05-09-2012 RIDE ON MOLLY Event

05-09-2012 RIDE ON MOLLY Event

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 05-09-2012

2nd ANNUAL RIDE ON MOLLY - April 2, 28, & 29, 2012

The 2nd Annual Ride On Molly serves as a gathering of friends to honor Molly and to provide a remembrance of the positive impact he had on so many lives. It also benefits Molly and Terry’s daughter Brooke, by adding to her college fund.

We heard from Scott Abrahamsen after he attended the Molly Ride last weekend. He sent us this great photo of Terry and Brooke and wrote about what a great time they had.

We thought our readers would also like it. Here's his email…

The Molly ride was fantastic, great bunch of people and a great drive. I must say I was shocked to see that only 2 Buick's were there, both from the San Francisco bay area (one of them being me). I thought at least a few people from the LA area would make it but there was no other Buick's to be seen. They really missed out.

At one part in the drive when we stopped for lunch Terry, (Molly's wife) asked Ralph and I if her daughter Brooke and her friend could ride in one of the Buick's. Funny because I was thinking about offering. Terry also had some friends and family with her in their minivan. The girls decided to go with Ralph, I decided to suggest the same. I told Terry if the kids were in a Buick then she needed to come in mine, since the GN was Molly's design it seemed only fitting she ride in one since I'm pretty sure she wasn't going to hop on a bike. Her friend took the helm of her vehicle and Terry rode with me.

As we drove through some incredible back roads, Terry shared some stories with Molly about me, what an incredible guy he was. Really wished I had made the Kirban event in 2007 when he was there.

We tore through the roads following the pack, then I looked over and said, I hope I'm not going uncomfortably fast for you. She chuckled and said "Oh no, with Molly everything was a race, you are doing fine". Good think the Alky tank was full because we hit 25 psi several times chasing her friend J.R. in a heavily modded mustang who was following the bikes.

Part way through the drive she dropped a bomb on me, Molly never owned a GN. I was stunned to hear this. I said "Why not"? She said with all the automotive projects he was working on there was no need for another car, he always wanted one but never did get one.

I was very glad I took her for a ride in my GN.

After the next stop for ice cream Brooke and her friend jumped into my car. Every chance there was an open gap from the car in front of me they were constantly chanting "Floor it, Floor it"!

Molly must have been watching over us as I think at one point after I had just slowed down from a big blast I drove around the bend and there was CHP watching for non-law abiding citizens. I smiled at them and said ok, time to cool it for a while. By this time we were all sunburned and tired.

The cruise lasted the better part of the day, we left around 10 am and got back a little after 5 pm.

What a trip to remember, so glad I made it.

It was an honor to have Terry and Brooke ride in my GN on a drive to recognize and remember such an amazing person. A husband, father and creator of the GN, Molly Sanders. I am counting the days until next year.

Scott Abrahamsen

PHOTO 1 - Terry and Brooke in front of Scott's car.

PHOTO 2 - Molly autographing items at one of our Reunion events.