10-09-2013 Inner Circle

10-09-2013 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 10-09-2013


PHOTO 1 - Shows this month's "The Adventures of Tommy Turbo" cartoon, which demonstrates the proper method for cutting your front fenders to install a pair of the reproduction GNX fender louvers. It's one of those times when it is important to measure twice and cut only once!



This past fall event marked the 40th year for the Fall Carlisle swap meet. It marks the end of the season for Carlisle events until next Spring. As usual, I went again early in the week to avoid the crowds and see some of the vendors we supply parts to across the car lines.

I did spot one Grand National for sale in the car corral. The car was in very good condition and appeared to be 100% stock. It was a very well-optioned 1987 Grand National hardtop.

PHOTO 2 - The top photo shows the 1987 Grand National for sale. I believe it had about 42,000 miles on it and the asking price was $21,500. The bottom photos show all the original booklets that came with the car when it was new. More and more owners are looking for the original literature that came in the glove box. The original 1987 Regal Owner's Manual is one of the toughest Owner's Manuals to find, even though they made so many of them. The Turbo model Owner's Manual was no different than the Regal Owner's Manual.

PHOTO 3 - The top left photo shows this hand carved, very detailed MayTag repairman. If your my age, you probably recall the TV commercials featuring Jesse White as the lonely Maytag repairman. Jesse White played the lonely Maytag repairman from 1967 through 1988. This highly detailed hand-carved display even had a set of hand-carved tools in the tool box. The detail was amazing. The display was maybe 16 inches tall. Since it was wood, it was quite heavy. The price was just under $400 and I was almost tempted to buy it. The seller had no idea who did it or when it was done. He also had an original McDonalds exterior sign for sale. The top right photo shows the horse amusement ride he had for sale. The bottom left photo had an interesting sign geared for kids going back to school. The bottom right photo shows a huge array of various GM hardware in the original cartons for sale at another spot. I am guessing this is how the various GM plants would get their hardware in, as each box held thousands and thousands of various clips and bolts, all related to late-model cars.

PHOTO 4 - The top left photo shows this early 1980s turbocharged Monte Carlo. Not many of these were ever made. The car featured a two-tone paint scheme and appeared to be all original. On the hood scoop the emblem simply said "TURBO" with the Chevy bowtie emblem attached to the end of the emblem. As any mechanic back then would tell you, these early turbo versions were a nightmare to work on. The top right photo shows a Pontiac Trans Am that recently took a hit in the back end. This car was mint except for the recent damage. It had the WS package and was a six speed. The bottom left photo shows a very well built VW Karman Ghia. The back end was tubed, so I can only surmise it is not simply VW powered. These cars fetch good money today, if you are lucky enough to find a solid rust-free example. The bottom right photo shows a huge array of late 1920s iron for those wanting to do a major project or if you were simply looking for a unique lawn ornament!

The weather for the entire week at Carlisle was picture perfect. Actually, it has been summer like in our area for the last two weeks. Temperatures have been in the high 70s to mid 80s with zero rain.

Reminds me… Near our house I saw a nice older truck for sale with a snow plow on it. Great time to buy it.


The November 2013 issue of GM High-Tech PERFORMANCE magazine has Gene Fleury’s 1987 Turbo Regal on the cover. This remarkable example pumps out 1,100 HP, and he has run as quick as 7.55 at 185 mph. Gene hails from the great northwest part of the country. Anytime our cars get national coverage in a magazine, we all benefit.

Be sure to pick up this magazine, and check out the 4-page spread on Gene's Turbo-T.


Speaking of the northwest, long-time customers know that two of my sisters reside near Spokane, Washington.

My one sister, Dawn called us over the weekend to tell us she saw a Grand National as she was coming out of work in Springdale, Washington. It seems several cars were going to a car show. She went over to look at the Grand National and met the owner.

She told the owner that her brother makes parts for these cars. Once she told the owner my name, Mike Dopkins, the Grand National owner, immediately told her that he knows me quite well. He told her he has met me several times at the GS Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Also, back about 12 years ago I spoke to a group of them when I drove our 1999 Corvette around the country. (At that time my folks also lived out there).

So, finally, after all these years, my sister got to see a Grand National in Washington and was amazed that he actually knew her brother.


I read a lot of car ads, both in the local newspapers and on Craigs list.

One recent automotive ad describing a Toyota Yaris caught my eye. Not exactly an exciting car, but in the description it stated the car runs like a Swiss watch. It's been years since I heard that expression used to describe how a car runs. Not a quote one would use with a Turbo Regal, since its idle is usually up and down in the rpm range!


2013 GS NATIONALS - October 16-19, 2013 - Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, KY. We're looking forward to our annual trek to Kentucky. Looking forward to seeing the Turbo enthusiasts at this great event.


We live about 60 miles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is an area that has a huge settlement of Amish people. I usually stay in that area when I head to Carlisle, as I also see my brother who lives in nearby Columbia.

Like the automotive market, the Amish recycle their buggies and some even use the internet to sell them. In the Lancaster area I read there is about 17 companies making new buggies. The Mennonite buggies are all black. The buggies in other communities across the country can vary in color. One group even has yellow buggies. Some businesses simply make the bodies or the boxes, while others make the springs and wheels, etc.

Like a car, a buggie is fairly complex. You need a good electrician, painter, and upholstery trimmer. New ones sell for $6,000 to $6,500. Buggies for the younger crowd, who wants more “options,” can run about $8,000. These options may include a better grade of upholstery or a more elaborate dashboard. Almost sounds like the Turbo Buick owner wanting better gauges!

Unlike cars, which generally drop in value the minute you drive off the lot, buggies maintain their value. Of course, unlike cars you do have an additional expense, you have to buy a horse! A horse can run $3,000 plus harness, feed, etc. On the plus side, they don’t drink $4 per gallon of gas.

Having driven many times in and around Lancaster, I have never spotted a dealership selling used buggies, so I would guess most sales are done privately. Two things are for certain; none of them are raced or leak any oil!


1987 Buick Grand National, I’m only 2nd owner, with all the glove box documents and window sticker. The Owner’s Manual has all maintenance written in, with dates, mileage and what was done, since new. Car was repainted professionally, down to bare metal, with pictures of restoration, since Buick dealer couldn’t paint it properly. I replaced original dash (38,111 original miles shown, included) with GNX Reproduction (see pictures). Super Clean and All Stock Car. Asking $27,500. John Kapp - email is - [email protected]

Car is located in western Pennsylvania area. Here is the like to this ad and photos on our website:


1989 Turbo Trans Am, one owner car with just 3,700 miles, all original except battery original tires! Car has T-Tops and leather. This car is brand new. It comes with 2 pizza boxes full of extensive documents. The car has never ever been modified. Factory air is still very cold. The antenna doesn't work. The car runs and drives perfect. No flat spots in tires, no rust anywhere and the paint is perfect. The rims are like new with no curb rash or peeling. The spoiler is perfect no cracks. The underneath is perfect with no rust was never undercoated. Car is located in New Jersey. $31,900 or best offer. If interested, contact Gregg Davidian, email - [email protected]

I have personally seen this car a few weeks ago and it is absolutely mint in every respect.
Here is the link to this ad and photos on our website:


I just saw this 1987 WE4 Buick Turbo Regal about 3 weeks ago. This one of the best-of-the-best examples of a sought-after WE4, and it is absolutely show quality inside and out. The grey interior is still very nice. This car is show car, ready as it sits, and is priced to sell.

This 1987 Turbo Regal is a WE4 hardtop with less than 25,000 original miles. The current owner purchased it from me back in July of 2000, when it had about 17,000 miles. The car has never seen the rain since he got it from me. Car is located in New Jersey. I can provide a list of upgrades that have been done.

According to the owner, he has invested over $12,000 in various upgrades to make this an outstanding example of a WE4.

This is a well-optioned WE4 hardtop that has not been advertised.

PRICE JUST REDUCED - $17,000. For more details, email me - [email protected]


We recently bought out another company’s billet-style oil tube and breather assembly. This fits all the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal driver’s side valve cover. All billet construction with O-ring and a new chrome-plated top breather is included. Overall height is 4 inches. (See Inner Circle 08-14-2013 Photo 4)

We have about 20 of them at $34.95 each. You must call Christina - 215-766-1611 or email - [email protected] - to purchase this, since it has no part number and supplies are limited. The company has no plans to make this part again. It normally sold for over $40 each.



Here is a clever sign for a car show display or to use as garage art.

One of the clever sayings associated with the Turbo Regals, and the Grand National in particular, is “BAD TO THE BONE.”

We have produced this familiar quote, “BAD TO THE BONE” BLVD on a green PVC material, making it appear like an actual street sign. Sign can be drilled if you want to hang it.

The size is 4" tall by 30" long.

Makes a great addition to a garage, office or as a gift to any Turbo Buick enthusiast.

7540 - “BAD TO THE BONE BLVD” Street Sign - $17.95

Here is the link to this Sign on our website:


1984-1987 Buick Regal (All Models) -

These cars originally came with a special front license plate bracket that attached under the front lip of the front bumper.

If you plan to install a front license plate or if your state requires it, you need this bracket.

Because of the contour of the front bumper, if you simply attach a front license plate to the top holes on the front bumper, the front license plate will bend.

This bracket is made in aluminum and eliminates that problem.

Each one comes with new inserts to secure the plate and two screws to secure the bracket to the bottom edge of the front bumper.

Another great exterior restoration item.

7535 - 1984-1987 Buick Regal (All Models) -
Reproduction Front License Plate Bracket - $12.95

Here is a link to the Front License Plate Bracket on our website:


2013 GS NATIONALS - October 16-19, 2013 - Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, KY -

This is the 33rd Annual consecutive event held at Beech Bend Raceway, 798 Beech Bend Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Jim Bell, of Kenne-Bell fame, will be in attendance to present honorary car and race show awards to both V8 & V6 cars.

Also attending is Art Carr and his wife. Art is one of the top transmission specialists for many years.

Working on having the 2015 models of the new GNX and Grand National display along with a GM rep to hold a seminar on the car's development and performance capabilities.

"Nancy Huber, Program Engineering Manager for Buick Motor Division, will be attending the Nats. next month. She will be driving down in her manual shift 2014 Regal. Manual shift cars are something new to the Buick line, She will be highlighted at the event, and possibly will have more info for us on the production of the new GN and GNX.

She said she would be taking input from us back to Buick from us for possibly influencing what these two new models will include and made available to the public when these cars are finally manufactured and released for sale to the public."

For more info log onto - http://www.gsnationals.com/

BOPAPALOOZA 2013 - November 2, 2013 - Atco Raceway, New Jersey -

Buick-Olds-Pontiac Show and Go, Saturday, November 2nd, 2013. Gates open 9:00 AM. Show registration until 12 noon. Day of event rain info - 856-768-2167. Location is Atco Raceway, Jackson Road, Atco, New Jersey. For race info, call 856-768-2167. For more show info, call Tom at 856-524-2588 or email [email protected] Race Information - www.atcoraceway.com

I know Tom personally, as he is the editor of the GTO THE LEGEND, which is the GTO National club monthly publication. I often contribute articles for their publication.


If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - [email protected]


Got any turbo parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - [email protected]

Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.

NOTE ABOUT PHOTOS ON THE WEBSITE - We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these have to be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo.

If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected]


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


GS NATIONALS EVENT is now just one week from today! Currently we have no need for any powermaster, turbos or mass air flow sensor cores.

Be sure to stop by our vendor spot as we are open to possible trades on any other Turbo Regal parts you might have. We will have several sets of our headlight kits available and some of our new items.