Part # KPP6712


Product Info
1978-1987 Regal - WINDSHIELD A-PILLAR TWIN GAUGE HOLDER Another handsome, useful, and well-designed windshield A-pillar gauge holder that can hold two gauges. It's custom fitted to mount on the windshield A-pillar with double-sided tape which is included, like our popular single A-pillar holder. You don't cut any holes. The grey color matches the 1986-1987 Grand National stock interior, or you can paint it any color you want using spray paint that is safe for plastic. The housing holds two standard 2-1/16" or 2-1/8" gauges. This twin gauge holder is designed to look like it came with the car since it fits so well into the area. NOTE - We also offer #7944 Dual Gauge Holder for T-Tops models. NOTE - Holder does not include any gauges. KPP6712 - 1978-1987 Regal - Windshield A-Pillar TWIN 2-1/16" or 2-1/8" Gauge Holder

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