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1985-1987 Turbo Regal - Reproduction BRAKE ACCUMULATOR BOWL

The engineering for this reproduction brake accumulator bowl was done by Cardone Industries, a leader in the field of rebuilt and new parts for the car industry. We merely sat on the sidelines encouraging and assuring them that this is an extremely needed part, both to rebuild original powermasters and to market by itself. It's made in Germany and comes with a manufacturer's one-year warranty. It is similar to the original brake bowl with the nut inward and it's slightly larger than the original. Original brake accumulator bowls were all black with the nut inward. The popular GM replacement item had yellow wording on it and had the nut on the outer edge. The original and replacement brake accumulator bowls are no longer available.

In many cases, it is the brake accumulator that has failed if the brake light is coming on when you hit the brakes. If you have blown the powermaster fuse or you don't hear the motor running, the brake accumulator will not fix the problem.

We highly recommend that you also change the brake fluid when you replace the brake accumulator bowl. #KPP7539 Baer SS4+ Front Brakes and Spindles Upgrade System with BLACK Calipers, #KPP6697 Reproduction Brake Accumulator Bowl, #KPP7679 Conversion Vacuum Brake Booster Kit with New Correct Size PIN for the Stock Brake Pedal, #KPP7625 Conversion Vacuum Brake Booster Kit with Vacuum Brake Pedal, #KPP7618 HYDRATECH Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit, #KPP7619 CPB Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit, #KPP7698 GM Brake Drum Hardware (26) Kit, #KPP7021 Rebuilt Powermaster Brake Unit, #KPP7189 Reproduction Brake Proportioning Valve, #KPP7459 Reproduction Complete Brake Lines (7) Kit, #KPP7218 Stainless Braided Brake Hoses (3) Kit, #KPP7189 Reproduction Brake Proportioning Valve, and #KPP7459 Reproduction Complete Brake Lines (7) Kit.

**This product is non returnable** **This product can only ship GROUND**

KPP6697 - 1985-1987 Turbo Regal - Reproduction Brake Accumulator Bowl 

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