Special MOLLY Inner Circle

Special MOLLY Inner Circle


Over the weekend we received an email from Molly (Rollin Sanders) explaining he has been diagnosed with cancer. Many of you have personally met Molly at one of several Reunion Events he has attended for us over the years dating back to the early 1990s.

The most recent event he attended was my 60th Birthday Bash back in 2007. At these events he signed many of your trunk ID labels and was always eager to talk to Buick owners. He has always been amazed at the passion and support Buick owners have had for the car.

For those of you that are not familiar with Molly (Molly Designs), he is responsible for the Buick Grand National concept car, including the famous "Power Six" logo (also known as the Turbo Six logo) that adorns the Grand Nationals. He also did several projects for the Buick Motorsports program and the Turbo Riviera emblems. He did the very first Turbo Buick clothing line and was the design consultant for the hardbound GNX book. The highly sought after GNX jacket bears his Molly Design label.

Many people don't realize it, but they've probably already seen some of his design work. If you've ever seen the Lexus logo, a green Kawasaki motorcycle, a yellow or blue Yamaha factory race bike, a black Grand National, or any of the Toyota racecars or transport, then you've already been introduced to some of his creations!

We are deeply saddened by this news and pray for a full recovery. He has great family and friends and a terrific sense of humor, which we know will help him through this.

We asked him if we could release this information to our Buick friends, and this was his reply -

"I would be honored to have our Buick friends pray for my family and me! You can't have too many friends talking to the Lord about this. Because my E-mail gets full prematurely, I would prefer snail mail."

I know many of you may want to give him words of encouragement, so here is his mailing address.

Molly, Terry and Brooke Sanders
2959 Country Club Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

I'm sure the whole Buick community will keep him and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

Here are some photos taken from our Kirban 2007 Reunion and Birthday Bash. Molly was our special guest for the event and stayed at our home for the whole weekend. It was a great opportunity for Buick enthusiasts to meet him and have him autograph their car or memorabilia.

PHOTO 1 - Shows Molly autographing items at our Reunion and Birthday Bash. He was signing a GNX book and other Buick original pieces. A Grand National banner highlighting the turbo six logo hung in the background.

PHOTO 2 - Shows an impromptu group shot at our son's home on Sunday taken by John Spina. There were over 55 Buicks and more than 100 people gathered on Darrell's driveway. Molly is sitting in the very front row in the white shirt.

PHOTO 3 - Show Molly autographing a Grand National go-cart. That's me in my black hat along with Paul Castle with his son, Paulie.

PHOTO 4 - Shows Molly doing a presentation at the Sunday banquet. He featured some of his accomplishments and projects he has done over the years for Toyota, Yamaha, Honda, and of course Buick.

If you would like to see more of his work, here's a link to his web site -

UPDATE ON MOLLY - 03-03-2010

Last week Molly got his Oncologist's prognosis for the scans and blood work. The Doctor told him he has cancer in his lungs, brain, back bones, and lymph nodes. He had minor surgery where they installed a "port" valve in his upper left chest to take blood and administer chemo easier and less painful.

In his email to us, he says, "So I'm asking you to keep Terry, Brooke, and me in your prayers, and keep the faith. I am going to be very busy on the front line fighting hard and praying harder. If you could just please keep on praying hard for a miracle, and the doctors' wisdom in using conventional and possibly new experimental procedures, I will be most thankful..."

Molly is starting chemo and radiation this week, so he needs a ton of your prayers at this time. Please take time to send off a card or note.

His address - Molly, Terry, and Brooke Sanders, 2959 Country Club Drive, Costa, Mesa, CA 92626.

UPDATE ON MOLLY - 04-09-2010

Since we have not heard personally from Molly for a while and people keep asking us for an update, Eileen called out and talked to his wife Terry on Friday (04-09-2010).

Molly has completed 4 rounds on radiation and several rounds of chemo. Because of a bad reaction, he still has one more round of chemo to go. The treatment is aggressive and he's lost 50 pounds. At this point they are trying to manage his pain with 3 different medications.

Unfortunately, he has also suffered a series of strokes, which have left him with some vision and vocabulary problems. He is not able to read or respond to emails. He sometimes cannot get his thoughts out properly and they sometimes laugh at the new words he makes up.

His medical team will re-evaluate him in 4 more weeks with an MRI.

Molly, Terry and Brooke want our readers to know how much they appreciate the many cards they have received. He fondly remembers the good times he had at the several Turbo Buick events we've had him come to over the years. Terry says they read the cards over and over and he actually remembers certain names and specific cars.

Most of our conversation was positive - Terry explained that Molly is in good spirits although in pain, "He's in it for the fight!"

She says he shows fabulous patience and the medical staff loves taking care of him because of his positive attitude, humor and personality.

"It's been totally sweet hearing from people across the miles. The notes and photos and kind thoughts have touched his heart."

They even heard from a women's prayer group in Texas that says a prayer for him every time they see a Lexus (Molly designed the Lexus logo).

Even in the hardest situations, they are thankful for things. They continue to look for blessings everyday and want to say thanks to ALL who are sending their best wishes to them.

She was also touched that so many of our Buick people have included her and their 10-year old daughter Brooke in their notes.

Please take time and drop them a note. I know many of you may want to give them words of encouragement, so here is the mailing address.

Molly, Terry and Brooke Sanders
2959 Country Club Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626