04-23-2014 Inner Circle

04-23-2014 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 04-23-2014


This past Saturday I went back to one of those You Pull It Yards that I frequent. This yard boasts of having 5,000 plus cars and trucks. I had not been to this yard in probably over six weeks. At most, this yard yields maybe three or four G-body cars. Fortunately, some of the parts I look for come out of later-model GM cars from the early 1990s. Normally, the glove boxes have been gone through and any manuals are tossed in the car or simply gone completely.

I found this one 1988-1989 LeSabre sedan that was a recent acquisition. I say that because the car was intact, outside of the rear seat being bent up to gain access to the trunk. In the glove box were all the manuals for the car. Interesting enough, with the manuals was the Molly full-color brochure featuring the Buick Motorsports Apparel. I have never come across this brochure before in any other Buick model.

PHOTO 1 - The top photo shows the tri-folded inside 3 pages. Note the picture of the hardbound GNX book in the top right hand corner. The price of the GNX book was just $29.95. I never asked Molly how many un-numbered GNX books he had in inventory from Buick. As many of you know, it was Molly that handled requests for a matching numbered GNX book if you had a GNX. You gave him the information and the GNX number and he sent you free numbered GNX book to match your car number. The bottom photo shows the backside of the tri-folded brochure. You can see two of the T-shirts Molly designed related to the Grand National and the GNX. Back then, these shirts were just $10.25 each. Years ago we bought most of his discontinued inventory and sold them in our printed newsletter.


As with any Turbo Regal event, you can always see a wide variety of upgraded engine compartments, even with Turbo Regals that are streetable.

PHOTO 2 - Here are four different engine compartments from cars that were at our Spring Open House. Each one is uniquely different yet are show worthy.


Some of you probably know someone who was smart enough to not only buy a Grand National when it was new, but also keep it all these years.

Locally to us, Dale and Linda Ehret have been enjoying their 1987 Grand National since they bought it new in 1987 and paid $15,353 for it. They are one of the few people that actually showed their Grand National at both of the events we held at the Johnsville Airbase back in the early 1990s. They even have our show small dash plaques attached to their radiator core support to verify it. One year they won the "Buick Voted MOST POPULAR AND WORTH ALL THE MARBLES" award, which they display on their console. We never awarded trophies. To ward off any possible theft, the plaque is glued to the console lid! It’s hard to believe that those two events were over 20 years ago! Their Grand National now has about 76,000 miles on it. Their car still has all its original paint, which has held up extremely well. Their car is still show worthy today.

PHOTO 3 - The top left photo shows Dale and Linda Ehret's 1987 Grand National. The top right photo shows the "Buick Voted MOST POPULAR AND WORTH ALL THE MARBLES" award plaque they won at our 1992 Reunion we had at the Johnsville Naval Airbase, Warminster, PA. The top right shows the dash plaque from that same event. The lower left photo shows the gauge package he had installed years ago. This gauge format was quite popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The lower right photo shows the very unique American Racing wheels Dale purchased about 10 years ago. I have never ever seen this style of American Racing wheel before. Have you?


A few weeks back I attended a local cruise event. Since I'm in the automotive business, I can appreciate the workmanship that some owners put into their cars. It’s amazing when you see a car where the owner has done a good bit of the work himself. In most cases, you lose track of the hours and hours you have into making your car unique. You can easily spot the custom car that shows this kind of workmanship. I talked with this owner about his car.

PHOTO 4 - The top left shows one such car, which started life as a 1948 Chevrolet. The grill is actually two of the same grilles from an earlier car. He told me I was one of the few people that figured out the unique grille. The top right shows a side view. The roofline has been changed and the doorposts have been removed and the car has been lowered. The bottom left photo shows the back end of the car. Can you spot the taillights? The bottom right is a close up, which shows custom-made taillight lenses installed in the two bumper guards. The owner even welded the bumper guards to the rear bumper so it looks like one solid piece. Both bumper guards are even finished off on the backside. One can only guess how many hours was spent doing that small modification and getting it polished prior to having it chrome plated.


In last week’s Inner circle we indicated we were looking for a 1963 Bonneville. That is NOT the correct year. It has to be a 1966 Bonneville convertible model.

We have a local friend who wants a car identical to one he had when he was younger. The car must have a black interior and black convertible top. He is willing to paint the car. He is not looking for a show car, and it doesn't have to be original and correct.

He is looking for one that he can drive and enjoy that will bring back memories for him, not a 95-point show car. He is willing to travel to find one.

Email me if you know of one for sale. He is a serious buyer. My email is - denniskirban@yahoo.com


A local long-time friend of mine has acquired a very restorable 1956 Thunderbird he wants to sell. I believe it is priced very reasonable for someone to drive and enjoy, and eventually restore to a higher standard. If you do restoration or own a body shop, this car is an excellent candidate. The car is basically a one owner and was always a local car in our area. It has the optional original 312 V8 engine in it, the optional hardtop, and continental tire kit on the back. Receipts that come with the car total over $12,000 and cover the engine, transmission fuel lines, brake lines gas tank, brakes, radiator, new tires and much more. The floors and the trunk are solid. It does need inner and outer rockers and complete exterior and interior restoration. The price is $16,000. My friend may be open to partial trades. We show photos of this car in Photo 4 of our 04-09-2014 Inner Circle. For more information, contact me direct - denniskirban@yahoo.com


A friend of mine, who has an automotive repair shop, is selling one of his friend's cars (who is reducing his collection.) I saw this 1966 Buick GS Coupe 4-speed earlier this week. It is located about 25 minutes south of our warehouse.

Early GS Skylarks are scarce. This is blue with a redone black bucket seat interior. The number matching engine has been rebuilt. Engine is a 401 V8. What makes it rare is the fact it's a factory 4-speed with the factory mini console, complete with the factory Buick tach mounted on the console. The trunk is solid. The car has manual steering with later model disc brakes, factory Ralley chrome wheels, new shocks and new tires. It has a non-stock steering wheel on it. Car shows 62,000 miles, which may be correct. Body is very straight. It would be an excellent restoration project that can be driven and enjoyed now.

The price is $11,900. Email me direct - denniskirban@yahoo.com - for photos and more information.


As customers are finding out, it is getting harder and harder to reach companies by phone.

Now that the better weather is here, car owners are back to working on their cars, which has put a heavier load than normal on our staff.

If you want to place an order, it's best to order through our website - www.kirbanperformance.com. At the website, you can review complete information about the part before placing the order. Shipping is calculated automatically.

If you are not able to order through our website or have a question about the part or availability, it is best to email - sales@kirbanperformance.com. Be sure to be specific in the email. We will than have an accurate account of your order, address information and contact phone number. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

Once we receive your email, it is usually answered within a day (except over the weekend.) Our office is open Monday-Friday.

If you have a technical question, we prefer you contact us by email - sales@kirbanperformance.com.

All our products are on our website. New products are announced in the Inner Circle and on the website.

Inventory is constantly changing, as the market for these cars is very small compared to Corvette and Mustang. Sometimes this makes it difficult to get parts in a timely matter.

We appreciate your patience.


Because of the many requests, we have struck a deal with Triple A Enterprises to offer exclusively for our customer's, reproduction Window Stickers for the 1986 and 1987 Turbo Regals only. They have been doing the Pontiacs and Corvettes for many years.

Since this is a part time job for Triple A Enterprises, they are limited to the number of Window Stickers they can do. The turn around time will be about 2 weeks.

We have not yet worked out a price structure. Watch for more details later this month. Again, we will only be able to offer 1986 and 1987 Turbo Regal reproduction Window Stickers.


This oil tube and breather assembly was not one of our parts but was a part made by another source and we purchased their remaining Inventory. Be sure to call our office if you want one. To see a photo, go to 03-12-2013 Inner Circle, Photo 1. The tube is straight and measures 4" tall overall and the breather has a chrome cap on the top and measures 3" in diameter, billet construction. The new lower price is $26 each, which includes shipping to any of the basic 48 states.

You must call the office to order this, as it is not on our website - 215-766-1611 x 0. We have about 8 of them left. This is a product we bought from another company.


If you have a tip or a discovery that you found that works on your Turbo Regal, drop us an email giving us the details so we can pass the info on to our readers. Remember, even with my knowledge, I don’t know it all. Simply email me at - denniskirban@yahoo.com


Currently we have a quantity of both the rears and fronts in stock for immediate delivery. If you reside near Pennsylvania, shipping on the rear one-piece Spoolfool filler is not that bad. It would run probably around $55 to $60, depending on your zip code.

The Spoolfool front fillers would be reasonable to ship anywhere in the U.S.A. as they are not oversized. Shipping has already been absorbed in getting them from Mike, the supplier in California, to our Pennsylvania location. Call our office for ordering - 215-766-1611 x 0.



The best exhaust clamps to use are stainless steel to avoid the issues of rust and corrosion. These stainless steel clamps are heavy duty, made from T304 stainless steel. These are rust proof and resist corrosion.

Because they are not easy to find in auto stores in these sizes, we now carry them.

Available in pairs only.

Another great exhaust restoration part.

NOTE - We also offer related items: #7422 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Catalytic Converter Test Pipe and 4-Bolt Flange Gasket, #6567 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - EPA Certified Low Restrictive STOCK Replacement Catalytic Converter, and #6720 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - EPA Certified Low Restrictive 3″ DIRECT Replacement Catalytic Converter

7589 - Universal -
Heavy-Duty T304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps (2) - 2-1/2" - $15.95 / pair

7590 - Universal -
Heavy-Duty T304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps (2) - 3" - $16.95 / pair

Here is a link to these Exhaust Clamps on our website:


Our high-quality vinyl banners are made exclusively for Kirban Performance. The design features the Turbo Buick engine with the quote “The Heart and Soul of the Fastest U.S. Production Car in 1987.” in red, white, silver and black.

We offer this design in two sizes: 24" tall by 48" wide (Part #7586) and 18" tall x 36" wide (Part #7587).

Banners are made in the U.S.A., are waterproof, weatherproof, and UV coated.

Each banner has metal eyelets on all the corners for easy hanging. This is just one of several distinctive banner designs we offer.

Banners are ideal to hang in any garage or workshop. Banners make an excellent gift for any Turbo Buick owner or mechanic.

Another great display item.

7586 - “TURBO BUICK ENGINE & QUOTE” - 24″ x 48″ Black Vinyl Banner - $38.95

7587 - “TURBO BUICK ENGINE & QUOTE” - 18″ x 36″ Black Vinyl Banner - $28.95

Here is the link to the “Turbo Buick Engine & Quote" Banners on our website:

1975-1987 Buick Regal (All 3.8 Engine Models, Including Turbo Regals) -

This new heavy-duty water pump comes complete with a new gasket and has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

It is better to buy a new pump rather than a rebuilt or remanufactured pump.

This brand new water pump is an upgraded unit with a heavy-duty bearing and 10% better flow.

We also offer a brand new stock water pump, Part #7381.

A nice upgrade when you rebuild the engine or need to replace the original water pump. It’s best to also flush the coolant system when replacing the water pump.

Another excellent replacement part for any engine restoration.

7581 - 1975-1987 Buick Regal (All 3.8 Engine Models, including Turbo Regals) -

Brand New Heavy-duty Water Pump - $42.95

Here is the link to this Heavy-duty Water Pump on our website:


APRIL 25-26-27, 2014

The dates are Friday, April 25th at the track from 6-11 pm, Saturday, April 26th for the All Buick Car Show show at Arbys in Norwalk, Ohio and Sunday, April 27th for Buick powered racing at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio.

For more information, contact Roberta Vasilow at 810-655-8277 or email - buickracer@comcast.net. Or contact Bill Wills at 330-747-1029 or email is - skylarkwilly@aol.com


The date this year for the "Ride for Molly" event is Saturday, May 10, 2014. According to Ralph Shelley, one of our Turbo Regal customers, he expects that 3 or 4 Turbo Buicks from northern California will participate this year.

This year the ride originates from the site of their first two memorial rides, the very popular Temecula Creek Inn. It will then go along one of Molly's favorite routes to Borrego Springs, with a luncheon planned at the Red Octotillo, located in the lodge built in 1948. This is truly a throwback to the 1950's and an experience you won't want to miss.

As in the past, all monies contributed by the attendees will support a college fund for Molly’s daughter Brooke. If you are not able to attend but wish to contribute, a check made payable to “Molly Memorial Education Fund” can be mailed to: Molly Memorial Education Fund, c/o Alan DeCarr, 6446 Fairwind Circle, Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648.

For more information, contact - jrsmith@stillen.com or (866) 275-1294

5TH ANNUAL BUICK RACE DAY - Lebanon Valley Dragway, Lebanon Valley, New York
MAY 24, 2014

This is sponsored by the Northeast Chapter of the GS/GN Club, on May 24th, 2014 at Lebanon Valley Dragway in Lebanon Valley, New York. Three race classes are Quick 16, V8 and V6.

For more information, contact John at 518-794-7120 or 914-447-6068.

GN T-TYPE CENTRAL GET TOGETHER - Chicagoland Buick Chapter -
SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 7 & 8, 2014

The main dates are Saturday and Sunday June 7th and 8th 2014. Location is the Holiday Inn, 860 Irving Park Road in Itasca, IL. This event includes a car show, cruise, swap meet and racing. Sponsored in part by the Chicagoland Buick Chapter. Security will be provided. There is also a meet and greet Friday night, June 6th. For more information, contact Benny at 773-251-8198 or Prasad at 630-965-1987.

BREAKING NEWS - Pete and I are probably going to attend the GN T-Type Central Get Together listed above. Although we will not be there as vendors, we can bring parts for any of our mid-west customers that will be attending and would like to not have to pay shipping costs. You must call our office and pay for the item(s) you want in advance and we would bring with us - 215-766-1611 x 0. We would need you cell number to contact you at the event. We would be there Friday and Saturday only.

THE BUICK PERFORMANCE GROUP 2014 EVENT - National Trail Raceway, Hebron, Ohio
AUGUST 1st and 2nd, 2014

The BPG 2014 Event will again be held at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio on August 1st-2nd. The Host Hotel will be the Newark Metropolitan. They will have an expanded breakfast menu for 2014. The Hotel will be making arrangements to block off the street on Thursday and Friday night and will provide the BBQ again. Ted Nagel's Band will again be playing Friday night.

For more information, visit - www.buickperformancegroup.com - or their Buick Performance Group Facebook page.


The local Magna Club has posted events related to the Turbo Regals for this coming summer season.

Here is a link for the latest information:

GS NATIONALS - OCTOBER 15-18, 2014 -
Beech Bend Raceway, 798 Beech Bend Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Ron Joseph informs me that the dates for the 2014 GS Nationals are October 15th thru 18th. The intent to move it to September has been shelved at least for a year, according to Ron. We will share more info as it becomes available. Also for the first time ever there will be an auto cross open to all cars October 15th and 16th. 2014. This year ALL vehicles are welcome to participate and have some fun, prizes will be given away and sponsors will be there!

Click here for more info:


If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - denniskirban@yahoo.com


Got any Turbo Buick parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - denniskirban@yahoo.com. Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


We have heard from a couple people that have had problems with the links in our Inner Circle.

When we check the links, they work fine. However, if you are not able to be directed to the exact website page or internet site, you can "copy" and "paste" the link into the URL in your browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) If it doesn't link in one browser, it may work in another.


We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these have to be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo.

If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - denniskirban@yahoo.com


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - denniskirban@yahoo.com - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


Next week we will have coverage from the annual Spring Carlisle Event.

We will also have pricing on the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal reproduction Window Sticker.