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BUTYL TAPE - 5/16" DIAMETER 10-FOOT ROLL This butyl tape is black, 5/16" diameter, and comes in a 10-foot roll. The list of uses for this product is endless. Butyl tape has a strong adhesive and excellent sealing effect. It has very good waterproof performance. It is a "tape type" sealer used by glass shops to seal windshields and rear window glass. It is not available in most auto stores, which is why we now carry it. Its unique feature of controlled compressibility allows easy installation and yet will not squeeze out when pressed. I have been using it for a variety of projects for many years. We include it with several of the parts we sell, such as the LED Third Brake Light and the foam filter for the wastegate solenoid. In both cases, it is used to hold the part in place. It's ideal to fill small holes in the trunk. Buick used it to seal the quarter windows. If you have a section of wind noise on the weatherstrip seal to the door glass, simply put a section of butyl tape between the molding and the weatherstrip to "puff" out that section of the weatherstrip. The problem is solved. If you have T-Tops and are replacing the metal T section, it's ideal to use this between the T metal bar and the roof area. It's ideal to help seal any moldings in place or lose trim. Every owner should have a roll of butyl tape in their garage or work shop. NOTE - You may also be interested in these related parts - #7425 Reproduction Molded Door Seals (2), #7593 Reproduction Roof Rail Weatherstrips (2), #7375 Reproduction T-Tops Weatherstrip Seals (6) Kit, and #7732 Reproduction T-Tops Weatherstrip Seals (4). 7919 - Butyl Tape - 5/16" Diameter 10-Foot Roll

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