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1986-1987 Turbo Regal & 1989 Turbo Trans Am - BRAND NEW 120 amp ALTERNATOR Pre-tested with a Manufacturer's 2-Year Warranty Our research has shown that very few companies offer a 100% brand new, correct-appearing 120 amp alternator for the 1986-1987 Turbo Regals and 1989 Turbo Trans Ams. According to GM, the 120 amp alternator was only offered on those models during those years. Working closely with a local source, we can assure quality control. Each alternator is hand assembled, pre-tested and comes with a Manufacturer's 2-Year Warranty. Most of the other alternators we have found use a generic pulley, which is not the correct diameter to maintain proper tension on the serpentine belt. We have also found that most do not have a black pulley. The stator section, which is sandwiched between the front and rear housing, is supposed to be black like the pulley. The stator on these new alternators are black, like the originals. The pulley itself has the proper diameter and grooves so the tensioner stays within the proper specs. All of the other external parts (including the housing) and internal parts are brand new. The housing on this unit does not have any factory stampings. Since each alternator is pre-tested, you can be assured it is producing a minimum of 120 amps. The proper amps and charging is a critical function to assure the electronics are getting the proper volts to the complete electrical system. Some of you may be running additional fuel pumps and this makes this even more important. No core is required, so you can retain the original alternator. It's always better to buy brand new versus used or rebuilt, especially if it's a car you plan to keep. An excellent replacement for any engine restoration. ALTERNATOR UPDATE: Because of the success of this alternator, our supplier has exhausted his supply of the original factory pulleys. We recently had this pulley made to the exact size of the original. This is very critical on these cars, since the pulley size influences the rpms the alternator needs to turn. Many of the aftermarket alternators do NOT have the proper size pulley on them. The proper size pulley where the serpentine belt rides against is 2.405 inches. If you have a replacement alternator and are experiencing charging issues, you may want to check the diameter of the pulley. While other alternators may be cheaper, ours are 100% correct. During the years 1986-1987, these cars were one of only a few in the GM line up that had a 120 amp alternator, making it a critical part of the electrical system. Back then, most other GM alternators were rated at 90 amps or less. NOTE - You may also be interested in these related items - #7705 Brand New 120 amp Alternator, Pre-tested with a 2-Year Warranty, #7316 BRAND NEW Custom-Built 200 amp Alternator, Pre-tested with a Manufacturer's 2-Year Warranty, #7317 YOUR ORIGINAL 120 amp ALTERNATOR - REBUILT with all New Internal Parts Using YOUR ORIGINAL Housing, #7318 Original 120 amp Alternator Housing Kit with our stamped Part #1101 349 120A on the Housing, #7319 Original 120 amp ALTERNATOR - REBUILT with all New Internal Parts and our stamped Part #1101 349 120A on the Housing, and #7733 Reproduction Belt Tensioner with New Pulley. 7315 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal & 1989 Turbo Trans Am - Brand New 120 amp Alternator, Pre-tested with Manufacturer's 2-Year Warranty

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