Reproduction PLAIN BLACK FRONT FLOOR MATS (2) #6883
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1984-1987 Regal (All Models) -

One of the most requested items are floor mats. Since GM original mats have been discontinued, owners are looking for original-looking mats.

These carpeted mats were made to match GM's factory cut and size for the front floor mats and have a high-quality rubber backing with the rubber nibs to hold them in place. Once you put them in your car, they look factory.

These black mats are available for the Grand Nationals, Turbo-Ts and T-Types.

NOTE - The original driver's side floor mat, which would have been in your car at time of delivery, would have the notch only on the left side of the driver's floor mat. The trunk ID label codes for this option are B34 (front mats) and B35 (rear mats.)

The over-the-counter accessory floor mats that GM used to offer would have had notches on both sides of the driver's floor mat.

Our source only makes this version with the single notch for us, which matches what GM used if mats were ordered as an option on your Turbo Regal. This format also came standard in every GNX, which can be verified by having the codes B34 and B35 on their car's Window Sticker and Trunk ID label.

GM used another set of codes for the cheaper floor mats, B32 (front mats) and B33 (rear mats.) These may been notched on both sides of the driver's side mat if they were the carpeted version, or may have been the universal rubber GM floor mats. Unfortunately, the information is not clear in any reference material we have.

The passenger's side front floor mat did not change between original mats and accessory mats. The only other difference is the original GM passenger's side floor mat had a small GM logo in the center of the upper section. Unfortunately, no company we are aware of has reproduced this floor mat with the GM logo on it.

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6883 - 1984-1987 Regal (All Models) - Reproduction Plain Black Front Floor Mats (2)

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