Bilstein GAS SHOCKS (SET OF 4)
Part # KPP6678


Product Info
1984-1987 Regal - BILSTEIN GAS SHOCKS (4) SET Considered the finest in the field. These shocks come as standard equipment on several of the exotic European cars such as the M series BMW and the Porsche models. Over 75% of the NASCARS use them. This will make your Grand National ride like a GNX. An improvement that you can actually feel. Shocks come with a manufacturer's LIFETIME warranty to the original owner. Bilstein was the first company to make gas shocks. They use one perfectly manufactured tube instead of two. This process eliminates oil foaming. Made of solid piston rod induction hardened steel, no springs or check valves to wear out and self-adjusting working piston. You can't even depress them with your hands. Your stock rear shocks from GM are the same ones found on a regular Regal model! They tend to bottom out easily. Suggested retail price is $90-$100 per shock, or about $400 a set. Shocks will fit 1984-1987 T-Type, Grand National and GNX. These Bilsteins are the way to go! NOTE - You may also be interested in a related item - #KPP7577 - 1978-1987 Buick Turbo Regal (with 10-bolt Housing) - Rear Super Sway Bar Anti-Roll System. KPP6678 - 1984-1987 Regal - Bilstein Gas Shocks (4) - Only sold as set of 4

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