4-7-10 Inner Circle

4-7-10 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 04-07-10


Probably second in popularity (behind the Turbo Regal T-Types), would be the 1987-1989 LeSabre T-Types. For whatever reason, Buick in 1987 changed the model name on the Turbo Regal to Turbo-T instead of keeping the T-Type nameplate on the Turbo Regal.

The rear wheel drive platform was disappearing and I guess Buick was pinning its high hopes on the new LeSabre T-Types. They made them in just four colors: black, red, white, and silver.

They had very comfortable seats. At some point, (I am not sure exactly what year or years) they did offer black leather seating as an option.

The styling on the actual wheels left a lot to be desired as the design was kind of unusual.

Unlike the Turbo Regals, these LeSabre T-Types got a full analog dash cluster. The first year the speedometer only read to 85 and later years that was changed to 120.

According to the book "The Buick Complete History," here are the production numbers. In 1987 they made 4,123 T-Type LeSabres, 1988 they made 6,426 and in 1989 they produced 5,389. I am sure if you research this model on the internet, somewhere you can find the breakdown for each of the four colors for each year.

About 10-12 years ago I did own a super mint 1987 burgundy 1987 LeSabre T-Type. A very nice comfortable car. At the time it was tough to sell, so I simply traded it in on another car. Today, you seldom see any of them in real nice condition.

Basically a cosmetic package, this model probably represented the last two-door Buick model that had a decent appeal.

Here is another case that makes things confusing. The trunk ID code for the T-Type package on the LeSabre model 1987, 1988, ad 1989 was "WE2" which is the SAME code Buick used also in 1987 denoting a Grand National package on the 1987 Turbo Regal. Confused?

On the page on the right in our first photo, it even says WE2 is the code in their caption under the photo!

PHOTO 1 - Shows two different pages from the 1987 Buick Dealer album. The top photo on each page shows the T-Type LeSabre in black.


Here's a note from one of our Inner Circle member regarding our Riviera article.

Just reading your 31 March 10 issue with the discussion on the Riviera.

As I recall Motor Trend picked the Riviera as their 1979 Car of the Year winner. I don't recall if it was the S TYPE or even if it was one of the turbo models.

My 1979 catalog suggests the S TYPE (and yes that's the way Buick spelled it in the catalog - all upper case letters) came standard with the 231 Turbo V-6, but could be had optionally with the 350 (I believe that was a Buick made 350 vs. the Chevy - would need to look thru my service manual for that info. The luxury Riviera came standard with the 350 and had the Turbo as an option.

Other distinctions for the S TYPE: fast-ratio power steering, Rallye ride-and-handling suspension, GR70-15 wide-oval narrow white stripe tires, storage console, sport side rearview mirrors vs. chrome, sport steering wheel, Designer's Sport wheel covers, bucket seats vs. 45/55 notchback, amber vs. yellow front turn signals and parking lamps, black vs. simulated wood-grain instrument panel.

The S TYPE was designated as model Y57 vs. Z 57 for the luxury model (listed as just Riviera). I don't remember where I saw this but the Turbo in the Riviera was rated at 185 horsepower vs, 175 in the Century Turbo Coupe (model G87 with option W13) and 165 in the LeSabre Sport Coupe (model F37) and the Regal Sport Coupe (model K47). The reason for the 175 vs 165 in the Century was the free flow dual exhaust (it split into two pipes aft of the catalytic converter and had two resonators (straight pipes approximately an inch in diameter bigger than the exhaust pipes instead of a single pipe with muffler on the Regal and LeSabre). The Riviera got an additional 10 over the Century because of the difference in the way the turbocharger was mounted and the exhaust crossover, which did not pass under the oil pan but instead passed over the front wheel drive transmission. The mini-catalog for 1979 suggests that all Century coupes and sedans could be had with the turbo! But only the turbo coupe came with the dual exhaust (part of the W-13 option package which cost all of $40).

Why do I have some info on the 1979 Buicks you may wonder? Well I'm one of the very few that purchased the super rare Century Turbo Coupes. I bought it brand new in February 1979 and it was my first car. I still have the Century and am in the midst of a restoration/modification with it.

I'll try to scan you some of the pages of the 1979 catalog, unfortunately the pages are 10.5 x 10.5 and my scanner only handles 8.5 wide so it will have to be in pieces. In the meantime, I attached 4 pages from the mini catalog and the window sticker form my Century.

Stuart B.
Tehachapi, CA

PHOTO 2 - Shows a page from his original 1979 Buick catalog featuring the Riviera specifications.

PHOTO 3 - Shows the very rare 1979 Buick Century Turbo Coupe from his original Buick catalog.

PHOTO 4 - Shows the original 1979 Buick Century Sport Coupe Window Sticker from his car.

SPECIAL THANKS to Stuart for sending us this information and photos!

KIRBAN OPEN HOUSE - SATURDAY, APRIL 17th - 9 am - 3 p.m. Rain or shine!

OUR OPEN HOUSE is less than 2 weeks away! Be sure to call ahead if you want us to hold certain items for you.

GREAT NEWS - We received confirmation that some additional vendors. Jay's GN will be setting up as a vendor at our Open House. John Spina of Casper's Electronics will be set up as a vendor. And we just heard from Mr-Shine, Rich Warner who will be set up with Race Glaze, Purple Metal Polish, etc. Be SURE to contact any of the vendors now if you want them to bring something specific for you. Jack Cotton is also trying to come.

Jack Cotton is also pretty certain he will be coming for the first time to our Open House as well.

Pete will have a lot of used parts for sale, and I have many tagged and bagged items for sale as well. We will have a bake sale to raise money for the Walk for Cancer that Carrie is doing later this fall.

Paul Castle is coming from Illinois, and our good friend Jason Maxfield will be here from Canada. Also, Richard Clark hopes to be able to come as well. This is a great time to bring any used parts that you do not need to trade or cash in for items you want.

We will have available the new Linda Vaughn "Miss Hurst" project available as well as several other unique items.

Be sure to place your orders now, so we can have what you want on hand. ZDDPlus™ will be available at a special quantity discount.

Here is a link to the KIRBAN OPEN HOUSE information on our web site:


I have three very extremely rare items for sale. Of these two items, only 2 exist and that's all that will ever exist. The other item, only 4 exist and no others will ever exist. They are brand new. Don personally signed them and I have photos to go with them. They are not cheap.

They are off his 001 Challenger Drag Pak car, which is valued at over $75,000.

If you are interested, email me - direct [email protected] - for further details and prices. We may have one on display at our Open House.


Here is a link to the GNX Exhaust System on our web site -

NOTE - We currently stock the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - PYPES PERFORMANCE (Non-Polished Stainless) DUAL EXHAUST SYSTEMS

Here is a link to the Pypes Dual Exhaust System on our web site -

We have several of the Pypes exhaust systems in stock for immediate delivery.


One of the parts in the works for late spring delivery is the factory-style HEADERS for the 1986-1987 Turbo Regals. We expect to also have the driver's side alone available as well. They will be made from 409 stainless. As delivery time draws closer, we will have a special introductory price to determine initial sales response. We have recently been informed that the mounting flange will be changed to accept the various style cylinder heads.

Watch for updates on this project.


Got any Turbo parts you are not using? Why not cash them in for parts you need with a Letter of Credit. Simply email me a list - [email protected] -

Also we are still buying dead or partially dead 1984-1987 Turbo Regals under $4,000 that are within 250 to 350 miles of our location.


It appears that the GM supply of the factory 1986-1987 GM factory original molded boost line kits are dwindling and may already have disappeared from GM's warehouses inventory. We currently have a decent supply of them.

This is a very critical part, for any 1986-1987 Turbo Regal, since it is needed to control boost. They have 3 specially formed hoses with a special size diameter T in between two of the molded hoses. These also have the GM wording on them.

Over a period of time, heat can cause the hoses to swell and crack. While they last, we have them available for $44.95 plus shipping, Part #6644. Supplies are limited.

Here is a link to the Boost Line Kit on our web site -


We have probably the last 2 factory astroroof seals from GM in stock. The price is $179.95 each plus shipping. You MUST call the office, if you want to own one of these factory astroroof seals.


We have the 1986-1987 Turbo Regal - GM Air Flow Duct (from turbo to MAF sensor), Part #6536 in stock for $61.95. Just a few left now.

We still have a few brand new GM right hand side marker lights with the blackout package. This is the marker light that attaches to the side of the headlight bezels. Price is $61.95 plus shipping.

If you are interested in any of these parts, you must call our office to purchase it. Some of these close out items are just about gone from the GM parts system.


I have a unique pen holder for my desk. We had a tear-drop style shifter knob made for another car model few years ago. Our supplier went out of business, so we got the left overs. They are incomplete knobs made from #6061 billet aluminum and polished to a very high luster. They are about 3 inches tall and will hold any standard size pen in the opening. These make a unique single pen holder for your desk.

We have less than 20 of them. If you are looking for a unique item for your office desk, they are just $25 for 2. Shipping can be combined with any other purchase at the same time.

If you would like to see a photo, email your request to - [email protected]

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NOTE - If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event for this year, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.

The best way to stay informed with the show season is to check out the various Turbo Buick forums.


30th ANNUAL GS NATIONALS - May 11th thru 15th, 2010 - Beech Bend Raceway, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Confirmed, as a special guest is noted drag racer "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, voted NHRA Top Driver from 1951-2000 Don Garlits, courtesy of ZDDPlus™. He will be at our Kirban Performance space.

Don has informed me he is planning to bring his Challenger Drag Pak car. He received the very first one from Dodge. Currently in the quarter mile he has run in the ten-second range.

Also confirmed returning this year is the 6-second Turbo Buick of John Gallina. Kenny Duttweiler and his crew are expected.

I have just been informed the ZR1 Corvette group has their event that same week in Bowling Green. They will be participating at some point during that week as guests at the racetrack. Assuming the ZR1 group includes the latest potent example, this is a rare chance to see one of the unique ZR1s that GM produced last year in very limited numbers.

For up-to-date information and motels for the 2010 GS Nationals, go to their web site - http://www.gsnationals.com - or go to this thread - http://buickgsclubofamerica.yuku.com/forums/1

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary. - Saturday, May 22, 2010 - 12 pm - 6 pm
109 North Park Drive, Anderson, SC 29625 - (864) 332-5929
(from Pearman Diary Road/28 Bypass, turn on McGee Road at Sunbelt Rental, first left on North Park Drive)
Open to all years, makes and models! Trophies, goodie bags, door prizes and live music. Proceeds to benefit local charities. For more information - www.metcomotorsports.com

"Light Your Fire" - 2010 BUICK PERFORMANCE GROUP NATIONALS - July 30th - August 1st, 2010 at the National Trail Raceway in Hebron OH (near Columbus). They want to gather together the largest number of 1969-1974 factory Stage1 cars anyone has ever seen since the Buick muscle car days of Flint.

This is a special event that may never come to pass again, so don't miss the factory "Stage1 Convention" at the 2010 Buick Performance Group National Event.

For more info, go to - http://www.buickperformancegroup.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8754

NOTE - If you know of a GM or Buick Turbo event, let us know and we can post it in our weekly Turbo Regal Inner Circle so our members are aware of the event.


NOTE - THANKS to those who have already contributed or plan to contribute to this great cause. We've heard from readers who have had Breast Cancer affect their immediate family. Thanks so much.

Our daughter-in-law Carrie has committed to a 60-mile, 3-day walk in October to raise money for Cancer research. Many of you have met her at our events. She needs to have $2300 raised by July 1st. If you would like to help with this fundraiser for a good cause, here is the information and a message from Carrie.

Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure™ Walk - Carrie Kirban

I have taken on an incredible challenge. On October 15-17, 2010, I'll be walking 60 miles over the course of three days, camping out at night with thousands of other women and men taking this journey with me. I have committed to raise $2300 to be able to participate in the walk. The money I need to raise goes to cancer research and I pay for my expenses separately.

It's for an event called the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure™. Net proceeds from the Komen 3-Day for the Cure are invested in community-based breast health programs and breast cancer research.

You never know who this disease will strike next. My prayers go out to all of my friends and family that have been affected with this disease. Let's find a Cure! To make a donation, go to - The3Day.org - Click on Donate and search for my personal fundraising page under Carrie Kirban.

Here is a link to their site -
Or you can call - 800-996-3DAY - to donate over the phone.

Any questions, please contact me - [email protected]

Thank you for your support.
Carrie Kirban


If you would like to see any Kirban Performance Products items listed on eBay, here is a link to our store and auctions -
http://stores.ebay.com/Kirban-Performance-Products-Inc_W0QQssPageNameZl2QQtZ km


Any inquiries concerning used parts, you must email me direct - [email protected] - I will answer you. However, if I fail to answer you within 24 hours, please email us again. Since expanding into used parts, I get a lot of emails and sometimes I may forget your request or not remember who requested the item.


We just got back from a family trip to visit my niece and her family, and pick up some ZDDPlus™ at Richard Clark's in North Carolina... we all came back with a stomach flu. So, we are just back in the office today.

We have another segment of "Memories of My Youth" but it's not ready yet. We'll send it later in the week as a separate Inner Circle.

Thanks for the many notes and emails we've received concerning my dad and our memories. We appreciate it!