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1984-1987 Turbo Regals -
GNX-style Black Plastic Lug Nut Caps (10) Set

GNXs used a double-threaded nut that has a black plastic cap over it. We now offer this same GNX-style lug nuts and caps. These will fit all the GNX wheels, including the originals, the look-alike Trans Am mesh wheels and our Kirban GNX-style wheels. The black capped lug nuts will give the wheels a GNX look.

GM lug nuts list for about $8 each. This means your cost would run over $150 per set. This aftermarket version sells for a fraction of GM's cost. These look identical to the original GM lug nut.

We give you two options for ordering - Part #7073 is a complete set of 20 doubled-threaded lug nuts, 20 matching black plastic caps and 4 valve stems. We also offer the black plastic caps separately, Part #7074, packaged 10 in a set, in case you need extra caps as spares or replacements.

NOTE - These are only the black plastic caps. Only buy them if you need spares or to replace caps on the existing double-threaded lug nuts.

7074 1984-1987 Turbo Regal - GNX-style Black Plastic Lug Nut Caps (10) Set

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