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1982-1987 Regal V6 (Including Turbo Regal) - Reproduction BRAKE PROPORTIONING VALVE At the time of production, Buick used 4 different suppliers for the brake proportioning valve. The same part was manufactured by Bendix, Delco, Kelsey, and Weatherhead. Only the Weatherhead valves were made in brass. Since the others were not brass, those valves would quickly become rusty and, as the years go by, can create a problem. Because this valve is located under the floor pan and exposed, water and salt can cause heavy corrosion and rust to attack this important brake part. The factory GM part has been discontinued since the spring of 2007. We discovered this reproduction is an exact replacement, so it mounts the same and all the original brake line fittings will fit. It is also correct for a front disc brake and rear drum brake setup. We had one of these brake proportioning valves tested for several months by Richard Clark in one of his personal cars, and he found it performed as it should. Here's another part to be sure your car's brake system works properly. Part #7218 - 1979-1987 Buick Regal (Including Turbo Models) - Stainless Braided Brakes Hoses (3) Kit Part #7459 - 1985-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Reproduction Complete Brake Lines (7) Kit. #7459 Reproduction Complete Brake Lines (7) Kit, #7218 Stainless Braided Brake Hoses (3) Kit, #7189 Reproduction Brake Proportioning Valve, #7916 Reproduction Vacuum Brake Pedal, and #7459 Reproduction Complete Brake Lines (7) Kit. 7189 - 1982-1987 Regal V6 (Including Turbo Regal) - Reproduction Brake Proportioning Valve

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