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1987 Turbo Regal -

This label appeared on the idler arm under the car.

The wording is printed twice on the label, as shown in the first photo.

It wrapped around the idler arm, then the two ends affixed on the other side, as shown in the second photo.

The third photo shows this new label on a car.

Since it is exposed to the elements over the years, the original label has probably fallen off or has deteriorated and become discolored.

This reproduction label measures 6-1/4" x 3/4". It is printed with black UV ink on a light teal green water resistant vinyl material, then clear coated for maximum exterior durability.

We discovered an original label on a 1987 Grand National. We assume there was a similar label on the earlier Turbo Regals, but we are not able to confirm it was exactly like this one.

We include two labels in each package; one to put on your car now and another to use later in case it deteriorated from the elements.

NOTE - You may also be interested in this related part - #7594 Aftermarket Idler Arm Assembly.

Another great undercarriage restoration item.

7223 - 1987 Turbo Regal - Reproduction Idler Arm Labels (2)

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