7-15-09 Inner Circle

7-15-09 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 07-15-2009


Last week we covered some of the various V6 emblems related to the Turbo Regal models and performance V6 Buick 3.8 models built during the early and mid 1980s.

Of the emblems discussed last week and pictured, the Riviera emblem is the one some Turbo owners favor over the others.

A few years ago when I took my road trip around the USA, I stopped and visited with Molly (Molly Designs) in southern California. At the time he had just moved into a new office. In the midst of moving he discovered a few prototypes of the turbocharged emblem that eventually became the Riviera turbocharged emblem. Interesting enough, on all the prototypes for this emblem, the V6 portion is overlapped the correct way, yet it is reversed on the production V6 logo emblem!

If you go to our web site, we will have some photos related to this Inner Circle 07-15-2009.

PHOTO 1 shows the actual production turbocharged Riviera emblem with the 3 different prototypes emblems that Molly gave me when I was out in California. They are now part of my personal collection.

The power V6 emblem, was designed by Molly, who also designed the actual prototype Grand National.

After the Buick project for GM, his next notable achievement related to emblems was for Toyota. In the late 1980s, Toyota was working on bringing out a new model called the "Lexus."

Molly's creative work can also be seen on every Lexus on the road today. The recognizable off-center "L" in the oval that adorns every Lexus represents his work.

He also was involved with a special ground effects kit that was available on the early model Toyota Solaras when they first came out in the model year 1999.

On the very early Solaras with the optional ground effects, the Toyota Racing Development (TRD) package, the plastic emblem had the "TRD" logo on it. Just below it on the same emblem it said "Molly Designs" (see Photo 2 A). Later versions would just read "Toyota Racing Development" with the "TRD" logo under the wording (see Photo 2 B).

So, for a short period of time, Molly did have his name on an actual production car!

Molly also has his own emblem. His logo reads "M Type Molly Designs" (see Photo 2 C).

PHOTO 2 on our website shows of all three of these plastic stick-on emblems.

Of course, the rarest emblem is the Molly Designs emblem that only appeared for a short period of time on some of the Toyota Solaras. These emblems ran about 3" long by 1" high. To learn more on Molly and his accomplishments, we offer his DVD, "MOLLY DESIGNS - Art and the Machine." It is Part #7183 priced at $14.95.
Click Here to See Part #7183

Molly's website is - mollydesigns.com

If you go to the home page on Molly's web site, there's a photo of the prototype red Grand National and below it is the Solara. The emblem on the Solara is the one barely visible on the front fender.


In one of the buildings at the All-GM Nationals at Carlisle last week, they had an "invitation only," the best of the best GM cars.

David Snyder, who is well-known for his automotive art work, was on hand. He was actually set up in one of the buildings working on a new original piece. Since people are milling around constantly, it's hard to believe that an artist can tune the noise out and fully concentrate on creating his detailed next original to be offered as an art print.

PHOTO 3 on our website shows David Snyder as he was working on that new piece.

PHOTO 4 on our website shows one of David Snyder's finished art prints which was on display at the Carlisle All-GM Nationals. Most, if not all, of his prints are limited number. To see more of his work, go to his website - www.davidsnydercarart.com

NOTE - We offer several art prints and posters. Check out the BOOKS, DVDS, LITERATURE & POSTERS section on our web site - www.kirbanperformance.com

Here are three art prints of interest to the Turbo Regal enthusiast:


Click Here to See Part #7202

Click Here to See Part #7203

1986-1987 BUICK GRAND NATIONAL Limited Edition ART PRINT #7193

Click Here to See Part #7193


One of the newest muscle car museums to open is located in Punta Gorda, Florida, which is on the west coast. This museum is a must-see stop and represents probably the largest all-GM collection in the south. Their website is - www.musclecarcity.net

"Beat the Heat" is a program that has started at the Miami Countyline Dragway. The program is now catching on at other tracks around the U.S. Beat the Heat is just what it implies... you race against the local police. The Countyline Dragway charges $25 to line up against one of their police cars.

Here is a unique and safer way to see if the cops have enough engine to legally beat your car.

Afterall, it's a chance for some great fun and not worry about getting a ticket! While it is true you can't outrun them on the street, you may be able to do it in the 1/4 mile!


We will be set up as a Bronze Sponsor (vendor) at the "Back to the Bricks" event in Flint, Michigan on August 12-15. Their website is - www.backtothebricks.org

This event attracted 20,000 cars last year over a 4-day period. They basically shut down most of Flint during the Friday and Saturday activities. It is run entirely by car people. Matter of fact, one of our customers is involved and emailed the info to us.

Paul Castle will be with us as well. Since the event attracts a wide variety of car owners, we will be selling ZDDPlus™, the ZPaste™, and various DVDs, etc.

This should be a huge event, so if you are able to make it, be sure to come see us. We'll be set up with the major vendors in the main area.

It's been a few years since I have been to Flint. I was there in the late 1980s and actually got a personal tour of the engine factory when they were building the 3800 engines. I was there again with my wife, I think in the summer of 1992 when we took delivery of our GMC Syclone in Pontiac, Michigan.


Announcing 1984-1987 Regal - reproduction chrome-plated plastic headlight bezels and reproduction chrome-plated plastic grilles.

Part #7238 - 1984-1987 Regal - Reproduction Chrome-plated Plastic Headlight Bezels (2). These chrome-plated plastic headlight bezels are identical to what GM used on their optional chrome-package in 1987. The 1984-1986 bezel were originally black. These will fit all 1984-1987 Regals. These are made by the same source that did the black headlight bezels. They are sold as a pair. Price is $199 / pair plus shipping.

Part #7239 - 1984-1987 Regal - Reproduction Chrome-plated Plastic Grille. This grille is all chrome, which gives a slightly custom look to any 1984-1987 Regal. Originally the GM factory grille was chrome only the protruding edge and the sides of each rib were painted grey. This reproduction grille is all chrome in appearance, which is a slick way to customize the front end. Grille will fit all 1984-1987 Regals. These are made by the same source that did the black headlight bezels. Price is $369 each plus shipping.

NOTE - These may not appear on the web site yet. We will post photos of these two new parts soon. You can call our office to place an order - 215-766-1611.


One of the major annoying shortcomings with the analog dash clusters is the illumination system GM used.

Instrumentation lighting has come a long way from what you see in your Turbo Regal. If you ever have had your dash cluster out of the car, you could see how poorly the illumination format was designed. GM used a series of just 7 twist-in sockets that only extended the light bulbs in the dash about 3/4 of an inch. This format just does not spread enough light to the face area of the analog instruments, which sit further into your dash.

If you drive any newer car, you can see just how far advancements have come in dash illumination. You are limited on choices for our cars but we now feel we have a very slick solution.

Working with the local company that just made our Touch & Start® System, we gave him an analog dash and they developed a LED light system that would be a simple plug and play.

The end results are nothing short of amazing when compared to the factory lighting format.

Check out our website for photos so you can see the difference first hand.

We show illuminated photos of an original dash and a dash with the LEDs installed. There is a photo of the new LED stick and an original light bulb. We also posted a photo showing the seven 2" long LED sticks, which are what you install to accomplish this new lighting system.

Each LED stick has four small lights on the one end. Good for 50,000 hours of operation and draws less current than the factory setup. Each LED stick is pre-tested. The main feature to make this work properly was making the part extend in your dash cluster further than the factory light bulb setup. This new format is 2" long versus your factory design, which only places the factory #194 bulb 1/2" inward. The LED format has four bulbs on each insert, which totals 28 lights (instead of the factory 7 bulbs).

As many of you know, my mechanical skills are very limited, but I was able to do the installation myself. While installing the new LEDs, I also took the necessary photos to do the detailed instructions on how to remove your factory twist-in bulbs and install this new LED setup in any Turbo Regal with an analog dash.

This will only work with the analog dash. Digital dash lighting lights the individual numbers, so we only made this for all the 1984-1987 Turbo Regals that have the standard analog dash.

As you can see in the copy that follows, we have an introductory price on this new lighting system.

Even if you have an all-original Turbo Regal, this is one upgrade that is not detectable nor does it take away from your car being original.

The older you get, the tougher it gets to see the dash at night! I know from firsthand experience!

You are looking at the dash constantly while driving at night. Now you can clearly see it! Part of the expense in making this new system is due to the fact each LED is not simply some cheap little light setup, but requires a 2" long board to position the light properly. The system requires 7 of them, all the same length to make it project the light beam.

This part will be made available to any interested other Turbo Regal suppliers as well.

Here is our detailed description -

1984-1987 Turbo Regal -
Introducing an excellent dash LED lighting system...

GM's method for the illuminating of the analog instrument cluster in the 1984-1987 Turbo Regals is limited, as shown in the photo above on the left. There is a vast difference in the way the instrument clusters light up in the newer cars of today compared to the lighting in these older Buicks. Our new system uses modern LED lights to brighten the dash cluster, as shown in the photo above on the right in our Turbo-T.

The problem is Buick used a series of 7 twist-in sockets with factory #194 bulbs. If you examine the back of the dash cluster, you will see that this arrangement does not put enough light on the gauges. Part of the reason is the actual light sockets do not protrude far enough into the housing to illuminate the dash cluster well. Adding to the problem is that the actual light bulbs do not give off a very bright light.

Our setup utilizes 7 LED sticks, as shown in the third photo. There are a total of 4 white LED lights at the end of each stick, for a total of 28 LEDs. The electronics are at the opposite end of the stick which keeps the minor amount of heat separate from the LEDs. The cooler they stay, the brighter the lights. Each are custom made, are assembled in the U.S.A., and measure 2" long. The factory setup only extends the bulb about 1/2". The average LED light span is 50,000 hours.

NOTE - You need the factory sockets currently in the dash cluster to attach to the LED sticks. Socket housings are not included.

Each LED stick is designed to fit in the factory sockets. The sticks extend the light further inward, which illuminates the gauge faceplate better. The last photo shows the new LED stick and an original #194 light bulb.

The end result is amazing! It's not only a better method of lighting your dash at night, but the light is now a brighter light. Your dimmer dial will still function to some degree. This system also draws less current than the original lights.

The kit comes with step-by-step directions with photos showing how to install the kit in your Turbo Regal. You can actually snake the lights into the dash once it's pulled forward without unhooking the speedometer cable or VSS sensor. I was able to install these lights in my personal Turbo-T in under 2 hours, taking my time and also photographing the process for the directions.

Even if you prefer to keep your car original, this is one improvement you can make that will keep your car original in appearance, while giving you better night illumination.

An excellent interior upgrade or restoration item.

7234 - 1984-1987 Turbo Regal -
Analog Dash LED Lights (7) Kit $99.95 / kit

Click Here to See Part #7234


Our new Touch & Start® Automatic Theft Deterrent Starter Cut-Off System is now in stock.

This system is designed to work on any 12-volt system in a car or truck that does NOT have airbags or a computer chip in the ignition key. It was designed specifically for older cars and trucks, since it has no siren and only one wire in your car gets cut.

This is ideal for a stock original car, and one that does not have power door locks.

This is basically the same system we used to sell in the early 1990s, except this one is more advanced and draws half the current as the old system.

Remember, there is no switch to trigger, it sets automatically within 25-30 seconds after you shut your car off. Even if you left the key in the car, it would not start!

I just installed this system in my personal 1987 Turbo-T over the weekend. If I can do it, anyone can install it.

System comes with detailed directions, and a special Buick supplement with step-by-step instructions and photos on how to install it on a 1984-1987 Turbo Regal.

Don't delay. This is just one more way to help to keep your car out of the hands of a thief.

Great for any older car or truck as added security while retaining a factory-original appearance.

Here is our complete product description:

ALL Cars and Trucks - 1987 and Older with a 12-volt System -

We first offered a similar system in the early 1990s. It was a popular theft deterrent, but was discontinued from the original company. This new system is identical to the original system, just improved.

NOTE - Do NOT install this cut-off system in any vehicle with airbags or one with a computer chip in the ignition key.

This starter cut-off system is the easiest solution and offers all the benefits you want to protect your car. You only cut one wire in your car's existing wire harness.

It sets automatically 25-30 seconds every time you shut off your car, so you do not have to remember to set it. It has a valet mode. There is no annoying siren. It does not matter if you have power door locks or a factory alarm. There is no kill switch for a thief to try and locate. It simply prevents the car from cranking. Even if you left the key in the ignition, it will not start.

Best of all, it will not be visible under the hood or in the interior on any car or truck. This is especially important if you want to retain the appearance of an original car or enter it in car shows. Nothing is visible. Everything is under the dash with the exception of a very small L.E.D. light, which can be mounted anywhere.

The control module is now smaller (3-1/2" long by 1-3/4" wide by 3/4" thick) than the old module. The unique relay inside the control module is designed for the automotive market and draws very little voltage to operate. The old system drew .010 amps when not in use, and this new system draws only .004 amps, less than half. Each unit assembled in the U.S.A. and is pre-tested prior to packaging.

Every unit comes with detailed illustrated directions. We also include separate directions specifically with installation instructions and photos for 1984-1987 Turbo Regals.

Remember, it will work on any 1987 or older car or truck (prior to when vehicles had airbags and a computer chip in the key.)

Another great theft deterrent for any collectible car or truck.

7230 - All Cars and Trucks - 1987 and Older with a 12-volt System -
Automatic Theft Deterrent Starter Cut-off System $79.95

Click Here to See Part #7230


1986-1987 Turbo Regal -


This dual exhaust system comes complete with all the hangers and hardware necessary for installation.

This dual exhaust system from PYPES PERFORMANCE. It is an identical format as Hooker's, at a less expensive price.

The pipes are mandrel bend 2-1/2" diameter non-polished 409 stainless steel 16-gauge tubing. It uses Quiet Flow mufflers, which are also non-polished 409 stainless and come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

This system has the tapered cut at the end of the pipes. A dual exhaust system will give you some performance gains depending on the other modifications you do to the car. In addition to all these features, both systems are offered at a great price, making them the best buys on the market today.

NOTE - The flat shipping rate, since the box is so heavy.

6996 - 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - PYPES PERFORMANCE (Non-Polished Stainless Steel) Dual Exhaust System
PLUS $45 shipping within continental 48 states - Other areas must call for shipping prices.

Click Here to See Part #6996


We have the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - GM Air Flow Duct (from turbo to MAF sensor), Part #6536 in stock for $61.95.

Click Here to See Part #6536


NOTE - If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.

The best way to stay informed with the upcoming show season is to check out the various Turbo Buick forums.

ZDDPlus™ is also one of the 2 major sponsors for this year's F.A.S.T. events along with Nationals Parts Depot. This is another nationally recognized event that features stock appearing muscle cars. Here is the link to the F.A.S.T. events web site -

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday & Sunday, SEPTEMBER 5 & 6, 2009 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park - F.A.S.T. Race Series National Events Sponsored by ZDDPlus™ and National Parts Depot

SOUTHERN BUICK SHOOTOUT 2009 - Reynolds, Georgia -
Friday & Saturday, NOVEMBER 6th & 7th, 2009 -

The Southern Buick Shootout 2009 event at the Silver Dollar Raceway is scheduled for November 6th and 7th, 2009. This event will be open to any and all BUICK, OLDS, PONTIAC cars. The event will include a points race for the TSO and TSM categories, as well as other potential Buick categories.

The plan is to have heads-up / index pacing available for those racers that cannot run in TSM/TSO categories. They also plan to have Gamblers Racing for both Sportsman type cars (no delay boxes allowed) and Top Eliminator (delay Box). The will be Test-N-Tune all day both days. If you have questions, email - [email protected]

If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.


If you would like to see any Kirban Performance Products items listed on eBay, here is a link to our store and auctions -

http://stores.ebay.com/Kirban-Performance-Products-Inc_W0QQssPageNameZl2QQtZ km


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or not remember who requested the item.