GM Licensed - 1987 GRAND NATIONAL With Hub Caps Background 4'W x '2 H VINYL BANNER
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GM Licensed - "1987 GRAND NATIONAL" With Hub Caps Background 4'W x 2'H VINYL BANNER

This high-quality vinyl banner is GM licensed and measures approximately 4' wide x 2' high. The banner has metal grommets on four corners. This distinctive 1987 GRAND NATIONAL design with an awesome hub caps background features a color photo from the actual 1987 Buick Dealer Album. The design is on 13 oz vinyl with nylon scrim (mesh) reinforced with hems and grommets. It's just one of several distinctive banners we offer.

These banners make an excellent gift for any Buick enthusiast or mechanic. Ideal to hang in any garage, workshop, office or to display at a car show.

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8602 - GM Licensed - "1987 GRAND NATIONAL" with Hub Caps Background - 4'W x 2'H Vinyl Banner

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