Part # KPP7080



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1984-1987 Turbo Regal - GM LIMITED SLIP AXLE LUBRICANT ADDITIVE If your Turbo Regal has the option code G80 on the trunk ID label, it means the car is equipped with the factory limited slip rear end. What many owners may not realize, is this rear should be serviced every few years and this GM Limited Slip additive should be put in with fresh fluid. This additive prevents the clutches in the rear from chattering. You may notice when you go around corners slowly that you get some chattering from the rear. This GM additive eliminates that chattering. Since this is a GM part, in most cases, you can't find it in your local parts store. We sell the 4 fluid ounce bottle, since GM recommends one 4-ounce bottle be added along with fresh fluid. It's another item to keep your car running at it's best. 7080 - 1984-1987 Turbo Regal - GM Limited Slip Axle Lubricant Additive, 4 ounce bottle

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