01-25-2023 Inner Circle

Greetings Turbo Regal Inner Circle Members 01-25-2023 - BREAKING NEWS 1987 GRAND NATIONAL HARDTOP FOR SALE - Here is a super super nice prime example southern car when new. No rust issues. Alloriginal paint no dents and garaged! Actual miles are about 49,000. Herte is what makes this example stand out from any others. It has the original set NOT a reproduction set of the GNX wheels. He paid 6 grand for them 2 years ago. I know as I engineered the deal for him between him and one of my customers. Also it has the GNX style dash in the car. The VDO gauge format. I can tell from the notes this seller sent me he is very detailed. I got lots of pictures and info. Car is not 100% stock but tasteful important upgrades such as the 2 I mentioned above. Asking price is $54,900. Located in the NY area. Email me for more details. My email is [email protected] This car has never been advertised until now by our company. Member garaged and 100% original paint which still looks good. I think in parts and upgrades etc total is over $12 grand he has spent in 2 years. He has maybe out 2,000 miles on it since he got it. The tires at most have 100 miles on them. He is more into trucks now because he would sell his Grand National. A TRIP THRU AN IMPRESSIVE LOCAL LOCATION OF COLLECTOR CARS - Many people that are not knowledgeable on older cars would simply pass this off as a typical junk yard. I knew of this place since it is not far from my house and he has the Monte Carlo SS for sale that I posted information on last week. The owner knows me from back in my towing days so he let me walk around his yard and take pictures. Plus he had no dogs! I always ask since many years ago in my towing days I was picking up a car in a storage lot. The owner of the yard did not tell me that there was a huge dog tied up in the yard very near to the car I was picking up! The dog almost got me! At $5500 this 1987 Monte Carlo SS I believe is a very good deal. Its complete runs and drives. It requires a full restoration as I noted, especially an exhaust system. A price close to $5500 and it will find a new home. A real SS model 156,000 miles and all stock. It even maintains the original SPI trunk label. I got more pictures. Email me [email protected] PHOTO 1 - We show 4 views of this 1987 original Monte Carlo SS with T-Tops. The interior pieces are in the trunk. Tires and wheels are new. Car is very straight. I have more photos simply email me [email protected] Most of the 50 plus cars and trucks are behind his massive building. This is where the Monte Carlo SS is for sale that I spotted from the road last week. On a lift in the building sits a 1941 Packard 120 convertible. Lots of NOS parts and rechromed parts to restore it. He bought it if I had to guess over 40 plus years ago. I did not have any way to properly measure the dust on the car cover that was over the car to determine the length of time it had been on the lift!! You could shut your eyes and open them and it would take you back in time walking through this building and between the row of cars. Mopars, Mustangs, Camaros, Firebirds, even a few weird ones. Including one of those 5,000 lb boat tail Rivieras. I also spotted what looked like a 1983 Regal coupe. PHOTO 2 - We show four various views of some of the cars behind his building. If anything perks your interest I can find out what he wants for them and if he has a title. In the one photo we show the covered up 1941 Packard on the lift. Years ago around 1970 we had a 1941 Packard 120 coupe. The early 1950s Chevy Panel car looks fairly complete and restorable. I have not seen one of them in many years. PHOTO 3 - Shows 2 vehicles that at a quick glance impressed me the most as being complete and very restorable. He also said both of these cars run. The little VW Karmann Ghia he said has been stored in a storage container for many years. It looks to be in very good condition. The price tag for that one is $11,500. The other car he says runs and drives has the original blue flame 6 cylinder in it. A very rare 1955 Chevy Nomad. The body of the ‘55 Nomad is very decent. He said it has some sort of rare California frame under it or something about the frame treatment? Again not being a Chevy expert I am not exactly sure what he met. The price tag for the ‘55 Nomad is $28 grand. I got several more photos of these two cars. SImply email me [email protected] for more photos. If you see a glimpse of any car from the pictures in Photo 2 and Photo 3 that may strike your interest let me know and I can get you more info and prices on. Keep in mind most of them require a full restoration. Years ago I sold, if I remember correctly, 4 or 5 different cars from one barn stash including one Grand National, one Firehawk still with the window sticker on the door glass. I never understood how people do this. Basically at least in the northern climates they are simply creating a home for various rodents to live in and they arrange their living quarters to fit their needs. In other words you got to wear gloves! USED PARTS PHOTOS - I recently acquired 5 sets of the plastic pop in dash AC vents. I got 5 sets of 3 each. Our son Darrell whose skills at paint and body work is Pebble Beach quality and second to none restored them. Cleaned sprayed and some sort of chrome film on the edges. As close to new as you will ever find. I don’t believe anyone has reproduced them as of yet that I am aware of. Problem is, it is difficult to get cores back. Very labor intensified to restore them. See Rare Parts section for their prices. PHOTO 4 - The top left photo shows a set of the 3 restored AC plastic pop in vents for the dash. The top right photo shows a brand new metal embossed Buick Hawk license plate, a Grand National embossed metal license plate, two of the Fast and Furious diecast Grand Nationals.

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