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1984-1987 Regal - LOCK PILLAR REINFORCEMENT PLATES (2) This 2mm thick spacer is designed to give the door pin more support. If you look at the area where the striker is attached, more than likely you will see hairline cracks. They are spot welds that hold a cage nut so you can attach the door striker. These spot welds tend to take the place of one of the 2mm spacers and at the same time give the door striker more support. This lock pillar reinforcement plate is shaped to look as if it came on the car from the factory. The reinforcement plate measures approximately 4" x 5", comes powder-coated glossy black for a lasting finish (glossy black will blend with most dark colors doors and all the Grand Nationals), and are sold as a pair. Plates are easy to install. It's interesting to note that GM actually had a recall on another Buick model, the Somerset, back in 1985 for having a similar problem. Their solution at the time was similar to these reinforcement plates. NOTE - You may also be interested in a related item - #6776 GM Door Strikers (2). Another excellent replacement for any interior restoration. 6774 - 1984-1987 Regal - Lock Pillar Reinforcement Plates (2)

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