10-12-2022 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 10-12-2022 -




The October issue of Hemmings Motor News which shows a 1987 Grand National on the cover belongs to our customer Tom Kelly who resides in Arizona..  It is his car that  is on the cover of the issue and also the exterior pictures in the article.  The engine compartment pics are not pictures of his engine compartment, but  someone else's Grand National.  .


Also the Oldsmobile Cutlass we showed last week for sale is not a 1984, but a 1980. I had an observant reader point that out to me!  The seller's friend gave me the wrong info.  Ironically I have a picture of the window sticker and nowhere on the actual window sticker do I see the year shown!   Not being an Oldsmbile expert I also missed that mistake as well. 




Saturday #S137 a 1987 Grand National with T Tops and 50,000 miles is going through.  It will be interesting to see what this 1987 Grand National  brings.  Car has the new repro GNX style wheels on it.  Probably the only Grand National at this auction.  Over 800 plus cars from what I've been told.  Auction runs tomorrow Thursday through the weekend.  Ironically the car just prior to S137 and the car just after S137 are both older VW buses with the split windshield.  They have really accelerated in value.  One or both VW buses could possibly bring a higher price than the Grand National.  




These have been on backorder for several months and currently hard to get from what I understand.  Contact our office.  Price is $499 plus shipping but can be picked up in Chicago to avoid shipping!  




Last week I bought this gentleman's collection of Street Rod models. As you view the four models in Photo 1 and the various angles see if you can figure out what makes these four street rod models so unique.


Submit your one guess by this Friday night October 14th 2022 by email to [email protected] . The first response with the correct  answer will be declared the winner. Here is your only clue: It is NOT the fact that the details are incredible, but something else makes them unique.  The detail in the four cars is nothing short of amazing.  Can you spot what is the unique feature?   The winner will get two options to choose for their prize.  One option the winner can buy is their choice of one of the four featured Street Rods for $50 less than the starting reserve price. The second option is for just $50 they will get the complete series of the newly released booklets that I have in print at time of this contest. That number of booklets is 10 or 11 over a $235 retail value!  The four street rods individually will be up for auction in next week's Inner Circle.  In that issue we will explain what makes these four street rods unique.  I will also tell you the story of how I acquired them. No more clues!  You gotta admit I do my best to keep each mid-weekly issue of the Inner Circle interesting!


PHOTO 1 - We show all four of these different street rod models. The detail is nothing short of amazing. But that is not what makes them unique! The person I bought these from is 80 years old.  We show four different views.  They have remained dust free as they have been in a  display case for several years. You need to submit your guess as to what makes these so special?  




Normal retail on this embossed metal sign was $249.95.  Now while our initial supply lasts, pay just $179 with free shipping included to the basic 48 states.  Go to our website  under search put Part #8020 to see the picture and details, but recommend calling the office to order it.  Stock is limited as we  have around 30 left!  Great Christmas gift to keep hidden from your spouse.  Quality is excellent. It is GM licensed and Made in the USA. The size is 34 inches by 12 inches. See Photo 2 below for a picture of this Grand National Embossed Metal Sign.  




Old time owners may recall years ago when a company in the midwest called DC Tech made a very nice high quality stainless turbo shield.  I believe also on the west coast another company made an impressive looking stainless turbo shield as well.  This is a complete new design similar in format to what DC Tech made many years ago.  Let's face it there's not much you can do with the stock shield to enhance its appearance. The turbo shield is one of the most visible parts under the hood.  


PHOTO 2 - Here is a photo of the new 1986-1987 Turbo Regal Turbo Shield. We are awaiting a solution for the bolts we want to  include with the shield  The part number of this new turbo shield is #8047 but not yet on our website.  The other photo shows the Grand National Embossed metal sign that we have a blowout price on.  It is best to call the office to get the special price on the limited supply we have left of this unique embossed metal sign. 




I now have pictures of this latest GNX that the seller wants me to sell for him. It is GNX #010.   The GNX from what I understand is mostly original.  The original turbo needs to be rebuilt.  Owner has the GNX jacket, book, and window sticker. He just installed new front brakes. Few years back he took it to Borla and they custom built him a new stainless exhaust system that exits the factory way.  He also had the transmission rebuilt at a cost of $1800  and has that receipt.    For more info email me directly [email protected]  The location is in the midwest. The owner purchased the GNX in 2005.  Car now has under 36,000 miles on it.  Owner drove it about 4500 miles since purchasing it back in 2005.  Asking price is $112,900.  Runs 100%. Fresh tune up, and new front brakes and rotors. AC converted to R343 and even the power antenna works!  Car has new front and rear fillers. He also had all the fender flares resprayed as the paint on the fender flares was starting to get cobwebs.  He says the rest of the paint is extremely nice and appears to be original. Car fax is clean.  The GNX has hardly ever seen the rain. It is stored on top of plastic which has protected the undercarriage from rust issues. See photo 3 below for 4 views of GNX 010.  We have more photos available simply email me [email protected] 


PHOTO 3 - The top left photo shows the various glove box documents he has. The top right photo shows the actual miles 36,229.  Photo of the speedo was taken 10-3-22. The bottom left photo shows a picture of the original window sticker. The bottom right photo shows the interior.  The headrest is embroidered with the GNX logo.  Something that was done by the previous owner. 




We have photos of the  engine compartment, interior, exterior of this original 1980 Olds Calais coupe.  Seller also has the original window sticker.  Car appears to be 100% original inside and out.  Zero rust.  AC blows ice cold.  Car runs and drives but needs a tuneup since it has hardly been used in the last several years.  Actual miles is a mere 36,900!  The Calais I believe is the upgraded model.  Has bucket seats, center console, and full gauge package with the tachometer.  Factory rally wheels, and upgraded steering wheel.  The seller is selling like $7500 but I believe it can be bought for probably $6500.  As I have talked to the guy whose lawn the car is sitting on.  He happens to know me.  He likes it gone from his lawn.  It's his buddy's car!  Car is located about 3 miles from my old house in Furlong. This car is a prime candidate for a late model V8 engine!  He does have the original window sticker.  For more info and photos email me direct [email protected] 




The top left photo shows still factory sealed for the 2017 Dodge Challenger the manuals that would have come in the glove box. Also a set of 10 cards with stick of gum that was produced for the 2009 Dodge Challenger which was the first year. The top right photo shows 3 extremely nice looking radios that will  fit in any 1984-1987 Turbo Regal. The bottom left photo shows a 1955-57 Chevrolet banner that measures 1 ft by 3 ft. The bottom right photo shows the same  image on a 10  inch by 2 inch decal. (See story below)  All these items can be found in the Rare Parts section for sale.




As a reader of our weekly Inner Circle you know I have always been in the car business in one form or another after my stint in the Army.  First starting our own towing business working up to 3 trucks on the road and being one of the very first to make reproduction parts for the Pontiac GTO.  My Dad was never ever a car person.  He always bought “practical” cars.  My Mom always had Cadillacs as she liked them for their big size and safety.   In 1962 my Dad actually bought a car that was somewhat sporty and a new 1962 red T-Bird.  For some reason  in 1981-1982 he contacted Ron Von Sauers the artist that did the book jacket cover the the 1955-1957 Chevrolets.  A book similar to my first book. Mr. Sauers was a pretty well known artist back then.   Considering my Dad was not into cars at least he picked cars that have really held their value plus he connected with the actual artist that did the book jacket for the “Hot Ones”. 


My Dad had that artwork done. It features the 3 hot years for Chevrolet in the 1950s  in all 3 versions: the convertible Nomad wagon and of course the convertible.  Going by memory I think my Dad paid a thousand dollars which in 1982 was a good bit of money.  Today I own that original painting and it hangs in my office at home.  I had the artwork made into this 1 ft by 3 ft vinyl 13 ounce banner.  At the same time I also had it made into a 10 inch by 2 inch decal  which is suitable for a display.  We plan to wholesale these to various companies.  I had one dealer buy all the ones I took to Fall Carlisle. 




We will have this new Top Ten Reasons banner available next week.  Banner is done on a 13 ounce vinyl material measuring approximately 13.5 inches by 23.5. We will soon do one for the T-Type/Turbo-T models as well. 




I am still seeking a struggling automotive artist that can do detailed car art in color.  A chance to do some work that will be sold by many vendors. Email me direct [email protected]  Work would involve more than one job! Still looking!!!!




See the Magna Group facebook for more details.  A chance before winter to meet other Turbo Regal owners at this restaurant.  Location is  684 York Road, Warminster, PA.  Unfortunately I have a previous engagement.   In the 1970s we actually lived in Warminster which is also where Hurst was located for many years. 




We are always in the market for buying collections if you have sold your car.  Granted we will not pay retail but it can be far easier and quicker to sell everything at one time rather than deal with all the questions you get from any advertising you do. We can also set up someone to pick up the parts if it's a distance from my location and you can't ship. 




In each case email me specifically which car perks your interest.  We give the car model, location and price on each of the ones we now are working with the sellers.  Each case there is some wiggle room as we realize in most cases you got transport costs involved.  Remember we are hooked up with a broker that can get you a good price for an enclosed or open transport. 


Here is the current listing in no particular order. It does not  include the 2 Turbo Regals mentioned above.  I now represent a total of 9 of the desirable 1986-1987 Turbo Regals.  I can supply more photos and information on any of the below cars I represent. Email me [email protected] 


1987 GNX - Less than 37,000 miles. Has the book, jacket, and window sticker. New fillers front and rear. The fender flares  have all been repainted.  New Borla stainless exhaust exits factory way.  Transmission has been rebuilt at a cost of $1800.  The GNX turbo is not on the car and it is blown. Turbo would need to be rebuilt.  Asking $112,900.


1986 GRAND NATIONAL HARDTOP - Owned since 1989. Actual miles approximately 123,00. Car runs out great.  Still operates on the powermaster brake format!.  It was repainted about 5 years ago. The car is mostly stock. Located in NJ. Seats need attention, however the seller has a complete new repro seat material that goes with the car for all the seats in black and gray. The asking price is $24,900. NEW LOWER  PRICE!.


1987 TURBO REGAL WE4 T-TOP - Belongs to a long time customer of ours that used to live near us years ago and now resides in Florida.  Car recently had over 5 grand in work done on it at KDK in Orlando.  The seller is willing to consider as partial trade another Turbo Regal that may require work. Car was repainted in 2007.  He is the second owner; actual miles are 36,000 miles.  AC works. Asking price is $44,900. See Photo 3 in this issue. 


1986 GRAND NATIONAL CANADIAN CAR - Same owner since brand new. Car has every possible option offered in 1986!  Including the power sliding sunroof. If you are a US buyer be sure to do your homework on what is required to bring a car across the border. Asking price has been lowered to $40,000 US. 


1987 GRAND NATIONAL HARDTOP - Same owner since 1992.  Was purchased back then with less than 400 miles on it.  Now has 3,062 actual miles 100% original paint all stock. Original tires have been saved.  Car has had proper climate controlled storage since 1992!  One of the best original examples you can find.  Located in New York. Price tag is $67,900. If you are seeking a near perfect example this is the one to buy!


1987 TURBO-T HARDTOP - Rare black exterior with black out package which could not be ordered after the WE4 was introduced. Same family since new. Tons of work done to this rare example. Looking for the best offer. A chance to get a really rare example with paperwork to back it up.  Work was all done by Steve’s Automotive in Virginia.  Car is located in Virginia.   They are seeking the best offer. SELLER ANXIOUS TO SELL.


1987 TURBO-T LIMITED HARDTOP - chestnut brown.  Car resides and always has in California so no exposure to issues with rust, Same owner since 1995. Actual miles 129,000. Asking price is $28,900. This is a great buy! NEW LOWER PRICE $26,900.


1987 GRAND NATIONAL HARDTOP - . Car resides in Michigan being sold by the owner's sister as the owner passed away suddenly.  He was a top notch mechanic. Actual Miles 58,666. Highly modified many many upgrades including TA 49 Turbo. She has receipts from my company for over two grand.  Car has a high dollar repaint. Asking price is $40,000.  MAJOR PRICE DROP!!!!! Originally it was priced over $50 grand! Seller has a lot of receipts!  


1968 OLDS 442 W30 package. Car resides in Michigan again purchased by her brother who passed away unexpectedly. Owned since the early 1980s purchased from the original owner when it had just 3,000 actual miles. A super rare car. The asking price is $80,000. 


Again we can provide more information and photos on any of the above. My email is [email protected] 




When the time comes you need to downsize or simply move on we can market your car for you.  Especially now with Spring and Summer fast approaching. We handle the advertising and answering the questions and weeding out the tire kickers. We never give out the exact location of your car.  You decide on the price after any bargaining is done.  The money goes directly from the buyer to your bank account.  I have a flat commission based on the price span. This format has worked out very well for me for both the buyer and the seller.  The buyer has more confidence about the car especially if you are a long time owner and a customer of ours. .  The seller is not bothered with phone calls or emails.  


Most potential  buyers know who I am.  So whenever the time comes you want to sell your car, email me the particulars.  I can explain the process to you which also allows you to sell the car as well. My email is [email protected] I can also help you determine the price.  I can also take in a trade and pay you the seller the difference.  I have worked with JJ Best in the past which is quite generous in granting loans.  So you have plenty of options.  We also work with a broker that can handle transport both open and enclosed. This transport broker is a customer of ours and owns personally a 9,000 mile Grand National!  He just had the last 3 cars I sold transported to their new homes! The car needs not be a Turbo Regal. 




Whether you need an open transport or enclosed transport we highly recommend Sal Hamed. Sal  is a broker with a number of transporters and can get you the best price.  He knows what you expect as he personally owns a 9,000 mile  original Grand National and is a customer of ours.  You must use my name when contacting him to get a special price. His email is [email protected]  We highly recommend his services! His phone number is 919-808-8483.




You  must contact our office.  Because of the many issues and fees in shipping to Canada we have suspended shipping to Canada.  You need to hookup with a US address as shipping has become quite costly. 




If you are returning any cores for a Letter of Credit or cores that we charged you for, it is important that you send them to the address below. Please make sure you put a note in the box with your information.






For all other returns such as a part you purchased that is incorrect or defective you must call Christina and get a RA number. She will determine if it goes to our main warehouse in Kintnersville, PA or our distribution center. 




Here is the information on our credits for cores.


POWERMASTER BRAKE UNITS. Currently, we NOT accepting powermaster brake units. This is due to the fact we have a huge supply of cores and we have no exact time table when our supplier will get brake bowls.  Everyone is in the same boat that rebuilds powermaster brake units.  The key ingredient is the brake bowl. 


TURBO CORES must be the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal stock turbo. They must be complete. We will issue you a $150 Letter of Credit for each acceptable core. We need cores now. Or we will pay $135 cash for each complete stock turbo core.


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