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Happy Thanksgiving to all our past and current customers.

Black Friday 10% off total purchase of $100 or more (shipping not included), runs from 11/25/21 12:01 am - 11/28/21 11:59 pm.

10% off total purchase of $100 or more at The 10% does not include the shipping. Unfortunately, our website is not set up to deduct the 10% up front, so we will have to credit the 10% discount back to your credit card next week when your order is processed.

Are you a Kirban Inner Circle Memberfi If not, I suggest you join. It's free and goes directly to your personal email every Wednesday at 3 pm eastern time. We have over 3,500 members. Besides announcing new products, news, and short stories, we also list our rare parts. We have over 700 of these mid weekly Kirban Inner Circle emails and sold over 4,000 parts! We never miss a week! We do take the week off between Christmas and New Year's. To join, email me at [email protected] your email address that you would like the Inner Circle sent to.

Have parts that you want to sellfi Maybe you sold your carfi Email me what you have. NOS, or used in good shape, I am a potential buyer. My direct email is [email protected]

Our website is under a major overhaul, it will be mobile friendly and have an entire new look!

Without a doubt, the last 18 months have been tough on everyone. We are making every effort to add more products to our website every month. The values of these cars continue to rise making them a worthy investment.

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