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KIRBAN PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS - "CHICAGO TRIP - JANUARY 2007" DVD In January of 2007 we took a road trip to trade in one of our personal cars on a car I found near Chicago. By planning the trip in advance, I was able to call on my friend Paul Castle and arrange to shoot part of his private Turbo collection. His collection includes two real GNXs, one extremely modified Turbo-T. He also has a vast stockpile of highly collectible diecast cars. I then visited John Spina and got the nickel tour of Casper's Electronics operation in Mundelein, Illinois. As many of you know, Casper's Electronics makes virtually anything you could want or need related to the wire harness. Finishing up this video is a segment showing a unique private car collection of one of Casper's customers. He was nice enough to give us a private tour of his mini car museum at his house. This is something you have to see to believe. This DVD is fully narrated and runs about 45 minutes. 7141 - Kirban Performance Products - "Chicago Trip - January 2007" DVD

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