06-03-2020 Inner Circle

06-03-2020 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 06-03-2020 –


The supply chains are still lagging in timely deliveries. FED EX, UPS, and USPS have had vast increases in shipments, which has also causes delays in deliveries.


From time to time we will post various cars that are either unique or in exceptional condition that I buy or the owner of the local country used car dealership that I have a license with buys.

This 2003 Buick Rendezvous is unusual for several reasons. One reason is that it was traded in at O’Neil Buick, which is the dealership I sold over 325 Turbo Regals though over the years and at one time I held a sales license with Mike O’Neil. Mike and his brother run a bid lot auction every 2 weeks. Another reason is that it is in extremely nice original condition whereas many bid cars of that vintage are in poor shape.

Bid lot cars generally are at the low end of the market, but every so often a Kirban-quality car shows up. Over the years, I have bought two to keep. I also found one that our granddaughter uses at college. This is one of those vehicles. Like other cars we have purchased that were extremely nice, this one was also owned by a woman.

This is a two-owner SUV. Unlike most that were bought to haul kids or pets, this Buick shows no signs of neglect. Most of the seating looks like they were never sat in. It is the top-of-the line model with both front seats 6-way power and heated. It has leather seating and has the optional 3 row seat. It even has the original Window Sticker which was still in the glove box. I see no evidence of any paint work. It looks like it was garaged most of its life. Mileage is 96,000. Comes with a 3-month warranty.

It has that popular two-tone exterior against a medium oak tan leather interior. Interior is close to mint. No wear issues on any of the knobs. The steering wheel looks like it was installed 2 months ago, it is that nice. The door jambs shine as bright as the exterior does.

It will have the latest PA inspection. The price is $3,895.

PHOTO 1 – The top left and top right photos show both sides of this Buick Rendezvous. The bottom left photo shows the engine compartment and the bottom right photo shows the interior. The vehicle is located about 10 minutes from our home in Kintnersville, PA. If you are local and looking for a low-end SUV, you would be hard pressed to find a better one for this price.

To see more photos, simply email me direct [email protected]


Each year Eric Brown and Mike Barnard (the creator of the very popular SpoolFool bumper fillers and the Drip Lip fly wheel cover) runs what has quickly become the go-to west coast Turbo Regal event. The show has no entry fee as Eric and Mike’s goal is to make it not only enjoyable, but with no entry fee. This event attracts Turbo Owners not only in California, but in neighboring states as well.

If you come in a Turbo Regal, it is the only way to get this a unique long sleeve T-shirt and a colorful cartoon Buick poster as a keepsake. The artist that did this year’s cartoon is Phil Guy. Phil has done cartoons over the years for Mad magazine.

Mike’s and Eric’s goal is to make this event the biggest Turbo Regal event in the country. They are on their way to making that happen. Through Eric and Mikes efforts over the last 5 years they are the second largest Turbo Regal gathering in the country. The GS Nationals has been the largest. These shirts and posters are not sold.

As one of the sponsors each year for this west coast event Mike sent me a few of the show’s 2020 T-shirts and full-color posters.

PHOTO 2 – The photo to the left shows the full-color poster, which measures 15 inches by 11 inches. The photo to the right shows the ash grey long sleeve T-shirt. This artwork is on the back.


Last week we mentioned having owned a 1949 Oldsmobile Club Coupe at one time. We heard from several subscribers wanting to know more about this car.

The club coupe model was unlike a typical 2-door sedan. Club coupes were generally cheaper models and had a smaller side window behind the door. Ford also had similar models in the late 1940s and early 1950s as I had one of those Ford models as well. I think Ford referred to them as “business coupes.” Again, I am going by memory.

I was still serving in the U.S. Army when I located this 1949 Olds for sale in Philadelphia. I can’t remember the price I paid for the Oldsmobile, but it had to be less than a thousand dollars. At the time, I was stationed at the Philadelphia Induction center so I got to drive home each night. My job was to give tests to the incoming inductees.

Eileen worked at Hurst and drove a 1964 GTO to work. I drove a 1950 Ford sedan that I had for many years as a backup car in high school. After I graduated from high school Eileen drove the 1950 Ford to school. While she was in class, I was off in basic training picking up cigarette butts prior to breakfast each morning. By the time Eileen was a senior, I was in Vietnam.

When I bought the 1949 Olds Club Coupe, it was in primer. It had been converted to a 12-volt electric system. The engine was a 1957 Olds 371 V8 backed up with a hydro transmission. The car was a joy to drive, but had knee action shocks that always leaked. Every bump felt like the front end was going to fall out.

After a few years, I was able to spend $2,000 getting the car painted glossy black. The car had zero rust. I had all the chrome redone which set me back another $500. I eliminated part of the ugly front bumper assembly and the hood ornament as well as the trunk emblem. Most of our friends thought it was a Chevrolet as the Oldsmobile Club Coupe was fairly rare. I believe it was called a 76 model. I installed 1962 T-bird bucket seats. Otherwise the door panels and dash cluster were all factory 1949. I never even added any gauges.

I spent some serious money getting the transmission rebuilt. This transmission would shift harder than any car I ever owned since then, including the Turbo Regal. I can’t remember what I spent on the transmission but it was done by a high-end shop that did transmissions for race cars back in the day.

The Oldsmobile was a blast to drive. My license tag read, “CPE 49.”

Regretfully, I sold it many years ago to a local buyer. I find it unusual having attended many car shows in our area every year that I have never ever seen my 1949 Oldsmobile Club Coupe. It makes me sad.

Eileen was able to find these pictures of this 1949 Oldsmobile Club Coupe, and one of a very young Darrell standing by the back bumper.

PHOTO 3 – We show four views of our 1949 Oldsmobile Club Coupe. The lower right photo shows a very young Darrell by the back bumper.


As most readers know, we live out in the country. Recently on the few times I do go out I have been noticing a small area on the side of a house where a wooden fence was being erected on a nearby property. It did not cover a large area, maybe about a 20-foot square in the center of the side of the property.

At the one end a door was erected with a board across the top and a beautiful hanging basket of flowers was hung off both ends.

PHOTO 4 - We show several views of this unique arrangement. Here are your choices as to what it is.

A - Did Martha Stewart move into the neighborhood?

B – Is it a small Memorial Plot for a possible relative?

C - Is it a custom-built garden?

The correct answer is C.

Inside the fenced-in area are two small raised areas where a small garden has been started. I assume at some point the builder will attach wire to the fencing to keep the animals out. It clearly shows that the owner, besides having skills at wood working, is either retired or has a lot of time on his hands due to the virus!


This car is still available.

At the country dealership that I help with and have a sales license for they just acquired a really nice 1997 Mustang Cobra from a collector. It is a manual shift, 99% stock, garage kept, 2-owner car with 126,000 miles. It’s a non-smoker car, Kirban-quality inside and out, never abused and adult owned. While it’s true this may not be high on the collector chart, it’s a chance to own a reasonably priced Mustang performance car and have some fun this summer. Treat it right and its value will not decrease. The car is the right color combination. You won’t find many performance cars this clean, in any brand you can buy for under ten grand today.

Car is 10 minutes from our location. The price is $8,495. For more info, contact me [email protected]


We placed our initial order for two different designs of GM licensed Grand National T-shirts and baseball-style Grand National hats. We should have inventory and pictures in next week’s Inner Circle. Minor delay but expect to have these next week.


The Auto Easel Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand is on our website. Because of the special sale price, you must call our office to place your order - 215-766-1611.

Here is the link to see the Auto Easel pictures and information on our website.

We also now have a YouTube video showing it installed on a 2012 Camaro SS and on a 1985 Regal. In this 9-minute YouTube video we also show all the parts in the kit as well as the unit complete. It clearly shows how it installed in mere seconds, if you use a power hand tool with the proper bit to secure the single allen head screw on the 2-piece clamp.

We have filmed an informative video for YouTube filmed by our son Darrell showing how to attach the unit to your vehicle. 

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

If the link doesn’t work, put copy and paste this information into your url.

Or you can search "The Kirban Auto Easel - A Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand" on YouTube.

Here is an up-to-date list of cars and trucks we know our new Auto Easel Car Show Hood Latch Display Stands will fit. As we discover more applications, we will list them.

Remember, there is a Special Introductory Price that is in effect until midnight August 31, 2020.

1982-1988 G-Body - All Models
1955-1957 Chevrolet
1979-2004 Ford Mustang and 2010-2014 Ford Mustang
1995-1997 Ford Ranger
1967-1968 Firebird
1982-2002 Chevrolet Camaro / Pontiac Firebird
2010-2018 Chevrolet Camaro
1966-1967 and 1968-1969 Pontiac GTO
2005-2010 Chrysler 300
2005-2010 Dodge Magnum
2011-2020 Dodge Charger
2009-2014 Dodge Challenger
2001-2004 Honda Civic
1996-2004 Mazda Miata

Remember, as long as the hood latch extends above the core support by 1½", this Auto Easel Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand will fit. You don’t have to get it centered on the hood latch since you can adjust your display panel so the display panel is centered in front of the car or truck.


If there are any tips or ideas you want to share with our readers, email me – [email protected]


Whenever purchasing reproduction parts for your Turbo Regal it’s important to realize there may be more than one version may exist of the same part in some cases. This is also why prices can vary between several vendors. The quality can also vary on the same part.


NOTE - With the ongoing crisis, watch for updates as some events may be cancelled or pushed back to a later date.

If you know of a Turbo Regal related car show, email us the promotional flyer and we will list it FREE! - [email protected]

JUNE 12-14, 2020
Itasca, Illinois

This is the 4th year of this popular event held in Illinois. Last year they had over 100 Turbo Regals in attendance. Car show day is Saturday, June 13th. This year it is expanded to include Firebird Turbo cars, Typhoons, and Syclones. For more exact details and location, contact Tim Barthel, the Chicagoland Chapter President - Phone 630-234-7478.

June 18-20, 2020
Quaker City Motorsports Park, 10225 West South Range Road, Salem, Ohio 44460

For more details, contact John Csordas 914-447-6068 [email protected] or Denny Moore 330-647-3615 [email protected]

July 17-18, 2020
Lorenz Racing & Performance, 12399 Stratton Road, West Salem, Ohio 44287

Last year they had 68 Turbo Regals in attendance from 23 different states. For more details, contact Brian Lorenz - 330-608-9735 - [email protected]

August 2, 2020
Bates Nut Farm, Valley Center, CA.
Note: Attendees that bring a Turbo Regal to this event get the show T-shirt and poster free! See Photo 1 in this issue.

September 12-13, 2020
Cecil County Dragway, 1916 Theodore Road, Rising Sun, Maryland 21911
For more details, contact John Csordus 914-447-6068 [email protected] or Jim Chaudrue 215-266-1052 [email protected]

Note: We will be attending this annual event. May be the only Buick event we go to this year.


If you are returning any cores or products, it is important that you send them to the correct address.


We discovered that Fed Ex will not forward any packages that are sent to the PO Box or to our old address in Plumsteadville. Instead they deliver the packages to the old address and leave them outside. They refuse to forward and say that we should notify the shipper. In most cases, we have no idea when we are getting packages shipped back to us.

If you have any cores that are being sent back to us, be sure to use the correct address, especially if you use Fed Ex. Otherwise, we may not receive your package or it may be sent back to you.


We have been placing some of our special items on ebay. We post under two company names - Kirban Performance for new parts. Kirban Enterprises for used and rare items. If you search for sellers – kirbanperformance – kirbanenterprises (Do not put a space between kirban and second word.) Or bookmark the links below. Be sure to check it out.

Here is a link to the Kirban Performance ebay listing –

Here’s is the URL if the link doesn’t work:

Here is a link to the Kirban Enterprises ebay listings –

Here’s is the URL if the link doesn’t work:


In order for our Inner Circle members to have an equal opportunity on the Rare Parts, no emails regarding orders on rare parts will be honored prior to 3 pm Wednesday. This way Inner Circle members get the opportunity first to purchase any of the rare items that may be pictured in the main body of the Inner Circle which may go on our website earlier in the day each week. Inner Circle members are the ONLY people that get to see the Rare Parts listing and see the prices.


Here is the information on our credits for cores.

STEERING WHEEL CORES. Currently we need good 1986-1987 Turbo Regal steering cores. They must be straight and not have rusted spokes. We l issue a letter of credit of $100 for each acceptable core.

POWERMASTER BRAKE UNITS. Currently, we are NOT accepting powermaster brake units. When we need cores, we give a $150 Letter of Credit for each acceptable core.

TURBO CORES must be the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal stock turbo. They must be complete. We will issue you a $150 Letter of Credit for each acceptable core.

If you ship to us, the post office is the cheapest method. Pack the item(s) with a note with your name, address and phone number. This is the only item we are currently accepting as cores.

UPS or MAIL - Ship to Address –


CarSmarts Radio (hosted by Turbo-6 enthusiast and “The Kirban Story” producer Steve Saffier) is moving from traditional radio and becoming a full-time Podcast.

Some past shows are already available on iTunes and new content will begin in May. The new platform allows for greater flexibility and affords the host the opportunity to conduct interviews and broadcast from car shows and other events or by phone.

Subscribe to the podcast by downloading iTunes on your phone or computer, and searching CarSmarts Radio. The program will also be on Spotify and other platforms in the future.

For more information or to suggests guests, go to www.CarSmartsRadio.com


Good news - We now accept Classified Ads in our weekly Inner Circle emails. Over the years several customers have asked about placing an ad in our weekly Inner Circle.

Here are the options and the costs.

Ads can be from any individual or company. It needs to be automotive related, meaning it does not need be specifically Turbo Regal related. It can be for something for sale or something wanted.

Maximum number of words is 125 words, which is about 7 to 9 lines of copy. No photos. You can list a website. We recommend you state your name, phone number or email, a price, and your location in your ad.

The cost for 2 consecutive weeks is $25. The cost for 4 consecutive weeks is $40. You save $10 with the 4-week plan. No changes can be made to your existing running ad. You can only run one ad at any given time. We will have a code system at the end of your ad, so we will know what week number your ad is to run - 2 or 4 weeks.

It can be an ad for something for sale or an ad for something you are looking for.

We have never missed a single week since we started the Inner Circle email format in 2009. It’s something I enjoy doing and I just always seem to have enough material to write about.

Our weekly Inner Circle reaches over 3,400 members every Wednesday direct to their inbox. The Inner Circle also appears every Wednesday on our website with the related photos. Your ad would be visible to both groups of readers. So, the exposure to your ad is well over 3,200 potential buyers.

Ads submitted properly by the previous Sunday would appear that next Wednesday in the weekly Inner Circle. Ads must be submitted by email to - [email protected]

Payment by credit card must be done by phone to our office 215-766-1611.

WANTED TO BUY: NOS (New Old Stock) Buick parts for 1986 and 1987 Buick Turbo Regals. Have you sold your Buick Turbo Regal and have NOS Buick parts left or have a collection of parts you are interested in selling and want to turn them into CASH? Some of the items I am looking for are NOS Power Master brake parts, NOS black out trim. NOS grey GN interior parts, NOS exhaust system pieces. I travel to purchase and I am a CASH BUYER. Please call or e-mail and leave message anytime. No part to big or too small. All calls and e-mails will be returned. Serious buyer and references available upon request. Jason Maxfield (416)-399-7265 or [email protected] Niagara Falls, NY 14304 Thank You. 1 of 4.


If you are not able to see the Buick Rare Parts section at the end of this Inner Circle, it is because you are not an Inner Circle member, but instead are reading this on the website. You must subscribe to see the Rare Parts section each week. It would go directly to your inbox every Wednesday afternoon. It is FREE, probably one reason why nobody complains about what I write about. To subscribe simply email – [email protected] - to get our free weekly Inner Circle email.

The Buick Rare Parts section is only viewed by those that subscribe. Subscription is free, so complaints on what I write are nonexistent!


NOTE - If you email us and do NOT get a timely reply, be sure to check your “SPAM” folder. Some emails do not go thru.

If you need to email us, use - [email protected]


If you need technical information, it’s best to email - [email protected] - rather than call us. We will do our best to answer any technical questions within 24 hours. Please remember I have very little knowledge of the mechanical workings of the engine.


1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -
This spray paint is semi-black and is an excellent color match for the black-out trim moldings that was used on certain Turbo Regal models.

It is made by the same company that color matches the grey, dark blue, burgundy paint we also sell from this same source.

It dries within minutes. While many variations of semi-black exist we found this to be a very close match. Remember, no paint color is going to match trim that has been exposed for over 30 years of sun and weather. 

This is ideal to do the taillight trim parts and the plastic headlight bezels.

NOTE - You may also be interested in these other spray paints - #7419 - Aluminum Grey Last Blast High Temperature Formula Spray Paint and #6822 - Interior Spray Paint (grey, dark blue or burgundy

NOTE - Spray paint can ONLY be shipped by UPS GROUND… because of restrictions, we CANNOT ship paint by AIR.

Another excellent product for any restoration.

Here is a link to this semi-black spary paint on our website.

7883 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Semi-Black Exterior Trim Spray Paint - 11-oz can - $19.95

1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

We are offering these two decals as a set.

The reproduction Air Cleaner Decal measures 1-5/16″ x 1-1/4″ and is white with black lettering, which is the identical size and color as the original.

It goes on the side of the top portion of the metal factory air cleaner box. There is no precise location but generally can be found on the side towards the driver’s fender.

The reproduction Brake Switch Recall Decal measures 2″ x 1″ and is white with black lettering, which is the identical size and color as the original.

There was no exact placement for where the Service Department would put the Recall decal showing it was completed. Generally, it was put on the core support near the Belt Routing decal. A date was written in along with the other related information, which showed the recall was completed. The recall related to the powermaster brake switch was not issued until the fall of 1990.

NOTE - You may also be interested in these related parts - #6502 Reproduction “ACCESSORY BELT ROUTING” Decal, #6507 Reproduction “FAN CAUTION” Decal, and #6537 STOCK Replacement K & N Air Filter.

Excellent replacements for any engine restoration.

7844 - 1986-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - Reproduction Air Cleaner Decal (1) and Reproduction Brake Switch Recall Decal (1) Set $8.95 / 2-piece set

NOTE – If this is the only thing you are ordering, the total price with shipping by mail would be $10. You will need to call in your order – 215-766-1611.

Here is a link to these decals on our website.


See information earlier on the AUTO EASEL CAR SHOW HOOD LATCH DISPLAY STAND. Both versions at a Special Introductory Price has been EXTENDED until midnight June 30, 2020 due to the virus, that has virtually wiped out a good bit of the car show season around the country.

The Auto Easel Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand is now up on our website. Because of the special sale price, you must call our office to place your order - 215-766-1611.

We have filmed an informative video for YouTube filmed by our son Darrell showing how to attach the unit to your vehicle. 

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.

If the link doesn’t work, put copy and paste this information into your url.

Or you can search "The Kirban Auto Easel - A Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand" on YouTube.

We also now have a YouTube video showing it installed on a 2012 Camaro SS and on a 1985 Regal. In this 9-minute YouTube video we also show all the parts in the kit as well as the unit complete. It clearly shows how it installed in mere seconds, if you use a power hand tool with the proper bit to secure the single allen head screw on the 2-piece clamp.

We have filmed an informative video for YouTube filmed by our son Darrell showing how to attach the unit to your vehicle. 

Here is a link to the video on YouTube.

Here’s is the URL if the link doesn’t work:

Or you can search "The Kirban Auto Easel - A Car Show Hood Latch Display Stand" on YouTube.

1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal -

We are now offering high-quality reproduction Grand National emblems for the front fenders and trunk lid. All 1986-1987 GNs used three emblems; one on each fender and one on the driver’s side trunk lid. The 1984-1985 GNs only used two emblems; one on each fender.

This striking silver, red, orange and black enamel-like finish emblem measures 5-3/8" x 1-7/8" and comes with a self-adhesive backing.

NOTE - If you need to replace an emblem on your car, it’s best to replace all three at the same time so they all look new.

Emblems also make a great addition to any car show display board.

Another excellent replacement for any exterior restoration.

7855 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - ONE - Reproduction Grand National Fender and Trunk Emblem - $54.95

7856 - 1984-1987 Buick Turbo Regal - THREE - Reproduction Grand National Fender and Trunk Emblems (3) Set - $149.95 set

Here is the link to these emblems on our website.


If you have any product ideas that would fit our Turbo Buick market that you would like to see available, email me direct - [email protected]


Got any Turbo Buick parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. We also may buy your new or used parts. Simply email me a list [email protected]

Also, we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


We have heard from a couple people that have had problems with the links in our Inner Circle.

When we check the links, they work fine. However, if you are not able to be directed to the exact website page or internet site, you can "copy" and "paste" the link into the URL in your browser (such as Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.) If it doesn't link in one browser, it may work in another.

Most people having problems are using Internet Explorer. If you are having issues with links, try another browser to see if it works.

You may need to "UPDATE" your browser to be use you are using the current version.


We have heard from a couple people that have viewed the photos on the website. Because these must be low-resolution photos to work on the Inner Circle segments on the website, any photos of text don't appear clear when enlarged. This is a problem when you are trying to see numbers, such as those on the VIN labels or pages from Options booklet. Also, because of photo reproduction and computer screen variations, the colors may not be true to the actual product or photo.

If you would like to have us email you any photo at the higher resolution for viewing, just email us and we will email them to you. Be sure to be specific on which pictures you want to see - Reference Inner Circle date and photo number 1, 2, 3 or 4 - [email protected]


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - and I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or may not remember who requested the item.


I was finally able to get my first haircut in 3 months by going to my barber’s home and having her cut it in her garage. Our area is still not open up except for essentials. The local business owners are getting restless.