Grand National Aluminum Wheels 18 x 8"
Part # KPP8009A



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Grand National Aluminum Wheels 18" *

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We have an all aluminum 18 inch Grand National reproduction wheel with center cap. Valve stems and lugs included. 

Available in 18" x 8" and 18" x 9.5" . Having rebuilt the steel Grand National wheels since 1998 we know all the off sets.

The 8" has 4-1/8" back spacing

The 9.5" has 4-7/8" back spacing. 

The wheel is fully powder coated black in the back. The inside outer shell is powder coated black as well. This is for brake dust corrosion protection.

The face is done in the correct factory black powder coat. The paint will not flake off like your factory rims.

One of the toughest things to do when converting from a steel wheel to aluminum is the lugs and caps. What we did was to use a snap ring cap. Think about how much you have spent alone on your factory Grand National caps. The new caps snap in. There is not a metal retainer under the lugs any more.

The opening is 3". You can install a T-Type, Grand National logo or a GNX cap if you want a different look. We have many center caps to choose from.

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