshafts for over 20 years. Not only are the welds cleaner and stronger, but the material around the end joints are a lot thicker than the factory GM, as highlighted with a red arrow in our photo. The end result is a better looking driveshaft made in aluminum, with all new universal joints and front yoke, which means a reduction in weight, better balanced than factory, and one that will never rust. As a bonus, you can also sell your original driveshaft! NOTE - We recommend it be installed by a qualified mechanic. When purchasing this item you may also want to consider part #7421. Another item to upgrade your favorite ride! 7415 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Aluminum Driveshaft

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