Kirban Inner Circle Update

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THE KIRBAN INNER CIRCLE - In September 2021, Paul Castle became the owner of Kirban Performance Products and I work as an employee. Our 2021 contract states that the “Inner Circle will be shared and used for Promotional Purposes.” As of March 8th, Paul will no longer allow me to continue the weekly Inner Circle on the Kirban Performance website. Since 1987, when we started the Grand News and then the Kirban Inner Circle, we have had a loyal following that look forward to our weekly stories and news. So, we will be publishing a weekly email every Wednesday about 3 pm called the “Kirban’s Side of the Road.” We will write related stories and my take on life, list our new and used parts and unique items we come across, listings of cars for sale, and promote future events of interest to Buick owners and any car enthusiasts. There will still be M&Ms contests from time to time. The related photos will be attached to the email. We are adding more and more subscribers every day. Pass along the information to your car friends and club members. To subscribe simply email - [email protected] Note “Please add me to your list” in the reference line. Remember, it’s FREE. It’s a great way to stay informed!

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