Part # KPP7159



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TRANS AM and GNX WHEELS- Reproduction CENTER CAPS (4) SET The actual center cap is a reproduction. The "Bird" plastic center medallion shown is an original GM part #10030413 affixed to this reproduction cap. We offer various decals that affix to this center cap. All decals are either our own design or are GM LICENSED as noted in the description of the decals. This is the style center cap GM originally used on their GNX wheels. They simply designed a new paper thin stick-on decal to affix over this existing Pontiac center cap they had made several years earlier. This cap will fit all original GNX wheels and all of the similar style Trans Am wheels in the 16" size. All the center caps in this set come with a "Bird" image in the center, as shown in the photo. See Part #7013 - Decal that will fit this center cap with the word "TURBOCHARGED." When purchasing this part you may also want to consider part #7073. Otherwise, you would have to find some other suitable paper-type decals (2-1/16" diameter) to affix to these center caps. 7159 - Trans Am and GNX WHEELS - Reproduction Center Caps (4) Set

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