Part # KPP6629


Product Info
EFI FUEL PRESSURE MECHANICAL GAUGE KIT This mechanical EFI fuel pressure gauge kit comes complete with all the attaching hardware and a 1-1/2" dial gauge that measures fuel pressure from 0-100 psi. Kit also includes the adapter fitting, which attaches directly to the fuel pressure service port (schrader valve) without requiring the removal of the schrader valve. All the parts are MADE IN THE USA. Due to the gauge's unique spiral tube design, there are no gears or bearings to wear out and the pointer needle is unaffected by fuel system pulsations and engine vibrations. The unit is light weight, durable construction and includes a 6061 T-6 aluminum adapter fitting and a vibration-proof stainless steel gauge case with a clear acrylic lens. Now you can learn first hand if you have a fuel problem in your car by simply checking this fuel pressure gauge at the fuel rail. It is small enough so it doesn't interfere with any of your modifications under the hood. KPP6629 - EFI Fuel Pressure Mechanical Gauge Kit

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