8-26-09 Inner Circle

8-26-09 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 08-26-2009


At a recent Carlisle Swap meet event, I happen to see what has to be one of the most expensive go-karts of all time. I think we sold the Grand National go-kart for $3,200, but I have seen GTO and Corvette go-carts fetch $4,000 or better. This one has them all beat.

It was based on the 1985 Lamborghini Countach. It was a very limited production, and hand crafted in Italy back in 1985. Actual 2/3 scale to the real thing and powered by an eleven horsepower gas motor.

The sign read, "1985 Agostini Lamborghini Countach, Super Rare, 2/3 Scale Child's Car, Limited Production Exotic Hand Crafted by Agostini of Italy. Kevlar & Fibreglass Body. Tubular Chassis, Fully Independent Suspension, Rack & Pinion Steering, Hydrolic Disc Brakes, Adj. Shocks, 11 Horsepower Gas Engine, Electric Starter, Working Lights & horn, Momo Wheel, Stereo Cassette Radio, P. Antenna, Alloy Wheels, Radial Tires. Serial Number 035."

The price tag on it was $22,000... Not a misprint - twenty-two thousand dollars. I can't visualize letting a 6-8-year-old buzz around the property in a twenty-two grand go-kart or take out the front fender when they hit a tree! But it sure would be a neat addition to anyone's collection.

My guess is it still for sale!

Photo 1 show the exterior of the Lamborghini Countach Go-kart.

Photo 2 shows the rear view and an interior shot of the Lamborghini Countach Go-kart.

Photo 3 shows one guy wearing an actual air cleaner as a hat at the Michigan Turbo meeting in Bloomfield Hills.

Photo 4 shows just one of the unique vanity tags I spotted at the Michigan Turbo meeting in Bloomfield Hills.


Christina was on vacation last week, and we were left to send out the Inner Circle through Google Groups... we followed her excellent instructions, but it appeared that the Inner Circle didn't go through. So, after waiting almost an hour, we sent it again and again... all total 4 times. Then they all went through. The moral to the story - Christina does a great job!

We now will have a link in each Inner Circle, so you can go directly to the web site and view the Inner Circle and the accompanying photos.

Remember, the "RARE PARTS" section at the end of each Inner Circle ONLY appears on the emailed version sent to Inner Circle members. That section is deleted from the version that appears on the web site.


If you have a 1984-1987 Turbo Regal with the standard analog dash, you know in the bottom left corner of the dash it says, "LOW FUEL."

This was a Riviera option, which shares our same dash. It was never offered on the Turbo Regals but could be made to function by simply installing the special light socket that had the printed circuit board on the back. The same local source that made our new L.E.D. dash light setup now has a functional low fuel warning in the works. It will light up in the dash when you are low on fuel. It will even go one step further... when your fuel tank is very low, it will flash. The technology today has come a long way since 1984-1987, so this one will include a new light socket and have a small circuit board with prongs that will connect to the backside of the gas gauge.

Installation will be very easy, and will only require you to pull your dash cluster out a short distance on the left side to do the installation. Watch for an introductory price later this month!

This would be a great time to step up to the new L.E.D. dash lights as well, since the install is about the same for both items.

Again, both of these are ONLY for the standard analog-style dash cluster.

FROM PETE HOFFMAN - Continuing Tech Information

Pete's third segment in a series dealing with troubleshooting powermaster problems will be in next week's Inner Circle.


A customer of ours in Ohio has his 1987 Grand National for sale. Car has a mere 37,000 miles in excellent condition, inside and out. Original paint, with an excellent interior, T-Tops, power steering, power brake, power window, tilt wheel, am/fm tape, all original. Excellent condition, no dings, good original paint. Excellent interior. Good wheels and tires. Air Conditioned. $21,500. For more info, contact Ray at 330-833-6341 or [email protected]


Due to a manufacturer increase in price -
Part #7092 - 1984-1987 Regal Reproduction Grille Springs (2) is now $22.95 / pair.

NOTE - These reproduction grille springs are no longer included with the Reproduction Black Grille, Part #7215. You will have to purchase them separately when buying a grille.

NOW AVAILABLE - ZPASTE™ - The Ultimate Cam Assembly Lubricant

ZPaste™ - The Ultimate Cam Assembly Lubricant is specifically intended for the special break-in requirements of flat-lifter engines. ZPaste™ is designed to be used along with ZDDPlus™ for initial engine break-in. During the break-in process it actually increases the ZDDP level of your oil as it dissolves. Not only is it the best to use for assembling a flat-tappet engine, but it works equally well on a roller setup. This is the perfect answer to the current break-in issues.

Special formulation keeps ZPaste™ on contact points longer than other lubes, protecting parts from damage during initial start-up. After being dissolved in the oil, the components in ZPaste™ will continue to help protect engine parts during break-in.

It took months to research, develop and test ZPaste™ against the other leading camshaft assembly lubricants. There is absolutely nothing available nationally in the market today that comes near the abilities that this cam assembly paste lubricant.

The special break-in requirements of flat-tappet cam engines is best served by a specialized camshaft assembly lubricant. ZPaste™ works equally well on roller setups, along with ZDDPlus™ for break-in. ZPaste™ offers the greatest level of protection for cams, lifters and other valve components during initial startup.

ZPaste™ is a proprietary formulation of Zinc Dialkyl DithioPhosphate (ZDDP) types with a Molybdenum DiSulfide (MoS2) additive in a new formulation Calcium Sulfonate base. This formulation is revolutionary, and is far superior to all other products on the market! It's extreme adhesion allows it to remain in place on critical engine parts for long periods of time until break-in.

ZPaste™ is designed to be used along with a bottle of ZDDPlus™ for initial engine break-in. During the break-in process it actually increases the ZDDP level of your oil as it dissolves. Now with the new ZPaste™ and ZDDPlus™ we have both ends of the oil issues addressed making sure protection starts at the very beginning.

Our extensive test results prove ZPaste™ is superior in every way to any of the major brands currently available. Our product is so good, you can literally run an engine with no oil splash onto the cam lobes for over 30 minutes, and the cam lobes and lifter feet will show no wear. We did just that in our developmental testing with a specially modified engine. You can see the actual results in our Tech Brief #12 - "ZDDP and Engine Break-in" available on our web site, along with all the other Tech Briefs and related information.

ZPaste™ comes in a 5/8 ounce packet, which is enough for one V8 application. When used in conjunction with ZDDPlus™ (4 ounce bottle) in a normal 4-6 quart oil capacity, no special break-in oil is required.

Now with the new ZPaste™ and ZDDPlus™ we have both ends of the oil issues addressed making sure protection starts at the very beginning.

Remember, it's the best assembly paste for rebuilding the valve train in an engine.

7240 - ZPaste™ - The Ultimate Cam Assembly Lubricant, 5/8 oz. packet $6.99

NOTE - Unfortunately, ZPaste™ must be shipped UPS ground. It cannot be shipped by mail (USPS) or overnight UPS.


We have the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - GM Air Flow Duct (from turbo to MAF sensor), Part #6536 in stock for $61.95. Just a few left now.


I recently bought an April 1958 issue of "Motor Trend" magazine. In the classified section in the back, someone was selling Preston Tucker's personal 1948 Tucker car with 18,000 actual miles. The giveaway price was just $3,000.

The latest Price Guide I have shows them worth $650,000 or better. This particular car would be at the top of the value chain since it was owned by Preston Tucker.

A few years ago, I bought some literature from a Hurst employee and with it was a Tucker sales brochure. He actually went to one of the shows that featured these cars when they were new. Does anyone know where this car is today? The owner may be interested in this ad from Motor Trend 1958.


Locally, to us (about 10 miles away), a good customer of ours is selling his 1986 Grand National. Tom is having health issues and needs to sell his pride and joy. The Grand National on the outside looks identical to a real GNX, with the flares, louvers, emblems and wheels. (My son Darrell actually painted and installed the flares for him).

The body was taken down to bare metal and painted several years ago prior to Tom buying the car. The interior is quite nice. The engine compartment needs detailing. For more info, contact Tom Altmose directly at 610-253-8659. He is asking $14,900 or best offer. I recently have seen the car personally. It does have some minor modifications under the hood, like a cold air system.


The 720-mile 1987 Grand National we had on ebay did sell, but NOT on ebay. It was sold to a good customer for $29,900. This beautiful car has finally found a good home.


NOTE - If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event for this year, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.

The best way to stay informed with the show season is to check out the various Turbo Buick forums.

ZDDPlus™ is also one of the 2 major sponsors for this year's F.A.S.T. events along with Nationals Parts Depot. This is another nationally recognized event that features stock appearing muscle cars. Here is the link to the F.A.S.T. events web site -

Labor Day Weekend - Saturday & Sunday, SEPTEMBER 5 & 6, 2009 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park - F.A.S.T. Race Series National Events Sponsored by ZDDPlus™ and National Parts Depot. We will be there selling ZDDPlus™. We will also have used Turbo Regal parts for sale. This event also features the 20th Buick Performance Weekend. The Northeast Chapter of the GSCA Buick Club will have their regular Quick 16 Class with over $2500 in cash awards. They will also be paying money to the Buicks that run the furthest in each of the Musclepalooza classes on Sunday. This event will be bigger than ever before with the addition of Hemmings Muscle Machines coming and the F.A.S.T race class cars. We will be set up with ZDDPlus and many Turbo Regal used parts as well.

The East Coast Buick Regionals and Pontiac Challenge will be held OCTOBER 16th and 17th, 2009 at Cecil County Dragway, Maryland. It features 5 different race classes for V8 and Turbo-powered Buicks. Friday is Test and Tune and Saturday is Buick Race Day. For more information, contact Doug Dougherty 302-653-2201 or John Csordas 845-528-GSGN or Griff Atkinson 410-472-2757.

The Oklahoma Buick Performance Club will hold it's 15th year, Team Buick vs Team Ford Headsup Shootout on OCTOBER 17, 2009. Team Buick includes Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and GMC trucks with any engine or power adder. This will be at Thunder Valley Raceway Park, Noble, Oklahoma. A first time TSM event will also be held with some pre-qualifying Friday night the 16th. More information - www.okbuicks.com - www.turbobuick.com (National Racing Events and Info) Personal contact: Dick Walker, 405-745-3602 - [email protected]

SOUTHERN BUICK SHOOTOUT 2009 - Reynolds, Georgia -
Friday & Saturday, NOVEMBER 6th & 7th, 2009 -

The Southern Buick Shootout 2009 event at the Silver Dollar Raceway is scheduled for November 6th and 7th, 2009. This event will be open to any and all BUICK, OLDS, PONTIAC cars. The event will include a points race for the TSO and TSM categories, as well as other potential Buick categories.

The plan is to have heads-up / index pacing available for those racers that cannot run in TSM/TSO categories. They also plan to have Gamblers Racing for both Sportsman type cars (no delay boxes allowed) and Top Eliminator (delay Box). The will be Test-N-Tune all day both days. If you have questions, email - [email protected]


DOGWOOD SHOPPING PLAZA - 710 Dogwood Avenue, Franklin Square, NY 11010 - Every Wednesday at 6 pm, there is a Turbo Buick Car Show. All Gbody cars are welcome. For more information, contact Nick Dimaio - 646-316-7584.

NOTE - If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.


If you would like to see any Kirban Performance Products items listed on eBay, here is a link to our store and auctions -

http://stores.ebay.com/Kirban-Performance-Products-Inc_W0QQssPageNameZl2QQtZ km


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or not remember who requested the item.


Remember, we will be set up with many used Turbo Regal parts at the upcoming 20th Buick Performance Weekend at Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. This is held in conjunction with Hemmings Musclepalooza and F.A.S.T racing event which ZDDPlus™ is one of the two major sponsors for. We will have ZDDPlus™ and the new ZPaste™ available. Our plan is to be there both days. We will have some great bargains on large items that we rather not ship. Example; console parts, door panels, etc. We’ll have some parts, all at great prices.

Looking further ahead, November 7th and 8th we will be in Ocala, Florida at Don Garlits' 22nd Annual Mopar event. We'll be one of his special guests as a vendor selling ZDDPlus™ and the ZPaste™. We plan to contact the local Buick club and several of the Pontiac/GTO clubs to arrange a seminar in that general area at that time. Watch for more updates. We hope to see many of our Florida customers at that time.

The website for the Florida club that puts this on at Don Garlits museum is -www/floridamoparassociation.com for more information.