Part # KPP7981



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1986-1987 BUICK TURBO REGAL HEAVY DUTY ENGINE / MOTOR MOUNTS (2) These new engine / motor mounts are proven to be indestructable on engines making 1400+ HP and are stronger than even the solid type mounts. These poly mounts are designed to benefit the everyday driver as well as the full time racer. They help prevent any engine flex underload and avoid having to run any type of engine torque strap that puts a strain on the accessory bracket. NOTE - You may also be interested in #7554 TRANSMISSION CROSSMEMBER UPGRADED BLACK POLY BUSHINGS SET, #6891 STOCK ENGINE / MOTOR MOUNTS, #6941 REAR TRANSMISSION MOUNT, or #7592 RJC HEAVY-DUTY REAR MOTOR BRACE. #7981 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal-Heavy Duty Engine / Motor Mounts (2)

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