CCCI (Computer Controlled Coil Ignition) SensorCheck MODULE
Part # KPP7723



Product Info
1984-1987 BUICK TURBO REGAL CCCI (Computer Controlled Coil Ignition) SensorCheck MODULE The Computer Controlled Coil Ignition (CCCI) is probably the least-understood system on your Turbo Buick powered vehicle. The most common problem is the "No-Start" condition, and there are very few tests that a car owner is capable of performing to determine a faulty component in this system. This simple CCCI SensorCheck Module plug-and-play diagnostic tool is designed to troubleshoot your ignition system for the most common "No-Start" scenario. Specifically, it will display a simple LED to indicate the status of the CAM sensor, CRANK sensor, Coil Power and MODULE power. The CAM LED will visibly blink rapidly during idle. The CRANK LED will appear to be continuously on (due to the rapid Crank signal) when the vehicle is running normally. The POWER LED will be illuminated when the MODULE fuse is working. There are 3 LED's assigned to each model: "HOT AIR" (1984-1985) and Intercooled (1986-1989.) It can also be used to set the cam sensor! No CAM signal = No Spark, No Injector pulse No CRANK signal = No Spark, Only Inj pulse CAM signal initiates sequential spark. Without it, No spark. CRANK signal initiates fuel injector pulses. No Lights, good fuses = Check ECM ground return wire. This clever device eliminates any guesswork as to why your Turbo Regal won't start, if it's related to the cam sensor, crank sensor, coil pack, or coil module. It comes with easy-to-follow directions. It is all plug-and-play to conduct the tests to determine where the problem is originating. By using LED lights, you can pinpoint where the problem originates. By a flip of a switch, it works on all 1984 to 1987 Turbo Regals including, the 1989 Turbo Trans Am. A must-have tool that saves the guesswork when you have a no start situation. NOTE - You may also be interested in these related parts - #7327 Aftermarket Crank Sensor, #7637 AC DELCO Coil Pack, #7639 Aftermarket Ignition Module, #7043 Cam Sensor Cap with LED Indicator, and #1531 Custom-Cut, High-Performance Grey Plug Wire Set 7723 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - CCCI (Computer Controlled Coil Ignition) SensorCheck Module

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