2-11-09 Inner Circle We are happy to announce that our new web site is up

2-11-09 Inner Circle We are happy to announce that our new web site is up

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members - 2-11-2009


We are happy to announce that our new web site is up and running. We are still working on some "glitches," re-shooting photos, text changes and adding new products. So, please be patient.

However, the new web site has a new URL -


IMPORTANT - If you have our site "bookmarked" on your computer, you will need to reset your bookmark to this new URL.

We can also now accept ADS -
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Our new web site also gives us the chance to have our Kirban Inner Circles articles posted. Now we can add up to 4 photos for each Inner Circle. We will also be loading some old Buick Inner Circle articles along with photos as we have time.

You can also view the only car we currently have for sale on the new web site. You can access it from our home page on the CARS FOR SALE category.

Or you can use this link -


Richard Clark and his expert team have spent the last 8 months perfecting a new product based on ZDDP. ZPaste™ is an assembly paste for the valve trains related to flat-tappet engines. This new product is unlike any of the ones currently available on the market.

Testing has proven, even with no oil splash, the camshaft survives undamaged for as long as 30 minutes of running the engine! The engine obviously froze up, but the camshaft survived.

Currently we have several production samples out being tested by major cam companies and engine builders.

Later this spring we will have ZPaste™ available in a 4-ounce tube for engine builders and a 5/8-ounce tube for end consumers.

Another advantage with this new assembly paste is it will stay on the parts, even if you do not fire up the engine in the first month.

We can now announce our new spokesperson for ZDDPlus™ and ZPaste™. None other than Don Garlits, "The King of Drag Racing." As our spokesperson, he will appear in our print ads this year and in an informative DVD. Don offers many years of highly respected experience and is fully aware of the oil issues related to the flat tappet industry.

His accomplishments of "firsts" in drag racing are like no other. He was the first dragster ever to accelerate to 200 mph from a standing start in a quarter mile, the first to hit 250 mph, and the first to hit 270 mph. He was the first to go to the long wheelbase chassis. He built the first rear-engine fuel dragster. He has compiled 77 wins in national events and 14 World Championships in AHRA and IHRA. He has also won 53 NHRA top fuel national championship events, more than any other drag racer in history.

In October 20, 1987, his Swamp Rat XXX was presented to the Smithsonian Institution and is part of a permanent display of the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

He has his own museum, Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum Of Drag Racing, 13700 SW 16th Ave., Ocala, FL (Phone: 352-245-8661) Here is a link to his museum - http://www.garlits.com/

Ironically, I went through that museum several years ago, never dreaming that the day would come when I would approach him about being the spokesperson for ZDDPlus™. Now I can get in free!

His list of racing accomplishments is unequaled. His is one of the few names that everyone knows, even if they aren't familiar with racing. Don would not consider endorsing these products unless they worked!

Richard's game plan is to eventually make a DVD with Don and myself at Don's Museum sometime later this spring.

Watch for more information, including a personal appearance, as it becomes available.


1984-1987 Regal - GNX / TRANS AM STYLE 16" x 8" WHEELS SET

Because of requests, we now offer another option for the popular GNX-style wheels. These GNX / TRANS AM style wheels have the black mesh center and are 16" x 8" with the proper offset to fit the 1984-1987 Regals. These resemble the popular original GNX wheels. Do not confuse this with the version we have sold in the past, known as "Kirban-Style" GNX wheels.

These wheels are manufactured with brand new tooling and are clear coated. Wheels have the proper offset to fit under your fenders. We sell these as a complete set of 4 wheels, 20 correct lug nuts, 20 lug nut black caps, 4 chrome-plated valve stems, 4 black center caps, and "TURBOCHARGED" center cap decals.

The original center caps on the original GNX were actually the existing Trans Am caps. GM simply affixed the "GNX" paper decal over the Trans Am medallion. This set includes the "TURBOCHARGED" Decals (4) Set, Part #7113.

If you own a 1984, 1985, or 1986 Turbo Regal the GM front springs on these years were a different spring rate. You will need to change the front springs to avoid having the tires rub when you go over bumps. We recommend our front springs, Part #6566. If you plan on carrying heavy items in the trunk or four friends, we recommend you upgrade the rear springs to our variable rate rear springs, Part #1520 on any 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987 Regal.

For shocks the best ones you can buy are the Bilsteins to further improve the ride quality of your Turbo Regal. The overall height is actually slightly less than what is currently on the car. The speedometer is not affected.

Originally the GNX used 245/50s by 16s up front and 255/50s by 16 in the rear. For best results, we recommend going with 245/50s on the fronts and the backs. Depending on the year Turbo Regal and what suspension upgrades you have made, we do not recommend the larger 255/50s for the rear. However, if you want to go with 255/50s in the rear, trial fit these wheels first to be sure you have enough clearance.

The good news is these wheels will look pretty much dead on with the mesh black center that matches the original GNX mesh center. They are 100% brand new and weigh about 18 lbs each. Of all the available optional wheels, these are the most desirable and can really enhance your pride and joy.

Keep in mind, we will take good used original Grand National wheels in partial trade. This can help save you some money, since you also need to buy new tires.

Wheels are in stock, no waiting.

Wheels are dropped shipped from California. We would send your receipt, 20 lug nuts, 4 center caps, 4 wheel decals, and 4 valve stems direct from our Pennsylvania location. Shipping is calculated from California, generally costs about $65-$125.

7219 - 1984-1987 Regal - GNX / TRANS AM STYLE 16" x 8" Wheels Set $995*/set
*PLUS Shipping from California
NOTE - Set includes 4 wheels, 20 correct lug nuts, 20 lug nut black caps, 4 chrome-plated valve stems, 4 black center caps, and 4 "TURBOCHARGED" center cap decals.

NOTE - Shipping costs generally run $65 to $125, depending on your location.

You can actually see photos of this wheel on our new website. You can search Part #7219.

Click Here to see these GNX/Trans Am wheels product page


It's important to remember these units are mechanically rebuilt by Cardone and are not sold as restored units. They are in the rebuilding business.


1987 Regal (fits all 1984-1987 Regals, including Turbo Models) -
GNX, GRAND NATIONAL, WE4, and Turbo-T with Black-out Package

This is the reproduction of the black grille that was original equipment in all the 1984-1987 GNX, Grand Nationals, WE4, and 1987 Turbo-T with the black-out package. This grille will fit all 1984-1987 Regal models.

This high-quality reproduction has the satin black molded into the plastic. Richard Clark has compared it to a factory original GM grille and was impressed with the quality. We are so sure you will be pleased with this reproduction grille, we offer a 100% guarantee.

By far, this is the most popular grille owners like to put on their 1984-1987 Regals. To my knowledge, only one source has manufactured these grilles.

Each grille comes complete with a pair of our reproduction grille springs, Part #7092 (a $18.95 value at no extra charge).

Another excellent replacement for any exterior restoration.

7215 - 1987 Regal (fits all 1984-1987 Regals, including Turbo Models) -
GNX, GRAND NATIONAL, WE4, and Turbo-T with Black-out Package - Reproduction Black Grille & Reproduction Grille Springs (2) Kit $309.95 / kit

Click Here to see the Grille product page


We have been told that the GM black passenger's side marker light is no longer available from GM, GM Part #0919874.

This is the side marker light that was used on all the 1984-1986 T-Types and 1987 Turbo-Ts with black-out package, WE4, Grand Nationals and GNX. This is the right hand side only (passenger's side) marker light that attaches to the headlight bezel.

We have a few left. Remember, these are brand new, still in the GM wrapper. Price is $69.95 and shipping. Fewer than 10 on hand.

To order, call our office - 215-766-1611 x 2. Order while supplies last, to avoid disappointment.


With the economy in a downward spiral, our concentration is more focused on buying dead 1986-1987 Turbo Regals for parts rather than super mint originals. Naturally, with fuel prices we will focus on Turbo Regals within a 500-mile radius of our location and cars under $5,000. If you have such a vehicle, email me - [email protected]


Schwalm's Babbitted Bearings
332 Georgetown Road
Strasburg, PA 17579


If you would like to see any Kirban Performance Products items listed on eBay, here is a link to our store and auctions -



Last weekend my wife and I attended a Doo Wop Concert held in an old movie theatre about 40 miles south of where we now reside. As we drove down the main road that my wife and I seldom drive on together, a flood of memories came over me. They happened in this order.

In the first town we passed, I remembered the motel, The Warrington Motor Lodge that was at the one intersection. I've lost count of the number of Turbo Regal buyers that flew into Philadelphia and took the limo service to this motel over the years. Once they arrived at this motel, we would pick them up and take them to our house. From there they would drive home in their "new" car. The motel has been completely torn down and a huge network of stores now sits on the property.

Continuing south at the next intersection heading there used to be a Atlantic Gas Station. Our first apartment was maybe two miles from this gas station, and at the time my wife worked at Hurst. The Atlantic station was where I bought my first tow truck, a 1950 Chevrolet 1-1/2-ton truck with a Manley manual winch. I learned a lot with that tow truck. Mainly never to get another one with a hand winch and to avoid trucks with kingpins! It was 3-4 years later when I bought a truckload of Christmas trees from this gas station, hoping to make some money. Unfortunately, I think we were lucky if we broke even on that endeavor.

Just down a few blocks sits the Willow Grove Naval Airbase. Across the street is a company that makes fiberglass parts, with such clients as Disney and Pep Boys, etc. They made the very first GTO fiberglass parts for us back in 1979-1980. They are still there at that same location. They made those huge Pep Boy figures that would sit on top of the buildings. They also did a lot of work for Disney when it was being built in Orlando.

Driving through the next town on the right of a major intersection used to be a family restaurant our entire family would go to. My oldest sister's wedding was held there. Today a speed shop sits on this location.

Just past this on the left used to be the transmission shop that built the transmission for my 1949 Oldsmobile. It now sits empty.

Just a few blocks south of this on an opposite corner was the very first office my wife and I had while I was still in the military. Two doors from this office was where my Dad had rented two office buildings, as a youngster (13-14) years old, I would run an inserting machine that did mass mailings.

A few blocks down and just off the main highway in an older neighborhood, I remember buying my first original used 1965 GTO during the original gas crisis. I paid $350 for an all-original 389 4-speed tri-power GTO with faded original paint. All my friends thought I was nuts paying that much money for the car! They changed their tune when it sold in Hemmings later that summer.

Still heading south was a Shell Gas Station. Run by a friend of mine, he worked on all my cars as our house we rented in the early 1970s was about half block south of this Shell station. At the time we had two Corvettes, an Olds '49 Coupe, two tow trucks, and the supercharged Lark. The gas station is now a Dunkin Donuts.

Directly behind this gas station was a huge shopping center. It was this parking lot that I would take our son, a toddler at the time, and give him go kart rides on Sunday afternoons until the cops would chase us back home! It's still a shopping center today, but all the stores are different.

About a half a block further south was the second first full house we rented, which had a four bay garage. This was the first location where we combined our home and business under one roof. I can remember renting space to a friend of mine who had held on to his 1962 Chevrolet 409 that was named "Get Around."

I also rented garages from the little old lady next door. Her house is now gone and an office building stands it its place. Our old house is now a realty office. Across the street sits an old time foreign car repair shop run by two Italian brothers. If you took a picture in 1972-1973 and another one this week, it would pretty much look the same. I used to tow for them and once in awhile when I am in the neighborhood, I make it a point to stop in and say hello. I think some of the cars are still there that were there in 70s!

The next town on the trip holds several memories. One nationally known place was Willow Grove Park. During its heyday, major bands even played there, even John Philip Sousa. Attendance started to decline, probably in the late 1960s and eventually it was leveled and it is now a huge shopping mall.

Across the street was a long-time well known Speed Shop, Shaw's Speed Shop. One of a few that two brothers operated for many years. They both had some of the most potent V8 Chevrolet stuffed Vegas on the street. I towed cars almost weekly for them, since the one brother would buy insurance cars and fix them up. I remember buying a plain-jane bench seat 396 Nova and selling it to him.

In this same general area was a department store called Lit Brothers. I used to drive my wife's older sister to Lits for her job after school. Today the building is now part of a block of stores.

In the next town I remember several big scores I made, all within one or two blocks of the main highway. One was a beautiful 1968 GTX 400 convertible and the other was a beautiful 1970 orange 440 Roadrunner. Bought them almost back-to-back during that initial gas crisis.

In the town of Glenside where the Doo Wop concert was held, we passed what used to be a major restaurant and banquet facility, the Casa Conti. It was where Eileen and I had our wedding reception. It has long been sold and used by several other businesses. Ironically, when we attend concerts, I end up parking in this lot!

Just a few blocks south of this, my Dad had a larger office where he ran his own printing business. I remember working there when I was about 14-15. I would walk around the corner to the Hurst Company that had an office in the same area. Hurst would give me free decals for all my book covers.

Sometimes it's hard to believe all the changes that have happened in our immediate area. The pictures are sometimes only in your mind. I am sure you probably have had similar experiences if you still reside in the same general area that you did 25-35 years ago.

And the concert... yes, it was great. But the groups are getting much older... so was the audience!