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1984-1987 Two-Door Buick Regal (Includes all Turbo Regals) - PARKING LIGHTS / MARKER LIGHTS / TAILLIGHTS BULBS KIT If you're restoring or just doing routine maintenance on your car, it's important to install the correct original-style bulbs for all the lights. When shopping in an auto parts store, generally bulbs come packaged two in a pack. Prices can range from $2.50 to as much as $4 per pack for two bulbs. This becomes expensive, especially when you need a total of 16 bulbs to replace all the exterior lights on your 1984-1987 Regal. Since these cars are now over 20 years old, some of the bulbs have already been replaced, and some may even have been replaced with wrong bulbs. Now you can get all the necessary bulbs in one kit. We've research these lights and have determined the correct bulbs to compile our kit. In addition to being convenient, it will also save you money. Amber bulbs are used in the front parking lights and clear bulbs are used in some of the other lights. Our kit comes complete with directions explaining where each bulb goes in your car. These bulbs offer another excellent replacement idea for any exterior restoration. 7071 - 1984-1987 Two-Door Buick Regals (Includes all Turbo Regals) - Parking Lights / Marker Lights / Taillights Bulbs (16) Kit

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