01-23-2019 Inner Circle

01-23-2019 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 01-23-2019 –


As many of our readers know our son Darrell has been working on his latest project. He is putting a 1967 Lemans/GTO body on a 2006 GTO interior, chassis, and drive train. He had seen one last year at the GTO convention and loved the idea. To our knowledge, it is the only one in existence. That GTO owner took 7 years to build his. Darrell hopes to have has built and running later this summer. This is a tremendous project to complete in less than one year.

There is no Pontiac assembly manual for doing this project. Darrell just makes it up in his head. One of the early problems he had overcome was to extend the floor pan of the original 1966 GTO by 6 inches. The later 2006 GTO is longer. Another trick was to make the panel rise up between the back window and trunk lid so the fill tube for the gas tank would be able to access. This is because the 1967 GTO gas tank was under the trunk. On the later model GTO it was not under the trunk.

For the hood and trunk lid to function properly he used BMW 3 series hinges from a BMW hood and trunk. These later BMW hinges are a compact design compared to the primitive 1967 GTO style. Even with my limited skill I was able to get him the BMW hinges out of a BMW in a junkyard. All the 1967 GTO body parts and bumpers he needed are available in reproduction which does make the body work easier.

His goal is to retain the original 1967 GTO exterior exact while focusing on making the interior suspension and drive train all 2006 GTO format. These next 4 photos show how his project is progressing.

PHOTO 1 – The top left photo shows the operating lid which allows access to the fill the gas tank using the 2006 gas tank. The top right photo you can see where the 6 inches has been added to the floor pan behind where the front seat would be. The bottom left you can see he made a new trunk pan since the original 1967 gas tank was moved the trunk is now twice as deep as it was originally in 1967. The bottom right photo shows the original 2006 GTO engine sitting neatly under the hood. The end result will be combining the popular early GTO styling with the later GTO platform.

Darrell says he will let me drive it to car shows when it is done! I can’t wait. Car will be a huge attention getter. I may have to reissue the tag I had years ago MR GTO.


On a similar note I wonder if anyone has taken a early A body GS Buick and installed it on a 1986-1987 Turbo Regal platform? If someone has email me pictures. My email is [email protected]


Last week we touched on the VIN number decal that appears on the door jamb area and also shows up on the trunk SPID decal. I am not sure exactly what year, but I do know shortly after 1987 GM car models started to show a small VIN decal on all the various body parts. The 1989 Turbo Trans Am does have VIN decals on all the body panels. A quick glance under the hood on any 1989 Turbo Trans Am and a 17 digit VIN number should be on both fenders and the underside of the hood. This gives potential buyers a quick visual look that the front end is 100% original.

It would have been nice had GM started this practice earlier so the Turbo Regals had VIN decals on all the panels. Four of various personal car models have VIN decals on the various body parts. It’s an easy visual way to quickly know if the body panels are original. The models we own range from a 2003 thru 2012. Interesting enough our 2005 Tahoe does not have any VIN labels.

PHOTO 2 – The top photo to the left shows the metal 13 digit VIN plate on Darrell’s 1967 Lemans/GTO. This metal plate appears inside the door jamb area by the driver’s fender. This is how GM did it back in the 1960s. The top middle shows a VIN decal on a 2012 Chrysler model. The top right shows a VIN decal on a 2004 Honda model door jamb. The bottom photo shows the VIN decal on the inner fender of a 2003 Honda model. Again each body panel when new had a VIN decal. No decal you can pretty much assume that body panel has been replaced. Going by memory at least with BMW replacement body panels for certain years has a decal and was noted as a replacement with no VIN number indicated.


We have always stressed the importance of the VIN decal and the vehicle information decal both of which GM put on the driver’s door jamb area on all the 1984-1987 Buick Regals. Like the window stickers, whatever font style and ink they used quickly fades over time. In some cases previous owners may have replaced the door and it has no decals. Or, a careless repaint has left overspray on the decals. Point is one of these door jamb decals has the 17 digit VIN number that verifies the car to your title and the SPID decal. It is very critical to have this decal. In some states you can’t register the car for the highway if that VIN decal is missing.

Our part numbers for the reproduction door VIN decals are on our website is #7900 through #7903. We work with ECS who are the only source fully licensed by GM to reproduce these decals for us exactly as they were when new. ECS also makes the reproduction visor decal for us as well.

GM started to use the door VIN decal on the 1970 models which back then were introduced in the previous fall. So dates started in the fall of 1969 even though the cars were a 1970 model. Back then it was a single blue label. They were still 13 digit VIN numbers back then. Each year GM made very minor changes in location of the imprint of the VIN and date. In 1972 they also had an additional line of copy that listed the vehicle weight and also would say Passenger Car under the VIN number.

PHOTO 3 – The top left we show a 1969 VIN decal. Top right we show a reproduction of the 1970. The bottom left is a reproduction of the 1971 VIN decal. Bottom right we show a reproduction of a 1972 VIN decal. You can see the very minor differences in the font style and location of the imprint.


This is the specific owner’s manual for all 1987 Buick Regals. It includes the information related to the Turbo Regals as well. This is a high quality reproduction. This is one of the hard to get items for your car. For some reason the 1987 Regals owner’s manual has always been difficult to find over the years. Our supplier only had a few so it may be best to call the office to order. The part number is #7843. If this is the only item you order this can be shipped by mail for $6.

PHOTO 4 – We show two pictures of this high quality reproduction of the 1987 Buick Regal Owner’s Manual. The price is $19.95. We have only a very few in stock as our supplier is out of them.


For many of you I am sure you have shopped for a good used car over the span of years. As you can imagine I have done it frequently over the years. I take my time as I am always seeking the best of the best. Not perfect, but ones that are close. Craig’s list at best can be entertaining as you read some of the car ads. You would be surprised how many posted ads sellers can’t spell brakes and spell it breaks. Good visual photos are another problem for some sellers that advertise on Craig’s List. Some sellers don’t grasp the fact you want to see close ups of the vehicle from different angles, inside and out and most important during the daylight hours. When I am looking for a used car mileage is not a huge concern for me. Many of the cars in the last 15 years can easily go 150,000 miles or more if they had proper maintenance. The overall condition and documentation outweighs mileage from my prospective. Craig’s List Ads that are several weeks old you kind of know that something must not be right about the vehicle.

Dealers would be an exception as their prices are generally higher than individual sellers so cars may sit longer on their lot. Recently I’ve been shopping for a good used car for Eileen to drive in nice weather. I usually buy privately rather than from a dealer. Going to two bid lots twice a week has yielded nothing that would make the grade for her. Between calling potential sellers and looking for a good used car I must have inquired on about 20 various cars over the last month or so. Eileen is pretty specific with what she wanted. Car had to be white or black with black leather interior and have a sport type suspension. Heated seats and Sirius radio would be a nice feature to have as well. The car had to be odor free and a non smoker. Interesting enough most late models cars don’t even have an ash tray anymore.

I finally found one late last week. What is nice in my case is when I call on a car I give them my name and tell them to Google my name and company that way they know I am a serious potential buyer. The seller hit all the key features that I wanted to hear in describing the car. We arranged to me at a gas station that night. The car was actually nicer than I thought it would be. This is quite rare! Usually it is the other way around! I was the first caller that gave me the edge over other callers. Problem was I had to bring Eileen back to drive it. I thought we could do it Saturday morning however, I called the seller Friday night and he informed me he had two potential buyers wanting to come Saturday morning to see the car. I knew I had to take Eileen back Friday night to see if she liked the car and have her test drive it to see how it rode for her. Otherwise the car I am sure would have sold that next morning to one of the next two potential buyers.

Long story short she liked the car so we bought it. The couple had bought it when it was just one year old. (Car is a 2010 model). It was always dealer serviced. They gave me all the records. Also what is quite rare they even had the window sticker. The car was his wife’s car so it was used gently to say the least. Plus it was a non smoker car and garaged every night. Zero dents and zero corrosion on the factory alloy wheels which is rare to see on a 9 year old car with over 100,000 miles on it. Interior was as close to mint as you will ever find. My point is documentation was the one key feature that really clinched the deal along with the attention to detail and upkeep. Funny thing is he just got a new Lexus so I told him how Molly did the logo for Lexus as well as the Grand National logo for the market we are involved with. You got to look at a lot of unworthy cars to find that one that stands out from the crowd.


Chevrolet went one step further in the mid 1950s at least as an option in 1957. They actually had a vacuum controlled option that removed the ashes from the ash tray and would put them in a glass container. I would imagine today this would be an extremely rare option for any 1957 Chevrolet owners to have. I am not sure if it was also available in 1955 and 1956 which would be the other two popular years from the 1950s. Cigarette smoking back the 50s and 60s was not considered by many to be a health problem.


Brings to mind one Pontiac offered on the 1974 GTO which never really gathered much interest as it lacked the punch under the hood of the early models. Unlike the Turbo Buicks where he last 2 years are high on the value chain the opposite is true with the GTOs of the 1970s. The 1973 and 1974 GTO models where boated examples caught in the middle of reduced horsepower and saddled with the push style impact bumpers to lessen the damage in an accident. All these issues killed the GTO.

The weirdest option was for the hatchback was the tent option for the GTO in 1974. It attached to the hatchback of the GTO so you could camp in your GTO. Not exactly the theme of the first year GTO in 1964 with tri-power and a 4 speed!

I am sure though that a vacuum ash tray and a tent option would be worth big money today simply due to how rare these two options are.

With that being said what is your thoughts on what is the rarest or unusual option that Buick offered on the Turbo Regals? Next week I will post the option I think would qualify as the rarest and most unusual. It’s a toss-up between 2 options Buick offered on a Turbo Regal in 1987 only. My email is [email protected]


The following results are courtesy of Brandon Chance a customer of ours who resides in Ohio. The highlight of the Barrett-Jackson auction related to the Turbo Regal market was of course the pair of sequential Grand Nationals. Predictions of the selling price were in the $160,000 plus range. The pair sold for just $122 grand. The 29 mile Grand National sold for $66 grand. In looking at these numbers it’s safe to say that having the two with sequential numbers basically was not much different than the one selling for $66 grand. In other words having two with sequential VIN numbers did not trigger a huge selling price.

Brandon also reports GNX 022 with 7,500 miles mostly stock sold for a mere $80 grand. My guess is not enough interest or perhaps missing the jacket and or GNX book and or the window sticker any of these missing items would hurt the selling price. GNX buyers are like Corvette buyers they want documentation and an original car.

Perhaps the real surprise was that a nice looking Turbo Limited with 55,000 miles hit the high mark of $38,500. It would appear that this car got a lot of interest and was recognized by some of the bidders as being unique and not another black Grand National.

While the values are rising on these cars the down side is most of these cars will never be driven much. Also I am sure some of these new owners probably bought it simply to out bid another bidder and add it to their collection. So their knowledge and appreciation may not be as intense as you are.

On the other side of the coin I just can’t see how 21 window VW vans can fetch over 100 grand.
On another note in a recent Craig’s listing for the Philadelphia area there is actually an ad where someone is looking for Yugo cars and parts. Can’t be an April fool’s joke it’s not April. Ist. I remember when we lived at our old house a local friend of mine had a junkyard and he had 3 or 4 Yugos. I had him bring the nicest one to our house and park it. I guess I should have kept it! I also had a 1967 VW window van. I think the model we had was the last year for the split windshield. The VW van I did sell on ebay prior to moving to our current house about 13 years ago. A guy from Texas bought it to sit on the roof of his car wash business. We used it to put packages in it for UPS pick up. I guess I should have hauled it up to our new house. I also had a early 1970s Ford panel truck that I simply junked.


The title on the front page reads “The Most Collectible Cars of the Past 30 years. Immediately I am thinking this has to include the Grand National since it falls in the 30 year span. This list of the hot 10 was cultivated by Hagerty the classic car insurer. I won’t name all 10 just pick out a few that make sense and a few that make no sense to me. You may or may not agree with me. The Viper GTS Coupe good choice as is the Acura NSX. The Ford F-150 Raptor truck which came out in 2015 is on the list which seems strange to me. It’s too new and is still considered a used truck in the truck market place.

Porsche makes the list with 2 entries. One which makes little sense to me is the Porsche Boxster with value listed of just $13,800. The Boxster is a real bargain. Another entry is the 1997 Corvette which is the first year for the C5 body style. Again I fail to see where the 1997 model is collectable. In the C5 model line-up if any of them are worthy it would be the 1999 and 2000 fixed roof coupes (FRC) the fore runner of the later ZO6. I owned one of each years ago.
Those production numbers were lower. They were also quicker. Similar to what Buick did when they introduced the WE4 models in 1987.

I have driven a Porsche Boxster it is a great car. German cars without a doubt are great handling cars. I just find it hard to believe that the Grand National or the GNX is not in the Top 10 collectible cars over the last 30 years. You would have to have a number of ealry Porsche Boxsters to equal the value of a GNX. Also the GNX would garner far more interest. You take any Porsche Boxster and a 1987 Grand National in equal condition and trade them in at a car dealership see which ones brings the big money at trade in.

In the Corvette world why not the 1990 ZR1 or in the Pontiac world the 1989 Turbo Trans Am both fall in the 30 year span. If anything I think the article should have made it the top 15 collectible cars over the last 30 years or maybe just did American cars. Again just sharing my thoughts against what was front page news in the USA TODAY article. Sure wish for the $2 they charge for the USA Today they would have comics in them like almost every other daily newspaper has!


My article in last week’s Inner Circle prompted several of our customers to respond with the formula they do for the brutal winter months in protecting their pride and joy.

Reagan Howe stores his 1964 Dodge in a detached garage. It is fully insulated for about 2 years. His brake system completely failed. He had to replace the master cylinder the brake lines all the wheel cylinders and the front rubber hoses. Also had to blow out and flush all the brake lines. This happened because moisture had built up in his brake system. His answer is to flush the brake system every year or so to prevent this issue. This is so true even if you do not store your Turbo Regal something Buick never informed owners to do. Almost all the foreign car makers tell owners to flush the brake system every few years.

Steve Perry pumps up all the tires to 45 psi, changes the oil, fills the gas tank adds stabilizer and removes the battery. He puts the car in a car jacket with desiccant. He says every Spring it looks and smells like he just put it away the day before.


Turbo V6 enthusiast Steve Saffier (who produced “The Dennis Kirban Story” on YouTube last year) is producer and host of a new automotive radio program broadcasting live every Saturday from 11am – 12 noon on 610 ESPN radio (the old WIP 610 am for those in the area.) The show talks about different aspects of the car world and Steve’s affinity for Turbo Regals and Syclone/Typhoons often is expressed in nearly every show.

You can tune in live or livestream the show at http://www.610espn.com from anywhere in the world. See http://www/carsmartsradio.com for updates on future shows.


I have several items for sale this first week. In each case the price includes shipping to the basic 48 states. Perhaps you have a relative or a good friend with one of these cars. All these items are extremely nice and priced to sell. Again, Paypal is the preferred method of payment. You must email me direct - [email protected] to purchase or check if item(s) are still available. All these items are bargain priced and extremely nice otherwise I would not bother hauling them out of the junkyard.

C-2 – See photo 4 in 11-07-2018 issue. I have 4 of these Cadillac accessory trunk mats. I have them in the trunk of all our cars and use them in the pole building to keep any leaks from getting on the concrete floor. These trunk mats were a Cadillac option around the late 1980s. The mat is reversible rubber on the one side with the Caddy crest logo and grey cloth material on the other side. The trunk mat measures 33 inches by 36 inches, almost a perfect square. Mat is the perfect size for most trunks to protect your original trunk carpet. They are charcoal grey in color. Each one is almost like new with no stains. The price is just $34.95, which includes shipping to the basic 48 states. These mats are very high quality.

C-4 – For the Subaru Outback, a full set (4) embroidered with the word Outback factory carpet savers that are absolutely mint. Grey black color weave look. They are probably 1990s vintage. The price is just $38.95 for the full set, which includes shipping to the basic 48 states.

C-5 – For any 2001-2004 Honda Civic with the grey/black interior I have a mint original factory passenger embroidered floor mat and a mint one piece rear carpeted factory floor mat. The price is just $29.95, which includes shipping to the basic 48 states.

NOTE - If requested we can supply photos of any item in this section if you are unsure as to whether it will fit your application.


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2019 Buick Grand National/GNX Calendar. The only Buick Grand National Calendar for sale today and it is comprised of the winners of the Grand National Facebook Group Calendar Contest winners. There is a small description of each car and its owner. Sales for the calendar are phenomenal and EVERYONE has been very happy with it as you can see by the comments in the Buick Grand National Facebook Group. Cost is $20 for one. If you order 3, I will send you the 4th free. They make perfect Christmas gifts too! Order here: http://buick-grand-national.webstarts.com/store/product/3 or email [email protected]


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Based on the collectable article in this issue we should be seeking Porsche Boxsters to buy as an investment.


Here is the information on our credits for cores.

URGENT NEED - Powermaster brake units. The must be complete. We will now issue you a Letter of Credit for $150 for each acceptable core. We currently will not buy any powermaster units outright, only Letter of Credit towards parts.

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A must-have reference booklet for any 1987 Turbo Regal owner. This is a high-quality GM Licensed reproduction of the original Owner’s Manual.

This is a great addition to your reference material.

7843 - Reproduction GM Licensed 1987 Buick Owner’s Manual - $19.95

1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

NOTE - This kit is included if you purchase the Power Antenna Upgraded Steel Cable Repair Kit, part #7433.

You only need this kit if you do NOT purchase the upgraded steel cable repair kit and plan to replace the cable not using our kit, part #7433.

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It eliminates the need to hunt down the hardware to reassemble the power antenna motor assembly.

Step-by-step directions are included to make it easy to install.

We also recommend you purchase the "1984-1987 Turbo Regal Power Antenna Removal and Installation Guide" Book by Pete Serio, part #6976. The location of the original power antenna on the passenger fender makes removal a more difficult project than most locations. Or purchase the 1984-1987 Buck Turbo Regal Power Antenna Upgraded Steel Cable Repair Kit, part #7433, which includes this hardware kit.

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NOTE - We recommend you also purchase our Part #6976 - “1984-1987 Turbo Regal - Power Antenna Removal and Installation Guide” Book by Pete Serio

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