08-27-2014 Inner Circle

08-27-2014 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 08-27-2014


In the 08-13-2014 Inner Circle issue in the third photo we showed how GM used the same cap for the 1983 Regal Sports Coupe in chrome. Later, by simply making it black, GM also used it on the 1984-1985 Grand National and the 1986-1987 T-Type and Turbo-T wheels.

Another similar format you probably are aware of is the Pontiac Trans Am center cap that was used on the 16" by 8" mesh-style factory Trans Am wheels in the 1980s. The cross over being the same center cap ASC/Buick used on the GNX wheels. The wheels themselves had different offsets. Probably, because of the time crunch in doing the GNX project, all ASC/Buick did was simply make a paper decal that went over the existing bird emblem medallion on the existing Trans Am center cap.

Pontiac also had a plastic chrome center cap that they used at some point in the 1980s on their 16" by 8" wheels that looked identical to the black plastic center cap they also used. Since I am not an expert on Pontiac Trans Ams, I don’t know what year(s) used the chrome-style plastic center cap.

You can probably see plenty of examples where the same mold was used to produce the same item in different colors. This is also very common in the toy car diecast world. A company spends the big money to make the initial mold and it makes sense to produce the same diecast car or truck in various colors to spread the costs over a wider market.

Years ago we did this for several of our GTO projects. One was the small plastic emergency brake handle. When researching that project, I discovered that the Chevelle emergency brake handle was exactly the same, except the only difference was it was threaded on to the rod and the GTO was a press fit. So, by making one small change we had a product for two of the most popular A-body cars among collectors and sold thousands of them to the various GM mail-order companies.

PHOTO 1 - Shows both the black plastic 16" by 8" center cap and the identical center cap in chrome plastic. Both featured the same gold bird medallion in the center.


I was at a car show this past weekend and saw a unique display. This enterprising company has a custom-made motorcycle hearse that is pulled by a 2010 Harley Davidson FLHXXX Street Glide Trike.

A few months ago I caught a glimpse of this at a funeral home near our shop. What’s nice is they offer a discount to servicemen. For fireman and police they donate the service fee back to a charity of the family’s choice.

The name of the company is Maurice Motorcycle Hearse LLC, operated by Pete M Nimmerichter in Stowe, PA. Their website is - MuariceMotorcycleHearse.com and the phone number is 610-613-5125.

PHOTO 2 - The top photo shows the entire rig that was on display at this Street Rod car show I attended. The lower photo shows the inside of the actual Hearse.


Buick did two-tone paint schemes during the 1984-1987 Turbo Regal run. Like most options, nobody really knows the exact production numbers since the Turbo Regals were part of the Regal production each year.

Corvette owners have a book available that pinpoints exact production options for every year since 1953. Every year a Corvette Black Book is published that provides this information. However, It can’t tell you how many had a certain combination of options, only what was produced for each option for that given year.

What you may not realize since you probably seldom see any 1984-1987 Corvette is, they also offered two-tone paint schemes during those same four years, as Buick did with the Regals.

For 1984-1985-1987 Corvettes they had 3 different two-tone versions. For 1986 they offered 5 different two-tone versions, one of which they only did on 50 Corvettes. Some of the two tones are probably similar to the Turbo Regals. Example - one of them was a light blue and a medium blue - same basic colors Buick had on their two-tone Regals.

I attended “Corvettes at Carlisle” last Friday and saw a 1984 Corvette for sale that featured the optional two-tone paint scheme.

PHOTO 3 - The photo on the left shows a fairly nice 1984 Corvette with the two-tone blue paint scheme priced at $5,000. In case you’re wondering, in 1984 they produced 51,547 Corvettes of which 1,433 received the blue two-tone paint scheme. So, this was a fairly rare 1984 Corvette example. The photo on the right shows a 2001 black ZO6, which had 53,000 miles price at $19,500, which I thought was a good price.


We have several refurbished third brake lights in grey, burgundy and blue. The only part you need to supply is the base from the original third brake light.

PHOTO 4 - We show a third brake light housing refurbished. It has been done repainted in the popular grey color and has a new correct bulb installed in a good used socket assembly that is not been distorted by heat. We also supply a good red lens and a rubber deflector that is not been distorted by the heat or the cold. See this parts listing for what we have available and pricing. Supplies are limited.


The date for our Kirban Performance Octoberfest Open House is Saturday, October 4th from 9 am until 3 pm. Chef Russ and Nancy once again will be serving up the lunch menu with more deserts planned for this fall Open House. This event has no rain date.

It’s a great time to pick up any parts for that fall project and save the shipping costs.

Pete and I will have an array of used parts for sale. Our M&M contest and a no reserve auction will be part of the program. Once again Bruce Shaw (www.shawlaws.com) his brother Terry Shaw (AUTO LEGAL SERVICES) will be here. Bruce will address “Collector Car Fraud” Issues and Terry will cover “Appraisals” in morning seminars.


We had a special run made of the correct length 1984-1985 Turbo Regal grey spark plug wires.

We used to sell these years ago, but stopped due to lack of demand. We just had 10 sets made. If you want a set, you must call our office to place your order. The price is $49.95 plus $8 shipping. We only have ten sets available.

I don’t believe any other source has these available in the proper lengths. These are not on our website. You must call our office to order - 215-766-1611 x 0 - specify 1984-1985 Turbo Regal Custom-Cut High-Performance Plug Wires.


Once again the Russell stainless brake hoses, part #7218 are on national back order. Unfortunately we do not have any information as to it will be back in stock.


From time to time, whenever we spot an unusual or an exceptional car or truck for sale, or one we have for sale, we will put a blurb in our weekly Inner Circle. Also any cars that our customers have for sale will be featured here and you can see their car with photos on our website as well. In this category we will run the descriptions for two to three weeks and, if there is no interest in that particular vehicle, it will be deleted the following week. Any new vehicles that we add will appear first, so the oldest listing would be at the end of this section. If any of these vehicles perk your interest, email me personally - [email protected] - for more information and photos.


A local friend of mine has his factory hardtop for a 1955-1957 Thunderbird hardtop for sale. It is for the non-porthole version. It’s in really nice condition. It can be crated and shipped by truck. Priced around $2,200 or best offer. Contact me - [email protected] - for more info and photos.


Recently a 1987 Grand National appeared in our local area Craigs list. In the description, the seller mentioned he bought it from us back in the year 2000. At the time the car had 221,000 miles on it. Now has 228,000. I called him about his car.

In researching it, I discovered it was the fifth car we sold back in 2000 of the 44 we sold that year. Only two others were cheaper than this one. I gave him a stack of records with the car, which was a one owner. He has driven it less than 7,000 miles in the 14 years he has owned it.

The car still runs out very good and the transmission shifts nice and firm. It does need a headliner and a heater core, since he bypassed the heater core due to it starting to leak. He has the car advertised for more on Craigs List. Since this was one of our cars, it will have the front braces done and the missing body bushings done. The Grand National is fairly priced at $9,995. You can email me - [email protected], if you are interested in this car. The car is located about 35 minutes from our shop location.

The car is almost 100% original with the following exceptions:
- Kirban 140 MPH speedometer...the originals were 85 MPH units (a joke)...I still have the original 85MPH unit somewhere in the attic I believe.
- Kirban console gage holder with an oil pressure and temp gage in it...nothing cut up!
- Pioneer CD player...I have the original stereo and nothing was cut to install the radio. Still has the original power antenna and it works fine!
- Kirban designed oil breather for the valve cover...the originals used to leak so this one is an improved design.

Otherwise the car is all stock, un-abused and unmolested. Jump-in, turn the key and it starts right up. Cruise the car as is or you have an absolutely solid platform for a full restoration. Most of the GNs out there are either mega-buck cars, rust buckets or racecars that have been cut up and flogged...an original fully functional non-rusty car is hard to find.

Clean PA antique title and Antique tags...cheap to insure and doesn't require PA inspection.
This car can be bought for $9,995. His ad on Craigs list has it priced higher, but I told him I felt this is a more realistic price. If you are interested, contact me - [email protected] - for more information. The big thing is it’s only a two-owner car that has had exceptional maintenance over the years.


If you have a tip or a discovery that you found that works on your Turbo Regal, drop us an email giving us the details so we can pass the info on to our readers. Remember, even with my knowledge, I don’t know it all. Simply email me at - [email protected]


We have several of theTR-6 High Tech Ignition Systems, Part #7442, due in later this week. See link below for more information. If you want one, order NOW as these are in limited supply.

Here is the link to this TR-6 System on our website:


1980-1987 Buick V6 (including Turbo Buick Models) -

This is the entire intake manifold gasket kit to replace the one on your engine.

The kit consists of a metal pre-formed valley pan, 2 intake manifold rubber seals, 1 vacuum block gasket, 1 O-ring, 1 tube of RTV black.

NOTE - We recommend this intake manifold gasket kit be installed by a qualified mechanic.

NOTE - You may also be interested in a related item - #7060 Fel-Pro Valve Cover Gaskets (2) Set or #7606 Victor Reinz Valve Cover Gaskets (2) Set.

7626 - 1980-1987 Buick V6 (including Turbo Buick Models) -
Intake Manifold Gasket Kit - $28.95

Here is a link to this kit on our website:

1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

We offer three options to upgrade the factory single electric fan on a 1986-1987 Turbo Regal to a dual fan format. Each fan has a 12" diameter sweep. There are no clearance issues between the radiator and the factory intercooler shroud. The unit is 3-1/2" deep. The overall width of the unit is 26" and the length is 16".

The complete kit includes a brand new Intrepid dual fan and a custom-made plug-and-play harness. This harness is specific to the Intrepid dual fan.

One of the beneficial upgrades to make to provide better cooling is to install a dual fan set up to replace the 25+-year-old single electric fan. The factory Buick fan relay cannot safely sustain the full load of dual electric fans. That is why it’s advisable to install a supplemental relay system.

This custom-made plug-and-play harness is specially designed to make the conversion easy. This plug-and-play harness consists of two sealed relays. The relays are both energized by the factory fan relay in your car, reducing the circuit load on the factory relay and permitting full coolant fan control without the risk of overload. The fans are both powered at high speed when cooling is commanded via factory low speed coolant fan control through the ECM. This system assures proper load through the relays with proper power distribution.

This kit plugs into the factory fan connector, unlike other harnesses that require you to cut off the factory connector. The factory connector is entirely reliable and should not be cut.

The plug-and-play harness is made in the U.S.A. and comes with easy-to-follow directions with photos.

We offer 3 options. The first option is for the entire conversion kit, which includes a new Dodge Intrepid dual fan kit and the special custom-made plug-and-play harness. The second option is for the dual fan only. The last option is just for the custom-made plug-and-play harness.

NOTE - We recommend installation be done by a qualified mechanic.

IMPORTANT NOTE - You have to custom make brackets to mount the dual fan housing so you can secure this to the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal radiator core support at the top and bottom. You also have to cut off the original mounting tabs on the side of this dual fan housing since they do not get used. There is a link on the Turbo Buick forum with photos that shows what you have to do. Basically you have to cut off the 2 plastic mounting tabs on both sides of the housing and fabricate some small piece of angle iron to secure it to the original top brackets and the bracket at the bottom of the core support.

This dual fan set up is for a Dodge Intrepid and is the one that most 1986-1987 Turbo Regal owners have used for this modification. It is also the one that will plug into the custom-made plug-and-play harness we offer. Be sure to click on the link below so you fully understand what you need to do to modify the dual fan housing to attach to the radiator bracket and core support.

NOTE - Here is a link to the Turbo Buick Forum. It explains what you have to do to mount the Dual Fan Conversion Kit in the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - http://www.turbobuick.com/forums/threads/ramchargers-fans-intrepid-fans-those-whove-done-it-please-chime-in.380509/

NOTE - You may also be interested in these related parts - #6706 Reproduction Stainless Thermostat Housing and 0-Ring, #1508 160-Degree Thermostat, #7269 Aftermarket DAYCO Molded Upper Radiator Hose, #6842 Molded Lower Radiator Hose, and #7457 Upgraded New Aluminum Radiator.

A popular method to help keep your Turbo Regal running cool during the hot summer months.

Please carefully read the three choices below before ordering. Here are the three options.

7607 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Dual Fan Conversion Kit and Custom-made Plug-and-Plug Harness - $199.95

7608 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Dual Fan Only - $139.95

7609 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Custom-made Plug-and-Plug Harness Only (for Intrepid Dual Fan) - $67.95

Here is a link for these items on our website:

1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

This brand new CPB hydro-boost system and directions are specified to fit the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal models with the understanding that the application is specific - This means you must have the original powermaster brake pedal in your Turbo Regal for it to bolt up. You will also need the firewall mounting bracket that the powermaster bolts to, so you can attach it to the new hydro-boost unit. Everything in this kit is brand new.

NOTE - email - [email protected] - if you need a pedal assembly. It is NOT compatible with a vacuum assist G-Body brake pedal.

Kit comes complete with everything you need including the fasteners to secure the master cylinder to the brake unit. The actual hydro-boost unit complete with the special adapter is drop shipped from our supplier. Everything else in this kit, including the directions and receipt, is shipped from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. You can expect to receive the hydro-boost unit within a week of getting the other parts from us.

NOTE - We recommend you either clear coat or paint the master cylinder prior to installing it, since it is brand new bare metal.

This kit is 100% BRAND NEW high-quality direct bolt-in hydraulic brake assist system designed to upgrade your brakes with a powerful and compact modern hydraulic assist unit. This system includes everything you need to install into your vehicle. It consists of a direct fit high-performance high-pressure rubber hoses, brake assist unit, heavy-duty power steering return line, pedal rod hardware and mounting hardware. Using all new parts, this unit puts out an amazing 2400 psi line pressure at the front calipers.

Here are the specifics -
- This model fits the later GM "short rod / shallow" master cylinder design
- Designed to fit with the 1986-1987 remote power steering reservoir
- For use with disc / drum OR disc / disc brakes
- Installed adapter, so it can be installed in either direction on the firewall mount
- Features an adjustable brake pedal rod set to provide OEM pedal height
- High-pressure rubber power steering hoses will need to be cut and fitted in your application
- No firewall modifications required
- Slight modification is required to enlarge the center hole of the firewall mount

1 - Instruction booklet of detailed directions and photos
1 - New CPB Hydro-boost unit with installed adapter plate
1 - Brand new Corvette master cylinder (It’s best to either paint or clear coat it to avoid rust issues)
1 - Reproduction foam gasket replaces the original gasket between the actual unit and the firewall
1 - Syringe for bench bleeding the master cylinder
1 - Magna Pure filter with clamps
1 - Brass, barbed 3/8 return line T fitting
1 - 6 foot low pressure return hose
2 - High-pressure 5/16 pressure lines. Both have one end already made up approximately 4 foot each in length.
6 - Small hose clamps
12 - Assorted fittings (some you may or may not need to use, depending on how you wish to run the return line)

Kit comes with very detailed instructions in clear, easy-to-read and understand format.

NOTE - We highly recommend installation be done by a qualified auto mechanic.

NOTE - Be sure to check out the other options we offer for converting your 1986-1987 Turbo Regal to a hydro-boost system. See #7617 Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit and #7618 HYDRATECH Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit.

NOTE - This kit uses high pressure rubber hoses which require one end to be cut, then you install the fittings in the kit. The #7618 kit comes with braided stainless pressure lines already fully assembled. Also this CPB kit #7619 comes with a steel adapter plate which allows you to mount the hydro-boost unit right side up or inverted. Both kits have all new parts.

7619 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
CPB Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit - $649.95

Here is the link to this CPB Conversion Kit on our website:

1978-1987 GM G-BODY (including Buick Turbo Regal) -

These control arms fit all 1978-1988 GM G-Body (Cutlass, El Camino, Regal, Malibu, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo.)

The Metco Motorsports high performance lower control arms for the G-Body are CNC-machined from 6061-T6511 billet aluminum for unsurpassed strength and precision-fit. The control arms are clear-anodized for long-lasting surface protection. These are extremely lightweight, only weighing about 11 lbs for both pieces. Stock control arms weight about 9 lbs total.

The control arms are designed to be installed as a direct replacement for the factory control arms, but offer the benefits of the dramatically stronger billet design and Energy Suspension-brand polyurethane bushings. Each bushing has a grease fitting for long term, noise-free service. The arms are machined to accept the factory rear sway bar (or aftermarket equivalent) and require no modifications to the vehicle for installation.

Detailed installation instructions and high-grade mounting hardware are included.

NOTE - We recommend these control arms be installed by a qualified auto mechanic.

NOTE - You may also be interested in these related parts - #7077 Larger Rear Anti-Sway Bar Kit, #7169 Reproduction GNX Rear Seat Brace Kit, #6820 KYB Front and Rear Gas Shocks (4) Set, #6678 Bilstein Gas Shocks (4), #1520 Variable Rate Rear Springs (2), and #1586 Rear Seat Frame Brace Kit®.

7605 - 1978-1987 GM G-BODY (including Buick Turbo Regal) - METCO High-Performance Lower Rear Control Arms (2) and Hardware - $270

Here is the link to these Lower Rear Control Arms on our website:


1985-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

This is another option to consider if you have a fairly stock 1985-1987 Buick Turbo Regal and want to switch from your original powermaster brake system. This kit comes complete with everything you need as shown. This unit comes with a REBUILT Cardone brake booster and a BRAND new master cylinder. The booster has a 9" diameter. The master cylinder and vacuum booster in this kit is exactly what GM used in 1986-1987 on a non-Turbo Regal application.

There are no clearance issues with this unit and the stock remote power steering reservoir. It also comes with our new vacuum block with gasket and hardware. It has the vacuum port similar to what GM used on the 1989 Turbo Trans Am. We also include 2 feet of vacuum hose and our new reproduction gasket to firewall.

The kit also includes a used correct Buick Regal vacuum brake pedal assembly. This pedal has the correct size pin and in the correct location so you can hook up the rod from the vacuum booster with no interference. You would get a Letter of Credit for $25 if you send us your powermaster brake pedal that you have removed and replaced with our vacuum pedal assembly.

Depending on our current core supply, we may be interested in your original powermaster brake unit for a Letter of Credit.

This booster uses the same factory holes in the firewall as the powermaster. The rod on this brake booster will only work with the vacuum pedal assembly that comes with this kit.

Since nothing gets cut or drilled related to the original powermaster, the original powermaster can be re-used should you want to convert back to the factory set up at a later date.

We highly recommend installation be done by a qualified mechanic, since you have to properly bleed the brakes and making sure the system is operating properly under all conditions.

Remember, your best option is always to stay with the factory GM powermaster brake system. This unit is only to be used with a stock or a fairly stock Turbo Regal. A modified engine or one with a performance cam would cause vacuum levels to be greatly reduced, which would could cause braking problems. One possible solution would be to purchase from Summit or Jegs an additional vacuum canister to retain proper vacuum levels.

When purchasing this part you may also want to purchase Part #7218 Stainless Braided Brake Hoses as these will improve the stopping ability.

For our rebuilt powermaster brake unit, See our Part # 7021 - 1985-1987 Turbo Regal - Rebuilt Powermaster Brake Unit.

However, if you have a STOCK engine, there is adequate vacuum to switch over to a vacuum brake system. We have another option: Our Part #7044 - Brand New Complete Vacuum Brake Booster Kit. This kit retains the original brake pedal because the booster has a different rod. Also both the master cylinder and brake booster are brand new. This is the major difference.

NOTE - A vacuum brake system is NOT recommended for a Turbo Regal with a modified engine or one with a performance cam because vacuum levels are greatly reduced, which could cause braking problems.

NOTE - Be sure to check out the other options we offer for converting the Turbo Regal brake system - Part #7044 Brand New Complete Vacuum Brake Booster Kit that works off the existing turbo brake pedal, Part #7617 Hydro-Boost Conversion Kit, or #7618 HYDRATECH Hydro-Boost System conversion.

NOTE - If you send us your original powermaster brake pedal, you will receive a Letter of Credit for $25. Depending on our current core supply, we may be interested in your original powermaster brake unit for a Letter of Credit.

NOTE - We recommend installation be done by a qualified auto mechanic.

7625 - 1985-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
Conversion Vacuum Brake Booster Kit with Vacuum Brake Pedal - $349.95

Here is the link for this Conversion Vacuum Brake Booster Kit on our website:



The local Magna Club has posted events related to the Turbo Regals for this coming summer season.

Here is a link for the latest information: http://www.magnabuick.com/show/index.shtml

Cecil County Dragay, Maryland

The location is Cecil County Dragway near North East, Maryland. The dates are September 19th and 20th. Friday is Test and Tune. Saturday is Buick race day and a judged All-Buick Powered Car Show. This is a great event. We plan to be in attendance. For more information, contact Doug Dougherty 302-653-2201 or John Csordas 914-447-4068. Website is http://tristategsclub.com
Here is a link the event flyer - http://www.tristategsclub.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=444

SATURDAY - OCTOBER 4, 2014 - 2014 - RAIN or SHINE - 9 am until 3 pm.

We will have our usual program, including a freshly prepared lunch by chef Russ and Nancy doing all the cooking with some special desserts. Our usual M & M contest, a no reserve auction, Free Yum Yums donuts in the AM with coffee. Special sale prices and new products will be on display.

CONFIRMED VENDORS & GUESTS - Pete Hoffman will have parts for sale, and I will also have used parts for sale (known as the "tagged and bagged" sale items). Coming for the first time is Bruce Shaw - a lawyer and accountant specializing in Collector Car Fraud. Terry Shaw specializes in collector car appraisals and insurance claims will also be there. Both Terry Shaw and Bruce Shaw will be doing a seminar. So be sure to put this event on your calendar.

LODGING IN THE GENERAL AREA - Quakertown is about 25 minutes west of our warehouse location and the newest motels are by Route 663 and the exit for Quakertown off the northeast extension of the turnpike Route 476.

RT 663, 1905 John Fries Highway, Quakertown, PA 18951 - 215 / 538-3000

RT 663, 1915 John Fries Highway, Quakertown, PA 18951 - 215 / 536-7779

RT 663, 1915 John Fries Highway, Quakertown, PA 18951 - 215 / 529-7979

This is one of the last major events of 2014 for the Turbo Regal owner. Don't miss it.

Here is a link to this information on our website:

34th ANNUAL GS NATIONALS - OCTOBER 15-18, 2014 -
Beech Bend Raceway, 798 Beech Bend Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Ron Joseph informs me that the dates for the 2014 GS Nationals are October 15th thru 18th. The intent to move it to September has been shelved at least for a year, according to Ron. We will share more info as it becomes available. Also for the first time ever there will be an auto cross open to all cars October 15th and 16th. 2014. This year ALL vehicles are welcome to participate and have some fun, prizes will be given away and sponsors will be there!

Click here for more info:


If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - [email protected]


Got any Turbo Buick parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - [email protected] Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


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If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected]


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


Mark your calendar - October 4th, 2014 for our Fall Octoberfest Open House. Always a good time and a great prepared luncheon. We fully expect to have Spoolfool fillers on hand that can be ordered in advance for pick up. Watch for more updates.