12-04-2013 Inner Circle

12-04-2013 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 12-04-2013

DECEMBER "The Adventures of Tommy Turbo"CARTOON -

PHOTO 1 - Shows this month's "The Adventures of Tommy Turbo" cartoon, which clearly shows why directions are important installing a rear spoiler. The caption says, "It's a trunk spoiler… it mounts here on the trunk!"


It is thought to be 3 or 4 real GNXs, after they were purchased, did get a ASC moonroof. As far as I know, these were not done at the time the Grand Nationals were converted to a GNX. The most well known one would be the one Heinz Prechter the CEO of ASC had in his personal car collection. As many of you know, this GNX was sold a few years back at auction and now resides as part of Richard Clark's collection.

One of our customers, who bought several cars from me, has a GNX that came out of Georgia a few years back. It has an ASC moonroof. I happen to find this GNX for him. In the actual paperwork, there is a pink application for a title in the state of Michigan. The original selling dealership was Zubor Motors in Lincoln Park, Michigan. The car then was sold to Lindsey Hopkins III in Georgia. That was a Buick dealership in Atlanta during the 1960s and 1970s. He is also an Indy Race car team owner, who was inducted into the Auto Racing Hall of Fame in Indianapolis around 2004. This is probably the connection with McClaren racing that enabled him to get ASC to install the moonroof. The critical point is Steve (the new owner of this GNX) has all the paperwork to verify its lengthy history.

It's important to remember the ASC moonroof is slightly different than the GM installed moonroof, also referred to as an "astroroof." The size varies ever so slightly, as does the tint of the glass, from what I remember. Also, if it was a GM installed monnroof/astroroof, the code would be "CF5" on the trunk ID label.

The ASC roof option is a great tie in since ASC did the GNX modification for Buick. The value would not be as great, if the moonroof was installed by a lesser-known company and one that did not have any ties with Buick or ASC. With all the options being standard on the GNX package, this is one neat upgrade that makes a few of them stand alone among the crowd.


As far as the interior goes, one of the toughest things to remove is the plastic trim plate that sits above the glove box. It is secured by some one-way speed nuts on plastic studs, which are next to impossible to reach from under the dash.

PHOTO 2 - Here is my friend Austin earlier this summer removing the trim plate from the wrecked Grand National. I got the drivetrain out of this car. It's a lot easier when the roof has been removed and you have no plans to replace the trim plate!

If you think about it, it was a clever move for ASC to simply make the GNX number plate to replace the Grand National plate located on the trim panel.


PHOTO 3 - This photo was taken probably 15 years ago or longer at our old house. It had a five-bay garage, which was separate from the two-bay garage attached to our house. When this picture was taken, we had five Turbo Regals for sale. It looks like three or four were Grand Nationals.


In the early 1990s, we did two huge events at the Johnsville Naval Air Station. It sat across the street from the HURST building. Both now are history, as the airbase has been leveled and the Hurst plant building has been expanded to twice its size and is now a plastics company that makes containers for the food industry.

One of the highlights at the 1990 event was a special vehicle display. We had GMC bring a prototype of the upcoming GMC Syclone that was turbo powered all-wheel drive based on the current S-10 pickup truck.

PHOTO 4 - Here is a photo of the GMC prototype Syclone truck. It did not run. I wonder where that truck is today? I know one thing, the wheels on the prototype Syclone look far better than the dull aluminum wheels they ended up putting on the production trucks.


The Barrett-Jackson auction dates will soon kick off the auction scene for the new year. I already have their "First Look" booklet, and not one Grand National appears in it. Their new location features over 900,000 square feet.

As usual Chevrolets dominate the auction with quite a few first time ever cars being sold. They expect to auction off over 1,400 cars with no reserve. If you are a seller facing that much competition for the big dollar, you need to position your car at the best time on the best day or days.


Here are a few more tips for rodent control, submitted by Mike out of Rhode Island.

Dryer sheets laid out in the interior, under the hood, and in the trunk is one solution. Apparently mice don't like the smell. Bounce is one brand that is recommended. Of course it's important you like the Bounce fragrance since it will linger long after you remove them in the spring.

D-Con may be another option, as long as you place them were family pets can't get to them.

Steel wool is one method to stuff in the tailpipes to keep rodents out. You can also jack the car up making it difficult for most rodents to "jump" into your car. Also, keep in mind rodents like dark areas, so it may be best to keep area lighted and the hood and trunk open.

Whatever method you use, come spring you will notice if you were successful.

Personally, I have found that my three indoor cats have done the job quite well.


This is the season when you may buy new boxes of Christmas lights, and marvel at how do they package so many of them in such a little box?

Or, you buy that doll for your daughter or granddaughter and wonder why they use 8-to-10 metal tie downs to secure it to the box? Are they afraid the doll will come to life and possibly escape?

Or, your kids tell you to shop only for toys made in the U.S.A. and you find that can be a real challenge.

Or you go shopping to see what the new Chia pet is for this year.


As you probably already heard, Paul Walker was killed over the weekend in a car crash. He is best known for the "Fast and Furious" movies. You can see several similarities between his untimely death and James Dean from an earlier era. Both were killed in a Porsche, both were heavily involved in car racing and both were on the rise in their film careers before their lives were cut short.


Saw this phrase in a catalog, "Calls are answered in the USA."


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One of the popular items this year has been the car cover special.

Be sure to check out our Christmas Specials, as each special caters around related items. One of the specials features our headlight upgrade kit for the older cars that have the four round 5-3/4" round headlights.

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Because the surface is non-slip, it holds your tools in place. It is impervious to automotive fluids, such as motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc.

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The legendary Hurst name and heritage represents the most popular automotive aftermarket company associated with the American muscle cars.

These fender covers are a must-have addition to your garage items, and can also be stored in the trunk in case you need to protect the fenders while away from the garage.

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The “BUICK MOTORSPORTS” logo is silk screen in white, red and yellow on a 34" x 22" black fender cover. It is made from a non-slip cushioned material, so it won’t slide off the fender.

Because the surface is non-slip, it holds your tools in place. It is impervious to automotive fluids, such as motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, etc.

It is made in the U.S.A. by Fender Gripper®, a division of SSnake-Oyl™, and is licensed by GM.

This recognizable logo is sure to appeal to any Buick owner. We offer it individually Part #7647 or as a pair Part #7648.

These fender covers are a must-have addition to your garage items, and can also be stored in the trunk in case you need to protect the fenders while away from the garage.

Our photos show the fender cover flat, and as it appears folded in half.

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Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.

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Seems like winter weather has hit our area early this year, as temperatures are in the mid-30s already.