8-10-11 Inner Circle

8-10-11 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 08-10-2011


NOTE - We have had several calls with questions about this event.



Remember, this event is open to all muscle and classic cars. This event happens rain or shine. I have personally passed out flyers at several major car shows in our area over the last 60 days. I have also posted the information on the largest GTO forum and also HAMB, which covers the Street Rod owners. Because of space limitations and a wide variety of cars expected, we are the only vendor with items for sale.

This is not a judged car show, but merely an opportunity to relax, see a wide variety of different cars, tour our son's body shop and see some of the neat cars he is working on. This is an opportunity to see some old muscle/classic cars at a relaxed setting.

The main attraction is to meet Linda Vaughn, who is one of the most famous women associated with drag racing for over forty years. We are fortunate to have her coming, since GM wanted her for their Woodward Cruise this same weekend. (We submitted our request first). We will have a special dash plaque for sale to commemorate the event. Supplies will be limited. This is probably the very first private car event Linda has attended.

We will make an effort to park the Turbo Buicks in one area. We already have use of several properties, including the field across the street from our house, our son's house, as well as the Church parking lot next to our son's house. Be sure to bring a chair to relax and snacks. We will provide the shade trees!

If you are planning to attend, and want any of our catalog/website parts, you must contact our office now and place your order so we can have those parts at our house for pick up that Saturday - 215-766-1611 x 0. You can save on all the shipping charges. If you want the Pypes exhaust, that can mean quite a savings!

Also, we have confirmed that Brian Weaver (GBodyparts.com) will be coming. He is not coming as a vendor. However, if you email him, he can bring with him any parts you may want. His email is - [email protected] Be SURE to put in the subject line - Kirban Event!

Also, attending is Paul Castle. If you need anything from him, you can contact him at [email protected] - or his cell - 630-669-1583. He will be bringing a truck and trailer.

Again, this is important - both Brian and Paul are offering this FREE delivery if you work out payment with them in advance.

Also, Richard Clark is planning on coming, but with his work schedule he won't know until a day or so prior to the event.

We have a 30' by 50' pole building that we will have set up with refreshments in the morning and our items for sale. I am placing the order this week for probably 10-15 dozen Yum Yum donuts. One of our local Buick customers, Russ, is making a unique cake for this event as well.

We have confirmed The Belly Brothers LLC as a food vendor for our event. They will have hamburgers, cheese burgers, cheese steak sandwiches, steak sandwiches, sausage, water, and various Pepsi products during our entire event.

Now all we need is nice weather to make this event successful....


All our used tagged and bagged Buick parts will be available at our Kirban Reunion Event. I have over 10 boxes of tagged and bagged goodies.

These parts will be the only Turbo Buick parts at the Reunion event besides having ZDDPlus™ available at the event at a special price as well.

So, if you need any catalog or website parts, you must call the office as soon as possible so we can process your order and have it ready for pick up that Saturday at our house.

We will be doing several raffles, as well as our popular M & M contest. We have a DJ hired as well. Remember, in order to have a general idea of how many people are coming, please email me if you are planning to attend - [email protected]


We currently have just one of the 1984-1987 T-Type GM Licensed Custom-made and Embroidered T-Type GREY carpet 11-piece trunk kit, Part #7284, in stock. Kit is 100% complete, never used. We only have one, so you must call if you want it for pick up at the Kirban Reunion - 215-766-1611 x 0. Price is $275 no shipping, you save $35 shipping costs.

Here is a link to see this kit on our website -


I recently picked up three "CARS 2" movie banners that I won at the auction a couple weeks ago. At the time, I did not realize the third banner that came from another multiplex movie house would be different than the two I won. This third one is gigantic; it's almost 18 feet wide x 8 feet tall!

PHOTO 1 - The top photo shows the front side of this CARS 2 movie banner laid out on our driveway. I have the V8 Limited Regal sitting behind it, so you get an idea as to the massive size of this banner. I am standing on a 12-foot high ladder taking this photo. The plan is to hang it up between two trees at the Kirban Reunion event, so car owners can drive up and take a picture of their car in front of this Cars 2 banner. This is one unique backdrop that would be tough to duplicate! The lower photo shows the backside of this banner.

PHOTO 2 - These photos show close ups of various views of the front side of this gigantic 18' wide x 8' tall "CARS 2" banner.

This banner will be for sale after the event. If interested, be sure to email me personally - [email protected] I can ship this banner if you are interested.

We also will be selling a smaller CARS 2 banner, which is also two sided and measures about 6 feet wide x 10 feet tall. (You never know what we have for sale in the Inner Circle!)

These banners originally hung in a local movie theatre while the movie ran and are like new.

PHOTO 3 - Perhaps the most rare item we will have for sale at the Reunion event are these original Hurst cans and lids. The cans first were used in 1965 to package Hurst wheels, 2 in each can. This was a very unique way to package wheels at the time. It was a great advertising strategy since the steel can would hold up through time and the wheels were very protected throughout shipments. This can design packaging was later replaced with their cardboard hexagon box, making these steel original cans extremely rare today. The Hurst wheel was discontinued in 1969 due to lack of sales.

This top left photo shows the six cans and five lids. All the cans and lids have been already been autographed Bill Campbell. Bill Campbell is the co-founder of Hurst along with George Hurst. The company name HURST-CAMPBELL, INC. appears across the bottom of the base of the cans. The top right photo shows a close up of one of the autographed cans. The lower photos show Bill signing one of the cans.

For many years Hurst cans have been highly sought after by collectors. Fortunately these cans are in extremely nice condition.

For the younger generation that have no idea who Bill Campbell is, he also worked on the original "Jaws of Life" project, developed by Hurst. Today it is one of the standard rescue tools in use by many emergency fire and rescue companies!

Our plan is to have Linda Vaughn also sign these cans, which will make them quite rare. If all goes according to plan, fewer than 10 Hurst exist having Bill and Linda's autograph on them will exist.

PHOTO 4 - Shows Linda autographing the old-style yellow Hurst baseball caps at the York Musclecar Madness show we attended with her in early July. We will have a limited supply of these Hurst hats available at our Reunion event. We have more ordered from Hurst, but it appears they will not be ready in time for our event.


I think we will have a very good showing at this event. Hurst was originally founded in Bucks County, in Glenside, PA.

I can remember back in 1963-1964, walking around the corner to Hurst from my Dad's printing business, also located in Glenside at the time. As a car nut, even at age 13-14, I was amazed that a company like Hurst was located in my neighborhood. Hurst ran full-color full-page ads in Hot Rod magazine, and did major promotional ads. Back then, as a kid I thought everything came from the west coast, so I was glad to see a local firm become well known and respected. Clinching the Pontiac account in the early 1960s had to be a high point for Hurst.

Even today, on ebay you usually see over 35-40 pages just showing Hurst shifters. Prices for them remain strong, even if they are not complete or need total rebuilding.

I have seen a new original GM bolt pattern set of Hurst wheels go for as much as $10,000. Even the reproduction Hurst wheels sell for around $2500 a set. Most I got for a nice set of Hurst wheels back in the early 1990s was $3500 for a used set which I thought at the time was big money. During the 1980s and 1990s, I have sold 23 complete sets of Hurst wheels. The GM bolt pattern is the most sought after pattern. The Ford pattern was not as popular. I have quite a background on Hurst and Hurst related material.


We now have this proven alcohol injection system available. See information below.

1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

This Alky alcohol injection system has been available for many years. It is by far the best method to increase boost levels using 91 octane fuel without the worry of detonation (destroying the engine).

This AC-109 kit includes everything you need to do an install on a 1986-1987 Turbo Regal, as seen in these photos.

It is helpful if you already have installed a knock gauge to monitor knock readings, a fuel pressure gauge to monitor fuel pressure, and a boost gauge to assist in setting up this system for activation.

The kit includes a heavy-duty pump featuring over 100-plus PSI to insure flow in any conditions. The unit will not rust.

Kit also includes a brand new OEM-style 3 bar MAP (manifold air pressure) sensor (stock is a 2 bar), an original OEM coolant overflow bottle that installs in the stock location, a pressure line filter which prevents contaminant's from clogging the nozzle assembly. The high-flow nozzle delivers atomized volume at the highest pressures. The small dash mounted controller makes it almost undetectable in your car.

All the wiring is heavy duty with shielding to prevent any kind of interference with vehicles electronics. Wire loom is included so the installation looks factory once completed.

All the parts are designed to last and is a proven product among 1986-1987 Turbo Regal owners.

This kit gives you peace of mind that enables you to run high levels of boost without the fear of detonation.

This is a progressive system design once again for 100% methanol. We can not stress enough the gains you get by going with a kit that's built to hold up to 100%.

The actual heavy-duty pump has a one-year warranty. All the other electronic components have a two-year warranty.

PRE-INSTALL CHECK LIST - Make sure the engine is in tune with no abnormalities. Abnormalities could mean it has a rod knock, spewing oil out of the breathers, or blowing steam out of the exhaust. Next, make sure there are no drivability issues; i.e. stumbles, runs rough or black smoke out the exhaust.

A great way to eliminate detonation with higher boost levels.

7341 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Alky Alcohol Injection System $599.95

Here is a link to this part on our website -


We just lined up rebuilt MAF sensors to go with the Translators stock MAF 3" hose size.

Here is the information on the MAF sensors. It will be on the website in the next few days.

If you want to order it, just call our office - 215-766-1611.

For the MAF Translator

This rebuilt AC Delco LS1 mass air flow sensor is for the stock 3" hose. We recommend it for use with the MAF Translator (Part #7326). This is the original AC Delco mass air flow sensors, as shown in the photo.

This rebuilt AC Delco unit requires no core. It has a 3-year warranty! The corresponding GM part number for this unit is #2225180303.

By upgrading to this later mass air flow sensor, coupled to the MAF Translator, it will provide better CFM and more dependability. This version will work with the stock MAF hose.

7342 - Rebuilt AC Delco LT1 Mass Air Flow Sensor $129.95

We have Scanmasters and MAF Translators in stock.

If you order now, they can be picked up at our Reunion event.

Here is a link to the Scanmaster on our website -

Here is a link to this MAF Translator on our website -


Currently, I am only aware of two sources that offer reproduction Buick window stickers.

The big player is Triple A Enterprises, which has been offering their reproduction window stickers since 1979 with GM's permission. They started by doing the Corvette window stickers, and have expanded to cover most GM and also Chrysler.

Without a doubt, the window sticker is the most sought after item to have in your records with your car. More and more of these cars are getting restored back to their original appearance. It’s the cycle of life for cars and one I have witnessed going back to when we first started with Pontiac GTOs.

Triple A Enterprises has appointed our company to handle all the Buick models. He can do many of the popular Buick models from 1962 up through 1970 He can also do 1986 through 1988, and the 1989 through 1991 Reattas.

Now we can get the popular GS Buicks done from 1964 through 1970 models. He can also do other 1989 through 1994 Buicks if he has a sample to go by.

The price structure remains the same. He currently has deals with the Corvette Museum and Jim Mattison (who does all the various Pontiac models.)

We feel honored that he has chosen our company exclusively to handle the Buick owners.

We will have more details soon. However, in the meantime, unless you have the information already, you need to go to - www.gmmediaarchive.com - in order to secure your original invoice. That invoice tells you the original selling dealership, which is one of the key features you will want on your window sticker in order to be accurate. According to their website, this process can take 2 or 3 weeks. You may want to order that GM Media Archive information now so you have the missing facts they can provide.

Most of the other information can be gathered from your trunk ID label (SPI Service Parts Identification Label), your VIN number body plate, and the door jamb labels.

Triple A Enterprises reputation is well known in the field. The quality is excellent. We currently sent him information on our personal 1987 Turbo-T, so we can compare it to our actual original window sticker.

Watch for more info, photos, and price structure to follow later this month.

In the meantime, you can help us help others. Triple A Enterprises needs to see an original 1984 and 1985 Turbo Regal window sticker. These are slightly different than the 1986 and 1987. For example, the gas mileage information is probably different. Contact me personally - [email protected] - if you have either of these to loan us.

He can also do the GNX window sticker, as we have provided him with an exact copy to work from.

So, in review, all Buick window sticker orders would have to come through Kirban Performance. Currently we can do any 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal window sticker, including GNX. Once we get hold of a 1984 and 1985 Turbo Regal window sticker, we will be able to cover those years as well.

He also is fully aware of how the late run of 10,000 Grand Nationals changes the heading on the window sticker, so the Grand National becomes the actual model rather than an option as it would appear on earlier produced Grand Nationals.

Remember, he started way back in 1979 with Corvettes, so he is fully aware of how particular customers can be.

I have known him for many years and, of course, highly recommended his services in the past.


We still have a little over half the roll left of this special gray pallex seat material. We do NOT have the black pallex material. In many cases, the original black material should be good enough to simply re-use and install the new gray pallex material. The black is a lot easier to match whereas the gray is something that can vary. Keep in mind, before we sell you any material, please email me your name and address so I can send you a sample. That way, you know the exact shade of gray material you would receive - [email protected]


You could hit the triple play! Our Reunion event Saturday August 20th, 10 am until 3 pm. Travel to nearby Perkasie for their "Under the Stars" event, which runs from 5 pm until 9:30 pm that same Saturday. Then Sunday on to Coopersburg Collector Car Show in nearby Coopersburg. That event draws 400-plus cars.

So, in the space of 2 days, you could hit 3 major car events all within 20 miles of each other and all 3 completely different formats. Ours is a Reunion non-judged event, Perkasie is held at night on the main streets in town, and Sunday is held at a beautiful park and is a judged event. We will be with Linda at the Coopersburg event.

At our Reunion event, we will have an array of various items you can purchase for Linda to sign and a limited number of custom-made Reunion plaques to mark this unique event.

This is a free event. All we ask you do is be sure to email me personally with the number of people attending in your group. This will help us figure out how many donuts and Reunion plaques to order. Email me - [email protected]


We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these have to be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo.

If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected]


Got any turbo parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - [email protected]

Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


KIRBAN REUNION EVENT - With Special Guest Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst" -
Saturday, August 20th, 2011 - 10 am - 3 pm - Rain or Shine
525 and 529 Haycock Run Road, Kintnersville, PA 18930

This event you do not want to miss rain or shine. We suggest you bring a picnic lunch. There are plenty of shade trees and a great way to enjoy the scenery. We will have a wide array of Hurst items that can be purchased for Linda to sign. She will also be available to pose by your car.

If you are planning to attend, please email me - [email protected] - so we have an idea how many people to expect. This will help us to know how many donuts to order. Also, we are getting a unique dash plaque designed to mark this special occasion. Although there is no registration fee, we will offer this special dash plaque for sale while supplies last to remember this special occasion with Linda Vaughn.

Linda has agreed to autograph your car at our event. The price for this is $100. We will make announcements during the event, so you can get your car to the proper area. She can autograph it where ever you request. Ideally, she could sign the core support, the inside of the trunk lid, or the glove box. This is a very rare opportunity to have this done.

Saturday, August 20th, 2011 - 5 pm - 9:30 pm - Rain or Shine

This event happens the same day as our Reunion event only it happens from 5 until 9:30 at night in nearby Perkasie. They basically close down several of the main streets in town and host this car show, along with food and music. It's the 15th year for this event, and it typically draws 300-400 cars. For more information - http://www.perkasieoldetowne.org/pota/under-the-stars.html

35th ANNUAL COOPERSBURG COLLECTOR CAR SHOW - With Special Guest Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst"
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 - 10 am - 4 pm
Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park
Route 309 and Fairmont Avenue, Coopersburg, PA 18036

August 26, 27 and 28, 2011 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Macungie Memorial Park, Macungie, PA
They expect 1500 street rods and custom cars. Linda Vaughn, Bruce Larson and other race teams will be appearing, as well as various bands over the event. There is also a Monster Truck event on Saturday. There is a flea market/car corral, valve cover races, bingo, racecars, craft vendors, charity auctions, food court, swimming pool and moon bounce. Sounds like a great event for the whole family.
For more info - www.wheelsoftime.org

Friday, September 23rd and Saturday, September 24th 2011.
Cecil County Dragway, in Maryland
Friday is Test and Tune, and Saturday is Race Day and a judged Buick Car show presented by MAGNA.
For more info, contact Doug Doughterty 302-653-2201 or John Czordas at 845-528-GSGN.

October 19th-22nd, 2011
Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, Kentucky
We will be in attendance as a vendor. This event replaces the one that used to be held in May each year.
For more information, check out their website - http://www.gsnationals.com


If you would like to see any of the Kirban Performance Products items listed on eBay, here is a link to our store and auctions -


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


On the below rare listed parts below we accept PayPal or credit card. You must email me personally - [email protected] - to inquire about the availability of the part. Do not send money or credit card info until I have sent you a confirmation email as to the availability of the part listed. Be sure to refer to the Part Number we have assigned to the part. Shipping can be combined, if more than one item below is purchased.


Less than 2 weeks to the Kirban Reunion event. Please email me if you are attending. If you plan to pick up any parts from us, you MUST call the office now and pay for the parts in order for us to have them for pick up at our house on Saturday, the 20th.