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1978-1987 Regal - WINDSHIELD A-PILLAR SINGLE GAUGE HOLDER This windshield A-pillar single gauge holder is made by the same company that does the popular console twin gauge holder we offer. The holder comes painted grey to match the interior of the 1986-1987 Grand National. However, it will fit any 1978-1987 Regal, and can be painted to match any interior color using spray paint safe for plastic. It will house any 2-1/16" or 2-1/8" gauges. Once you mount the pod with your gauge on the A-pillar post (between the door and windshield), your gauge will be easy to see while driving. The holder is easy to install and attaches to the windshield pillar post by double-sided tape that is provided with holder. It's not necessary to cut any holes. NOTE - Holder does not include any gauge. NOTE - This same holder will also fit the following cars... All 1978-1987 Chevy-Monte Carlo, 1978-1987 Pontiac Grand Prix and 1978-1987 Oldsmobile-Cutlass models. NOTE - We also offer #7944 Dual Gauge Holder for T-Tops models. 1530 - 1978-1987 Regal - Windshield A-Pillar SINGLE 2-1/16" or 2-1/8" Gauge Holder

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