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Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 01-05-2022 - CLICK HERE - To see this Inner Circle and photos on our website. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS AND FUTURE CUSTOMERS - As the saying goes “Time Flies”. One might say the muscle cars from the mid 1960s notably the GTO was the first initial wave of US performance cars, and the Turbo Regal represents the second wave of US performance cars. Based on the predictions of the growing buildup of electric cars the second wave may signal the end of the gas powered cars we all love. May be another reason that is fueling the increasing values of these cars. NEXT CONTEST GUESSING CORRECT HAMMERED PRICE ON LAST GN BUILT - The next contest will be to guess the hammered price without going over the actual hammered price on the last GN built later in January. The last Grand National built is one of the Premier cars at the Scottsdale Arizona Barrett-Jackson Auction held later this month.. It's one of the top cars I believe of the top 30 vehicles they heavily promote. It is expected to fetch the most ever paid for a Grand National. The contest and rules will be announced in next week’s Inner Circle. This last Grand National has been getting a lot of “ink” on various websites and magazines. One writer predicted this last Grand National could fetch $500 grand! Personally I think that is a stretch. Whatever it fetches if you are seeking any nice 1986-1987 Grand National it’s best to make a deal prior to that last Grand National selling as asking prices that sellers will be asking will surely increase! Be curious if one of the bidders would be whoever currently owns the last GNX 547. It would give that buyer a unique opportunity to own the last Grand National and the last GNX! HEMMINGS MAGAZINES - I know I have mentioned this before. The latest issue of Hemmings Motor News January 2022 has a very good detailed article with photos of doing the install of our vacuum brake kit on a 1986 Grand National. Written and photographed by Josh Skibbee. The vacuum brake conversion by far and away is the most popular option we sell to replace the troublesome powermaster brake system. With printed magazines struggling and in many cases ending in recent years it's good to see Hemmings continues with the printed format. Their Hemmings Motor News started in 1954 it is the oldest and has the largest monthly circulation of over 200,000 subscribers. I know if you were to find some issues from the mid to late 1970s under Pontiac and Plymouth/Dodge you will see some of my ads under Dennis Kirban with our old phone number! Including a AAR Cuda, 1967 Hemi GTX, 1967 Ram Air 400 Firebird, even a 1959 Hillman Minx convertible. All found new homes from my ads in Hemmings Motor News. More recently Hemmings created two more Classic Car and Muscle Machines magazines to add to their magazines. I also subscribe to both of them. I highly recommend all 3 magazines. The internet is great, but something about reading a magazine just seems more natural to me. PHOTO 1 - The top left photo shows recent copies of the 3 different Hemmings magazines. The top right photo shows a recent wood carving I had done featuring a Grand National and the Bad To The Bone quote. The bottom left shows a similar wood carving featuring the GNX with the famous quote. This we did many years ago. The bottom right shows a NOS cam sensor (cap is used), NOS EGR control module, NOS T wheel cap, and 4 original valve stem caps. All can be found under the Rare Parts section for sale. PHOTO 2 - A very rare find at least for me. An exceptional set of 4 original used Eagle GT tires 215/65 by 15s. No age cracks or bad bead area. We show four views of this exceptional set (4). They can be found in the Rare Parts section for sale. PHOTO 3 - The top left shows one real nice original T rim. The top right photo shows a set of Grand National headrest covers. Buick never made them embroidered like the set pictured. The bottom left shows a NOS in the GM wrapper, the metal washer that secures the spare tire in the trunk. The bottom right photo shows a used 1986 power steering reservoir, used battery hold down, and two rear harness clips. EMBROIDERED BEANIE AND EMBROIDERED BASEBALL CAPS - Our new black beanie cap has the saying “Bad To The Bone” , a quote that is not limited to just Turbo Regal owners. We have an excellent wholesale program if you have a Cycle shop, hot rod shop, or repair business you may want to carry these. Wholesale price is to buy 12 or more and pay just $12 each plus shipping. Either the baseball cap style (black adjustable) or the black beanie style cap. We can also work you up a quote if you own a company wanting your logo on either style cap in multiple colors. We can get you a quote on this. Your price would vary depending if you have a suitable file of the artwork we would need for the project. PHOTO 4 - We show 3 versions of the Beanie style hat Bad To The Bone, Kirban Performance Products, and Kirban Customs. Also the baseball style cap with Kirban Performance logo embroidered in color. This company's embroidery work is absolutely perfect. HEARD FROM A OLD FRIEND THE OTHER DAY - Long time customers will remember this person. It was him and his buddy that over a period of several years hunted down mostly Turbo Regals in the Maryland, Washington DC area and would bring the car to me. They actually kept a list. Amazingly, they brought me 84 cars total! Mostly Turbo Regals, but a few Caddies, Mustang 5.0 Fox body cars, and BMW 3 series. I did well with these other cars. The cars from Maryland generally were nicer due to less rust issues. Irv Heller and Randy Fox were the two guys. Both worked a full time job at the 7th Day Adventist Headquarters. As suit and tie guys they made a good impression when they would seek out cars to buy for me. Good thing they liked to drive! Irv is 79 years young now and retired. GETTING ANOTHER LOAD OF TURBO REGAL PARTS IN ABOUT TEN DAYS - Depending on the weather we hope to send my friend with his truck and our trailer out to the midwest around the 13th of this month for another load of Turbo Regal parts. This issue has one of our largest selections to date over 50 parts! Remember you must email directly [email protected] and include part number/code. WIDE VARIETY OF USED TRIM, BODY, BUMPERS, MOLDINGS - PICK UP ONLY We recently acquired several plastic bins packed with used 1984-1987 Turbo Regal interior plastic trim parts. Almost every imaginable plastic interior part including ECM covers, T-Top moldings, seat trim, a-pillar moldings in various colors, including door panel armrests, and pull straps. I also have a wide variety of used black outside trim molding around the windshield and back glass and some used exterior Limited stainless moldings etc. We also have some exterior parts, core support, Turbo Regal hood, powder coated transmission mount, driveshaft, complete tilt steering column, 4 of the 1984-1985 Grand National wheels to name some of the bigger items we have. We will not ship. You must come to our location to buy them. We may ship the wheels. BREAKING NEWS 1987 GRAND NATIONAL HARDTOP FOR SALE - The car is located near Chicago. It is a hardtop with a mere 26,000 miles on it. Two owners. Car was taken down to bare metal and repainted 8 years ago. Car was always kept in the garage. Paint does have some flaws. Paint is cracking on the header panel. Overall nice exterior with all new weathersripping and seals. Concert sound II car with factory radio. No cracks in the dash or console. No tears or fading in the seats. Under the hood is a built factory block with stock crank, rods, forged pistons and a comp camshaft. Everything is well documented. Engine was built by Gary Oswald of Street Performance, a well known performance shop from years ago. Car has only gone about 1,000 miles since the work was done. Maintains factory heat and AC. The entire car is rust free. Rides on reproduction GNX style wheels with new tires. Perfect turn key, enjoyable show and street car. Asking price is $38,500. Clean title and carfax. Partial trades considered. Email me [email protected] and I can provide more info and photos. IN STOCK NO WAITING - We have one redone leather grey steering wheel in stock. Best to call our office to make sure it's available. SHOW CAR EVENTS FOR 2022 - The dates have recently been announced for the 41st annual GS Nationals. The dates are May 11th thru the 14th 2022. Beech Bend Raceway, in Bowling Green, KY. Facebook BuickGS Nationals. Instagram BuickGSNationals TIPS AND IDEAS YOU HAVE TRIED - If you have an idea or tip or a product idea, send it to my email [email protected] IMPORTANT - INFORMATION ABOUT OUR SHIPPING ADDRESS – If you are returning any cores for a Letter of Credit or cores that we charged you for, it is important that you send them to the address below. Please make sure you put a note in the box with your information. KIRBAN PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 529 HAYCOCK RUN ROAD KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930 For all other returns such as a part you purchased that is incorrect or defective you must call Christina and get a RA number. She will determine if it goes to our main warehouse in Kintnersville, PA or our distribution center. CORES NEEDED - URGENT REQUEST – Here is the information on our credits for cores. STEERING WHEEL CORES. Currently we need good 1986-1987 Turbo Regal steering cores. They must be straight and not have rusted spokes. We will issue a Letter of Credit of $100 for each acceptable core. You must email me [email protected] a photo first to make sure the steering wheel is acceptable. POWERMASTER BRAKE UNITS. Currently, we are accepting powermaster brake units. We give a $150 Letter of Credit for each acceptable core. Or, we will pay $125 cash for each powermaster core. To avoid having your core not accepted, you MUST first email me a photo of the core you plan to send in - [email protected] - We will NOT accept any cores that have severe rust issues or have been disassembled. Core must have the brake switch and brake bowl reservoir. Too many of the cores we have been getting are in such terrible shape they are worthless to us. TURBO CORES must be the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal stock turbo. They must be complete. We will issue you a $175 Letter of Credit for each acceptable core. We need cores now. Or we will pay $150 cash for each complete stock turbo core. BRAKE PEDALS we issue a letter of credit for $50 for each powermaster brake pedal or we will pay $40 cash for each pedal. MASS AIR FLOW SENSORS must be the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal sensors. They can not be cracked or broken. Each acceptable unit is worth a letter of credit of $40 each. We need cores now! If you ship to us, the post office is the cheapest method. Pack the item(s) with a note with your name, address and phone number. UPS or MAIL - Ship to Address – KIRBAN PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS 529 HAYCOCK RUN ROAD KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930 CLASSIFIED ADS - We accept Classified Ads in our weekly Inner Circle emails. Over the years several customers have asked about placing an ad in our weekly Inner Circle. Here are the options and the costs. Ads can be from any individual or company. It needs to be automotive related, meaning it does not need to be specifically Turbo Regal related. It can be for something for sale or something wanted. Maximum number of words is 125 words, which is about 7 to 9 lines of copy. No photos. You can list a website. We recommend you state your name, phone number or email, a price, and your location in your ad. The cost for an ad for 2 consecutive weeks is $25. The cost for 4 consecutive weeks is $40. You save $10 with the 4-week plan. No changes can be made to your existing running ad. You can only run one ad at any given time. We will have a code system at the end of your ad, so we will know what week number your ad is to run 2 or 4 weeks. It can be an ad for something for sale or an ad for something you are looking for. We have never missed a single week since we started the Inner Circle email format in 2009. It’s something I enjoy doing and I just always seem to have enough material to write about. Our weekly Inner Circle now reaches over 3,500 members every Wednesday direct to their inbox. The Inner Circle also appears every Wednesday on our website with the related photos. Your ad would be visible to both groups of readers. So, the exposure to your ad is well over 3,500 potential buyers. Ads submitted by the previous Sunday would appear the following Wednesday in the weekly Inner Circle. Ads and payment (paypal) must be submitted by email to - [email protected] CLASSIFIED AD - NEW AUTOMOTIVE TALK SHOW LAUNCHES - Stewart Howden, President of the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, hosts a new automotive podcast and internet radio show. He welcomes guests, talks about the incredible cars in the facility and engages in general automotive conversation. Classic Auto Mall is a 336,000 square-foot facility with nearly 700 cars on consignment and on display. The show is broadcast live at AmerianWebRadio.com every Saturday at 9am., then uploaded there and podcast platforms in recorded form. You can also visit the facility and watch the show live! Free Admission. Located an hour west of Philadelphia on the PA turnpike. A great winter car activity! Floor on instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook. www.classicautomall.com 1of 2 NOTE - IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO SEE THE BUICK RARE PARTS SECTION - If you are not able to see the Buick Rare Parts section at the end of this Inner Circle, it is because you are not an actual Inner Circle member, but instead are reading this on the website. You must subscribe to see the Rare Parts section each week. It would go directly to your inbox every Wednesday at 3 pm eastern time. It is FREE, probably one reason why nobody complains about what I write about. To subscribe simply email – [email protected] - to get our free weekly Wednesday Inner Circle email. This allows everyone to have the same opportunity on the parts we list each week. EMAILS TO KIRBAN PERFORMANCE - NOTE - If you email us and do NOT get a timely reply, be sure to check your “SPAM” folder. Some emails do not go through. If you need to email us, use - [email protected] TECH CALLS - If you need technical information, it’s best to email - [email protected] - rather than call us. We will do our best to answer any technical questions within 24 hours. Please remember I have very little knowledge of the mechanical workings of the engine. NEW PRODUCTS FROM US – 1986-1987 TURBO REGAL HYPERTECH PROM - If you have a fairly stock 1986-1987 Turbo Regal here is one easy and simple way to improve performance and torque. Hypertech is one of the very first companies to make a Prom for the Turbo Regals. The introductory price good for the month of January is $174.95. The part number is #7973. See our website for more details. BAD TO THE BONE LEATHER KEY CHAIN - Using the same quote and font style we now have a leather key chain. The price is $14.95 and the part number is #7974. See our website for picture. 1984-1987 TURBO REGAL GM BRAND NEW BLACK WIPER BLADES. THESE ARE AVAILABLE ONCE AGAIN. Part #7800 to view pictures. In stock for immediate delivery. 1986-1987 BUICK TURBO REGAL REPRODUCTION ENGINE OIL DIPSTICK HANDLE, REPRODUCTION TURBO REGAL TRANSMISSION DIPSTICK HANDLE & REPRODUCTION BUICK TURBO REGAL OIL CAP Part # 7970, 7971, and 7972 for pictures and order details. All 3 of them are currently in stock. “BAD TO THE BONE” EMBROIDERED BEANIE BLACK KNIT HAT This black Beanie knit hat has the quote "Bad To The Bone" embroidered on it in the same design as our decal, part #7968. Each black hat is embroidered in red, gray and black. The embroidery work is some of the best I have ever seen. It almost looks like it was printed on the material. A prime example of poor embroidery work can be found on the Power Six logo on the Grand National bucket seat headrest. The embroidery on this hat is much sharper. An excellent winter hat. Also makes a great gift. 7967 - “BAD TO THE BONE” Embroidered Beanie Black Knit Hat - $21.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to this hat on our website. “BAD TO THE BONE” DECAL This “BAD TO THE BONE”decal is similar to the one we sold years ago. The script wording is red and black with a black shadow. The line between the words in the grey area is black. The design is diecut with a self-adhesive backing. Each decal measures about 5-1/2" x 1-3/4”. It is designed to fit in the area on the back window, just under the third brake light on the outside of the glass. It can also be used in other areas, on a tool box, or a car show display board. 7968 - “BAD TO THE BONE” Decal - $4 CLICK HERE - For the link to this decal on our website. “BLACK AIR” BLACK T-SHIRT We now carry “BLACK AIR” black T-shirts for the many Turbo Regal enthusiasts out there. Wording is silk screened in white with a Turbo Buick outline and the words, “WHAT’S WITH ALL THE BLACK CARS?” on the front. The back features the Turbo-6 logo and the words, “BLACK AIR - THE BUICK GRAND NATIONAL DOCUMENTARY.” T-shirts are Gilden brand high-quality 100% cotton. We stock the 4 most popular sizes - MEDIUM, LARGE, X-LARGE, and XX-LARGE. This T-shirt makes a great statement at a car show, and T-shirts also make a great gift for that Turbo enthusiast or for your mechanic. Here are the 4 options for these T-shirts. 7969-M - “BLACK AIR” BLACK T-shirt - size MEDIUM - $28.95 7969-L - “BLACK AIR” BLACK T-shirt - size LARGE - $28.95 7969-XL - “BLACK AIR” BLACK T-shirt - size X-LARGE - $28.95 7969-XXL - “BLACK AIR” BLACK T-shirt - size XX-LARGE - $28.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to these T-shirts on our website. REPRODUCTION "3.8 SFI TURBO" HOOD EMBLEMS These reproduction 3.8 SFI Turbo emblems “Made in the USA” and are an exact reproduction with the black edge. These are made from the same mold that we had them made from over 10 years ago. Emblems are made exactly like the original in chrome plastic with the black edging with a self-adhesive backing. These are 100% correct for all 1984-1987 Turbo Regal hoods. They are packaged as a pair and measure approximately 10" by 5/8”. We also offer a special price if you buy two sets, part #7067. Because the emblems are plastic, it is easy to accidentally break the “3” off the left end of the emblem when washing or drying your car. It’s a good idea to keep a spare set in case a piece breaks off. To my knowledge we have the only reproduction emblems that are “Made in the USA.” NOTE - The trunk 3.8 SFI emblem is part #7510 and does not have the black edge. Another excellent replacement for any exterior restoration. Here are the 2 options for these emblems. 6556 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Reproduction “3.8 SFI TURBO” Hood Emblems (2) - $49.95 7966 - TWO PAIRS - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Reproduction “3.8 SFI TURBO” Hood Emblems (4) - $89.95 (Save $9.95) CLICK HERE - For the link to these emblems. 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - AC DELCO TPS SENSOR This is a factory original AC Delco TPS sensor. It is a critical part of the ignition system and is subject to wear. Most sources say it is best to replace this sensor if your Turbo Regal has over 80,000 miles. This AC Delco TPS sensor will be shipped in the original AC Delco box. Another excellent replacement for any engine or ignition system restoration. 7964 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - AC Delco TPS Sensor - $79.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to this TPS sensor on our website 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - TR-6 HIGH TECH IGNITION SYSTEM This is the complete kit including the custom grey plug wires, late model GM coil module, and upgraded TR 6 module. Detailed instructions are also provided with each kit. This is higher than the stock power ignition system. It requires a 25A fuse in the CCC1 fuse to handle the increased current flow. The stock wiring is adequate to handle the increased current flow. This kit is built by Bailey Engineering, who has many years in developing the various products we offer for ignition systems for the 1986-1987 Turbo Regals. You can set the Rev Limit with this kit. The unit mounts in the stock location. It is a heavy die-cast powder-coated aluminum enclosure. It has an Advanced 32bit microprocessor. It includes a built in 2-step Launch Control System and can be ran in either wastepark or sequential firing. Safety mode shuts down the engine if unsafe signals or sensors are detected. Fully plug-and-play with the stock vehicle harness. This is a must have upgraded ignition system if you are making modifications to the stock format. NOTE - Due to the complexity of this system, we recommended it be installed by a qualified mechanic. An excellent upgrade to the ignition system. 7961 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - TR-6 High Tech Ignition System (includes custom coil module, late model GM ignition coil, and grey spark plug wire set) - $694.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to this Ignition System on our website. 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - GREY TR-6 PLUG WIRES (6) SET The same company that makes our regular grey Custom-Cut, High-Performance Grey Plug Wire Sets, Part #1531, for the factory 1986-1987 Turbo Regal set up also makes these correct plug wires for the Bailey TR-6 High Tech Ignition system for us. This set of plug wires has the proper lengths and proper connectors for the upgraded coil. The wires are grey to closely resemble what Buick used originally on their spark plug wires. A nice upgrade if you have the TR-6 High Tech Ignition System. 7962 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Grey TR-6 Plug Wires (6) Set - $99.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to this Plug Wires Set on our website. GM LICENSED “GNX & GRAND NATIONAL” T-SHIRT We carry a GM licensed “GNX & GRAND NATIONAL” T-shirt for the many Turbo Regal enthusiasts out there. It is a black GM Licensed T-shirt with a distinctive artwork design of a GNX and GRAND NATIONAL and the Grand National and Tri-Shield logos on the back in full color. The Grand National logo is silkscreened on the upper left area on the front. Shirts are Gilden brand high-quality 100% cotton with the GM Licensed tag attached. We stock the 3 most popular sizes - LARGE, X-LARGE, and XX-LARGE. The T-shirt makes a great statement at a car show, and T-shirts also make a great gift for that Turbo enthusiast or for your mechanic. Here are the 3 options for these T-shirts. 7965-L - GM Licensed “GNX & GRAND NATIONAL” BLACK T-shirt - size LARGE - $24.95 7965-XL - GM Licensed “GNX & GRAND NATIONAL” BLACK T-shirt - size X-LARGE - $24.95 7965-XXL - GM Licensed “GNX & GRAND NATIONAL” BLACK T-shirt - size XX-LARGE - $26.95 CLICK HERE - For the link to this T-shirt on our website. ALWAYS LOOKING FOR IDEAS - If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - [email protected] ALWAYS IN A BUYING POSITION FOR TURBO REGAL PARTS - Got any Turbo Buick parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. We also may buy your new or used parts. Simply email me a list - [email protected] Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location. NOTE - ABOUT LINKS IN THE INNER CIRCLE - We have heard from a couple people that have had problems with the links in our Inner Circle. When we check the links, they work fine. However, if you are not able to be directed to the exact website page or internet site, you can "copy" and "paste" the link into the URL in your browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) If it doesn't link in one browser, it may work in another. Most people having problems are using Internet Explorer. If you are having issues with links, try another browser to see if it works. You may need to "UPDATE" your browser to be used if you are using the current version. NOTE ABOUT PHOTOS ON THE WEBSITE - We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these must be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo. If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected] ABOUT OUR EMAILS - Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me directly - [email protected] - and I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item. IN CLOSING - Remember, the weekly Inner Circle always goes out at 3 pm eastern time so subscribers all have the same equal chance on the Rare Parts. All our parts generally are priced to sell and priced below what others offer. Also our used items are exactly as described. Emails are acknowledged in the order we receive them regardless of when I respond as I am not always by a computer and I only use a flip phone. It's best to email as soon as possible with your request(s) as many of our items sell within the first hour! Do NOT call the office on the listed Rare Parts as you could lose out by someone beating you with an email. Remember if the total of what you purchase on the Rare Parts falls short of $75 we will charge $15 extra for shipping.

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