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This is a very handy tool to have on hand. This brake bleeder syringe will hold 2 ounces of fluid. It makes it easy to extract the old brake fluid from a reservoir, so you can refill it with new brake fluid. When the plunger is pushed in, it measures about 8" in length, and comes with a black cap.

Our first photo shows the syringe with the cap off, the other photo shows it with the cap on.

If you need to remove the brake lines from the reservoir, it has a pointed end that allows you to insert the tip into the port of the master cylinder so you can push brake fluid into the port.

No toolbox should be without this syringe.

This is the easiest method to remove old brake fluid from the brake reservoir in any of your cars.

Remember, if your car has a powermaster brake system, the fluid should be changed once a year.

Another excellent item for your toolbox.

7382 - Brake Bleeder Syringe

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